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  1. You need the 0-SphereIICore on client as well as dedi. It needs both sides to work.
  2. https://github.com/HAL-NINE-THOUSAND/DMT/releases/download/v2.0/DMTv2.0.7486.30873.zip Use that version of DMT. I'll remove the one in the package, as its out of date now.
  3. The Alpha 19 port of the SphereII.Mods has been ported and released as: https://github.com/SphereII/SphereII.ModsA19. All new updates will go to that repos for Alpha 19.
  4. I haven't released it as stable yet, since Alpha 18.4 is still stable, thus the experimental build.
  5. Are you using the correct branch? https://github.com/SphereII/SphereII.Mods/tree/Alpha19experimental
  6. Look for 0-SphereIICore/Config/blocks.xml: <property name="CaveEnabled" value="false"/> <property name="CaveType" value="Random" /> <!-- Mountains, Random, All, DeepMountains --> Random will spread them outrandomly, some with cave openings. If you just want to play around, you can change that to All, and every chunk will have a cave. You'll have to dig through to it, as there's no opening yet; but it should only be a few blocks below terrain.
  7. Update to the alpha19experimental branch: Pushed a new update with some fixes and tweaks to the NPCs. I've also removed the SphereII Cave Project, and rolled it into the 0-SphereIICore. This is configured via the blocks.xml, and is disabled by default. Here's a video of the Cave System:
  8. When you go to Darkness Falls, select Download From Steam, rather than Copy From Local. This will allow you to pick alpha18.4, enter your steam credentials, and download it fresh.
  9. Odd, I've used it in several mods without seeing that type of issue.
  10. There's no plans on improving Legacy Terrain currently. What are the weird glitches you are seeing? I'm only aware of the weird circles on some flowers in the terrain block.
  11. New Update: 2.1.20 - Added Experimental Git Support - Added performance enhancement for Modlets - New support for DMT A19
  12. Are there any other modlets installed that contain localization?
  13. What does your localization file look like on the server? The server log might give a hint on which localization is causing the issue.
  14. Neat effect. The virus is either affecting the flowers or your vision. It's adapting! I'm not even sure where to begin trying to work around that.
  15. The Mod Launcher does not have a listing yet for A19. I'll see what I can do today to register them as a seperate profile. I am not sure what you mean, however, I wouldn't be surprised if there was strange visual artifacts with it.
  16. Latest A19 Experimental branch: https://github.com/SphereII/SphereII.Mods/tree/Alpha19experimental
  17. Experimental version of my Core is available here: https://github.com/SphereII/SphereII.Mods/tree/Alpha19experimental It's not available through the mod launcher yet.
  18. Under The Fun Pimps, you should find the latest_experimental. That'll be A19
  19. null refs show backtraces, and that changes depending on which of my machines I do the build on. Nothing should be dependent on it. The Beta-SetupInstaller actually uses PortableGit, rather than the third-party library to perform the cloning. It's a beta because I'm waiting for feed back for people who were having trouble downloading DarknessFalls and Ravenhearst when they are on slow internet connections. It also uses RoboCopy to transfer files over, so it's faster and smarter.
  20. That is correct. Just match the expected folder name, and it should be good to go.
  21. sphereii

    DMT Modding Tool

    For a Harmony patch, you can access a private variable from the same class by adding it to the parameter list, with 3 leading underscores public static void Postfix(XUiC_ItemStack __instance, bool ___bLocked, bool ___isDragAndDrop) In the XUiC_ItemStack class, there's a private variable: bool isDragAndDrop If you want to change its value, you can add ref to it: ref bool ___isDragAndDrop
  22. Take a look here; I have a beta available to try to get feed back on how the feature may work. I'm hesistant to release it until I can get more confirmation its working well for people.
  23. Due to recent changes on GitLab, some people are having download issues (most notably Darkness Falls / Ravenhearst ). Random errors would happen during Pre-Sync, ranging from index errors to time outs. This occurs mostly when internet access is fairly slow and the mod is rather large. I have added an experimental feature to the mod launcher in order to address this, and I am looking for volunteers to try out a beta version, regardless if you are experiencing trouble downloading now. https://github.com/7D2DModLauncher/ThickInstaller/raw/master/Beta-SetupInstaller.msi Next to the Pre-Sync button is a checkbox called Experimental Features. If you select that, it'll use another method to download the mods, opening up another window to show progress. It also uses another way of copying files over.
  24. The system must be seeing that desktop.ini is in the download package, and is treating it as special. Maybe check in with Subquake? You are also using My Mods, which isn't as fully featured as using a configuration link. Have you tried adding the 7D2D Mod Launcher to steam as a non-steam game, and launching from there with Big Picture Mode? This is what my wife does for her Steam Controller.
  25. sphereii

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    That's a good tip. Might have to check to make sure they can fit in their area they want to teleport too.
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