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  1. Those are valid xpath. Which modlet are you adding them? Are they adding before the NPC pack loads?
  2. Try using an xpath like this: /entitygroups/entitygroup[@name=FriendlyAnimalsSnow] Life_For_Dead was close, but forgot the @ on name. You should also include a leading /, just so there's no confusion on where it should start looing. And apend would likely work, unless the order of the spawning is very important to you.
  3. sphereii

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    Do you know why it fell off? Sometimes logging off would work.
  4. Do you have a full log? Was this applied to a new world?
  5. Any kind of anti-virus or extra firewall software that might be interfering with it?
  6. Two options: A) Use the Mod Launcher, and select the sphereii-mental / Winter Project 2019 B) Install manually following these steps: Download DMT ( https://github.com/HAL-NINE-THOUSAND/DMT/releases/download/v1.5.1/DMTv1.5.7239.23150.zip ) Download the Mod, and place outside of your 7 Days To Die Folder. Run DMTViewer.exe. Point the Mods Folder to where you coped the downloaded Mod, and then point to your 7 Days To Die folder. Press Build, then Play.
  7. https://github.com/SphereII/SphereII.Mods/tree/Alpha18.2 This version should work, but it's not being actively maintained. The only issue I see are the two files that are showing in the error. You could grab the latest, then grab the two files it complains about, and copy and paste them from Alpha18.2 into it.
  8. Thank you for the kind words You need 18.3, which is the latest stable. The error messages you posted gives a hint that you are currently using 18.2. Are you using your steam version? Are you in any betas on that?
  9. Which version are you compiling against? The latest Core uses 18.3. I'd expect to see those errors if you were building against 18.2
  10. AIPathCostScale is a strange beast. There's one check to see if it's less than 99. if it's not, it does something different. The end result is usually not noticeable.
  11. Yes it can. I haven't had a single report where it causes issues to be added or removed. Happy testing!
  12. Winter Project 2019 is vanilla prefabs. Some prefabs get removed at load time, but that shouldn't affect your map generation.
  13. Are you running any other modlets? One of the XMLs in your mods folder is malformed.@we
  14. sphereii

    DMT Modding Tool

    Are you using the latest version of DMT, available in the first post?
  15. Has he tried to Delete Downloads, and try again?
  16. sphereii

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    I re-indexed. Should be current now.
  17. sphereii

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    No, it should have an effect on them. Its' trying to find something, and its not, so it should be running vanilla code.
  18. sphereii

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    That's me testing a new Wander mode. should be just warnings, and not extra code is running.
  19. Is Enable SSL on? Sometimes that helps. If it's on, try to turn it off, and see. Seems like there's a connection issue between his computer, ISP and GitLab.
  20. The new Better Life has been pushed. You will probably need to delete or uninstall the original, then re-grab.
  21. The errors in the log file are just trying to read from the RSS feed. There's no error for the failure in download. Does it just take a long time, or does it throw an error?
  22. How is he trying to set it up? Is he selecting it from the list provided, or using a Open URL feature?
  23. If you are using it with 0-SphereIICore, then it's probably a bug in the DMT portion, and probably out of scope here, as these would likely work as expected.
  24. Probably its EAI tasks aren't set to be aggressive to players.
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