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  1. Yeah when i play its got less then 200mb of my 8gb om my evga 2080.
  2. Can i ask does this mod touch any vanilla textures ? am using a mod called War3zuk Alpha 18.4 B4 AIO OverHaul, and when i play it some of the vanilla textures drop to very low quality EXP: but then some odd reason when i remove some of the files from this mod in that pack ie , 0-CreaturePackAnimals or the zombie Pack it all goes back to normal. Just wondering if there would be a reason why this might happen , and if you have any thoughts , thanks.
  3. Fixed need to turn texture streaming off
  4. I can not wait, thanks very much
  5. Hi am new to modding and have a question the patch for War3zuk Alpha 18 AIO how does one apply it? I tried to drop the folder in the mods file but that don't seem to work? Thanks for the help.
  6. Yeah before a update it was all fine, not sure which update tho, but now this happens i get it on trees and stuff, i have uninstalled , started a new world, its very odd Ok i get these errors ...there in yellow WRN Block 'HDJukeBoxReggaeOFF' over downgrade limit WRN Block 'HDJukeBoxReggaeOn' over downgrade limit WRN Block 'HDJukeBoxDubStepOFF' over downgrade limit WRN Block 'HDJukeBoxDubStepOn' over downgrade limit a lot of Detail rendering shaders not found for the active render pipeline, falling back to default shader Calling Animator.GotoState on Synchoronize layer Not sure if that helps any ? Just a quick one whats the difference between the one on the launcher , and the ones you list in your first post ? cos the one from the launcher is over 5gb just the one from nexus is just over 500mb ? The 500mb file is fine all textures work , its the one for the launcher...i cant trouble shoot that one lol , thanks for the help tho
  7. Hi all i have a odd problem with textures, when i play a normal game of 7d2d all textures are fine , but run i run this mod from the 7d2dmodlauncher am finding some very low textures in the mod, any one know of a fix ? i have deleted everything and done a fresh install but does not seem to help with the mod. Thanks
  8. Good afternoon , first off am having a great time with the mod , thanks , but are supply creates meant to have so much stuff in them ? this was from 2 supply crates seams a lot... wanted to check
  9. No , what you have done will be fine , thanks again
  10. AdrianVaughan

    Farm Life v2

    ok silly question coming but what is or does this do: Localizations Localization strings are available for Farm Life. The changes must be manually applied. <<what does this do ? cos i dont know what this is or does if someone could explain please
  11. Thanks very much for the fast response and the speed you fix the mod
  12. Just a quick one, if i was using this mod...then i wanted to go back to normal , is there anything i need to do ? cos i been using it for a while , i launched the game like normal with out DMT and took the mod out of the mods folder , but for some reason there not respawning back in buildings.
  13. Thanks Very much i tried that but my world is not listed there, for some reason its listed only in C:\Users\adria\AppData\Roaming\7DaysToDie\GeneratedWorlds\South Mofawi County. but you help made me find it
  14. Would it be possible to add a search feature ? ie say i wanted to find a traders on a RWG map, type in the word trader and its would somehow (maybe in bold text ? ) show on the map where they would be ? Thanks
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