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  1. Hey guy's first off thank you for the replies. However I would like this post to focus on suggestions on how to improve the quest system compared to complaining about what is wrong with it. We have covered how they get boring and I feel that is the main negative point to be made. So on that lets keep the suggestions for improvement going .
  2. Hello, I would like to start by saying that I do enjoy the game and that trader quests are my main source of activity on this game. That Being said I must admit these large building become rather boring rather quickly. The main reason for this is because most traders only have 1-3 types near there location. If you happen to know exactly how many tier 5 buildings there are plz let me know. It is also unreasonable to simply ask that you pile more of these giant buildings into the cities for the sake of these quests. So What I am suggesting is to also introduce chain quests to the mix. Just s
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