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  1. I use the mod launcher to pull the mod (the one you have mentioned multiple times). Are you saying the mod launcher is faulty? Also, I would be careful threatening people with the terms of service policy. I've done nothing wrong. I used the mod launcher that you, yourself, have pointed many people to. I'm not redistributing anything. All I was trying to do was point out some code that looked out of place. I have no idea how it got there. I was simply trying to help you and/or others if they came across this issue. Might do you some good to lose that chip on your shoulder.
  2. Haha, I'd like to know how I got ahold of your github commit hash and merge conflict tag in my update and somehow it's my fault? Yours is the only mod I have installed Doesn't matter, I deleted the lines regarding the merge conflict and it works
  3. What would cause this in the windows.xml? <<<<<<< HEAD <optionVideo name="ShowDayAndTime" type="ComboBoxBool" localization_prefix="optCombo"/> <optionVideo name="ShowDebugValues" type="ComboBoxBool" localization_prefix="optCombo"/> </grid> ======= <optionVideo name="CompassInactiveMarkerOpacity" type="ComboBoxFloat" value_increment="0.05" value_wrap="false" format_string="0%"/> <optionVideo name="ShowDayAndTime" type="ComboBoxBool" localization_prefix="optCombo"/> <optionVideo name="ShowDebugValues" type="ComboBoxBool" localization_prefix="optCombo"/> </grid> >>>>>>> 8cfb3de6f06464f6d7add5b4aedad2567fe093dc
  4. I had a merge conflict tag in my XUi_menu/windows.xml file after updating today. Had to delete lines 886-890 & 895 in order for my game to launch.
  5. I ran into this trying to use the old mod launcher. Needed to upgrade to 3.x. Maybe try that.
  6. My wife and I recently started playing this mod. I wanted to ask about the `MaxSpawnedZombies` count. Does this need to be set to 64 in order to be able to play this mod? The reason I'm asking is because we have tried lowering this setting and have run into problems with clear quest POIs being zombie free and we can't complete the quest. We've noticed that if we clear some zombies out around the quest POI (we usually stay close and 'range' a few in) and then run back into the POI, there is a good chance the missing zombies are there and we can then finish the quest. In addition to the quest POIs, we have seen some zombies spawn literally right in front of us in random POIs. It seems like in any case, even setting `MaxSpawnedZombies` to 64, there would be issues unless there is some number of 'reserved' slots available for POIs? We initially had `MaxSpawnedZombies` set to 64, but on day 1 we couldn't even move around because the area was so densely populated. Just wondering what some suggestions are around the `MaxSpawnedZombies` and/or if there are other settings that we could tweak to help with this. Maybe `MaxSpawnedZombies` isn't even our problem.
  7. I'm trying to set up a dedicated server to run WOTW 5.3. The server is up and running (with RAT) and version shows all mods (BC, Alloc, WOTW) installed. On another PC, I am trying to launch my game using 7D2DLauncher and the WOTW 5.3 mod. Both the server and launcher are set to run without EAC. 7D2D starts up on gaming PC. I see the server in the list. Here's where the problem comes in. As I'm logging in, the game freezes on 'Initializing world...' Pressing F1, the last thing I see is 'Exception: Block with name 'gravelPlusTungsten' not found' and nothing after this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I've been trying to figure this out for hours without any luck.
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