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  1. i try to download the mod..and it say corrupted file..try to clean and download..and i when it done..nothing have download..i have try to reinstall 7 day to die and clean all the files..nothing work
  2. piroman18

    A19 NPCs DMT Mod

    i take all dependency and everything in the 7 day to die mod luncher..and it not working ..i dont know why
  3. nvm i refresh the mod and now it work lol
  4. the grill dont work either..maybe it my game that is corrupted i dont know but if it a bug you should fix it soon..beccause there is no point playing it if the farm table and all the asset is not working
  5. humm..farm table is not working..it a bug ? or it just me ?
  6. Ok i change the language and it work now so no french haha not a big deal i understand english pretty well
  7. nvm i know now lol i will try that and i will show you if it work
  8. yeah im starting to think it about the language that make that bug..so how can i switch language in this game ..for english
  9. oh ok lol well..in english it weapons smithing ..but i know in this mod it suppose to be..blade smithing..blunt smithing..but it only show..weapons smithing and four copy of that lol - - - Updated - - - it like it missing someone in the game..but i install the game with the game luncher like everybody else..i really dont know why it making that..and it look like im the only one lol
  10. it french language but you can see 4 same skills name
  11. what do you mean ? another language ? well im french but i think my english is not so bad lol..i mean..in my skills bar in the game..it show weapons smithing x4..and tools smithing x4..same name..i want to know if you know this problem ? - - - Updated - - - i can print screen and show you if you want
  12. I have a question. I have a bug in my game. In my skills bar it show 4x weapons smithing and 4x tools smithing..did someone know this issues ?
  13. Ok now it work but i have a huge bug i think lol..i have 4 tools smithing skills and 4 weapons smithings with the same name lol i know it should be blunt weapons blade weapons ect..but i only see 4 weapons smithings..did someone know what it is ?
  14. issues well i dont know..how i know is i have copy past all folder like other mods and it not working..maybe they should put install instructions with the mod or a video to help people
  15. not working Dont no what im doing wrong..but i copie all the files like other mods and it not working. im not running a server..i just want to try ravenhearst. By the way tanks for all the mods you put with hard work but maybe you should put installation instruction when you release a mod .
  16. working it working good now for me..tanks for the help
  17. it not working with the new luncher too. Im not sure why..it say stavation is install but when i start the game it the normal alpha 16 with no mod.
  18. I cant download the mod for A16. the luncher stay at alpha 15.2...why ?? please help i want to play it but i cant .
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