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  1. Hi all Is there a mod out there that gives you an option to write some notes to the list and then show it to the UI, like a "TO-DO" list? Even better would be if it can be synced to the party players. Here is an example from the game called Satisfactory. To be clear, I don't need all the extra features shown. Only the possibility to add some custom text and show it to the UI would be enough for now!
  2. Has something changed regarding zombie melee animation speed? Melee range too? We haven't played since A18 and were quite surprised yesterday when we started a new game on the latest A19.2. There seems to be a bigger melee range and zombie animation attacks are waaay fast, we get the feeling they don't even make physical contact with our character yet they hit us hard. Previous Alpha had slower animations but more realistic. We are playing vanilla RWG on Warrior difficulty.
  3. So far so good! I had terrible experience with my 5700XT, from poor performance to texture flickering (white flickering on roads). Issues seem to be resolved
  4. A patch is coming but if you don't want to wait, join the Ravenhearst discord server (link is on the first page) and there is a single fix just for that
  5. Hey DUST2DEATH. I am using Ravenhearst mod which by default uses your mod. I am seeing much more aliasing than in vanilla. Is this your issue? Also, can I somehow tone down the vibrance or are the textures like that?
  6. Alright, thank you for letting me know. I'll create a new random gen map non nitrogen until you guys fix what you have to fix. I hope it gets fixed fast, the mod seems awesome!!!
  7. I am wondering the same. Can we use Nitrogen? Prefab lists for Ravenhearst over at Nitrogen page are not updated. Do I have to use prefablists generator to make it myself? Thanks
  8. xFORCERx

    True Survival

    Hey Spider, how's the mod progressing?
  9. xFORCERx

    True Survival

    It looks great on paper!
  10. xFORCERx

    True Survival

    I am glad you are back! Can't wait to see what you come up with. So far, Alpha 18 is great. I will get bored after a while so I will definitely use your mod. I am currently playing Navezgane, haven't played it since A13. They still need to rebalance looting/crafting ratio. One thing where you are great and where you should focus (I know you will) is skill/perk tree. Some skills/perks are great, while some are just okay, meh. There should be at least 5 good unique builds. P.S. Can you take a look at NitroGen RWG generator? It creates better RWG maps than InGame RWG does. Could you somehow combine your mod with worlds made in NitroGen RWG generator?
  11. xFORCERx

    True Survival

    Spider and team, please finish the mod so I can finally play the game, I don't want to play vanilla in it's current state hehe
  12. xFORCERx

    True Survival

    @Spider There was a guy who reverse engineered 7DTD code for True Survival. Is he still around? If so, you could ask him to help you with the things you think are impossible to create with XML.
  13. xFORCERx

    True Survival

    I like how you dealt with the starting skills and perks. How is the player then progressing afterwards, leveling and perks? Can he learn almost everything in the very late game or is he restricted to the first 3 things he chose at the start? I am not just talking about single player mode but multiplayer aswell with 3 friends. It would be nice if maybe they could learn everything or almost everything but at a very slow rate. Or maybe even add Talent tree which he unlocks every 15th level... The thing I would really like is to scrap the whole perk system we have right now and use slighty old system while keeping the best things of the new one, so mix of both. Give them the starting roles they want to play but give them the maximum freedom to learn many things they can do in the game but don't make it easy and boring, let it be challenging and fun. My previous post has exactly that
  14. xFORCERx

    True Survival

    I joined the steam group, but I'll write it here. I agree on mostly every idea you posted so far. One thing I haven't read or maybe I misread is what happens if someone is playing solo or in group of 2 friends? This idea of yours could actually be great when I play with my 5 friends, meaning, everyone must specialize in something and keep making his character better in that field, meaning no one will be the same and we depend on him and vice versa. That same "depending" could be bad. Professions should be fun and challenging by giving players freedom and choice, because that's the main issue players have right now with A17. Again, if you could somehow not lock players in just their field of profession but giving them the choice to be anything they want that would be the best I think. So, TL;DR - Your idea mixed with - Professions making your character unique and immersive/fun/challenging - Not locking perks and progressions just to the profession skill tree but giving freedom to other skill trees. (Improve faster and better on the perks linked with that profession, improve slower on other skill trees linked with other professions. Maybe even have small handicaps/penalties when they start learning different skill trees, that way players could learn everything while making them focus on what character they have chosen in the start. I think this is the main idea you should implement. I could describe it more if I am confusing. As you stated, perks for improving fire guns damage/magazine should be scrapped, weapon mods should be used only. Melee weapons should be based on perks + weapon mods. A balance between them. How you have spent the week idea is a nice one, I would like to hear more about it
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