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  1. Was looking and did not see any mention but I was wondering about weather. I miss the daytime/night time weather swings and early game not wanting to go out when it rains. The thunderstorms would scare the hell out of my wife. Sometimes we also go back and play old Alphas just to get the gore blocks. I know they were either loved or hated but we liked the way horde bodies could pile up until they could get over a wall but I understand they were a big performance hit.
  2. Ours does that very long wait time to get in seems to be an alpha 19 issue more then this mods.
  3. Sorry to ask but I can't find where to put the blocks.xml file. I tried looking through folders and using the search function but could not find one to replace. Does it belong under data or which folder?
  4. My wife and I have been playing a B169 version for a few weeks. We were on day 26 and looking forward to our next horde night. After we went to bed in real life there was a large storm and our in house game server lost power. When we went to play the next day our world was reset to day one and we have a lot of grey broken textures. Our clients work fine when we play on the server with our friends. I have also reloaded all game files on the server. The game with our friends was not running at the time and was not affected. Does anyone know a fix or is our world just corrupted now. I had to take the UPS off the server to use with my CPAP. Will just have to get into the habit of shutting down the worlds I guess.
  5. Any one having a HUGE lat spike? 2-3 seconds then runs fine. Happens when I wife and I are far apart in game. Sometimes when entering a new area. After an hour or so of play they disappear. Ryzen 3800X, 64 GB ram, M2 drive as our server. Network traffic low so not LAN issue. Clients Ryzen 2700X, 32 GB ram, GTX 2080, M2 drives.
  6. I had an odd issue while placing wooden bars. I could not see them I could hear them when I rotate. When I move the placement up or down I can see the bars then they work normally.
  7. Ok I have found the maps in darkness_falls/data/worlds now to figure out how to point my serverconfig to the properly!! Could someone post the section of the serverconfig file? We would like to restart on a premade map but stuck on stupid tonight.
  8. I was hoping I could add the DF-** to our serverconig.xml and have it load that way. We want to restart on the "official" map since our wasteland has no research center.
  9. I have been looking but where do I find the pre-made map and or seed? If some one can explain how to set it up do I ad df-medium to seed or game name? is df-medium how it should be written?
  10. So is there no moving this mod into new version? I wish I could but I'm willing to pay towards those that can.
  11. I would join a patreon to bring it back.
  12. Can any one tell me if this will work with 17.4 Darkness falls?
  13. Yea we understand the experimental just trying to report bugs as we find them and fixes if the exist. StackOverflowException: The requested operation caused a stack overflow. at MinEffectGroup.ModifyValue (.EntityAlive _self, PassiveEffects _effect, System.Single& _base_value, System.Single& _perc_value, Single level, FastTags _tags, Int32 _multiplier) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at MinEffectController.ModifyValue (.EntityAlive _self, PassiveEffects _effect, System.Single& _base_value, System.Single& _perc_value, Single _level, FastTags _tags, Int32 multiplier) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at BuffClass.ModifyValue (.EntityAlive _self, PassiveEffects _effect, .BuffValue _bv, System.Single& _base_value, System.Single& _perc_value, FastTags _tags) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at EntityBuffs.ModifyValue (PassiveEffects _effect, System.Single& _value, System.Single& _perc_val, FastTags _tags) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at EffectManager.GetValue (PassiveEffects _passiveEffect, .ItemValue _originalItemValue, Single _originalValue, .EntityAlive _entity, .Recipe _recipe, FastTags tags, Boolean calcEquipment, Boolean calcHoldingItem, Boolean calcProgression, Boolean calcBuffs) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ProgressionClass.GetCalculatedLevel (.EntityAlive _ea, .ProgressionValue _pv) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at ProgressionLevel.IsValid (MinEventParams _params) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0
  14. We are playing the experimental version on a dedicated server. One our player suddenly had his console open with a scrolling stack overflow error. The fat zombie in front of him would swing at him and was unable to hit him and the animation seemed jerky/odd. He was unable to close the console and had to Alt-Tab out to be able to close the game. During this no one else had any trouble and could continue to play unhindered. Now this player is unable to log back in and his console just opens with the stack overflow error. Does anyone know if I have any options short of a wipe of his player info loosing all his progress?
  15. I fixed ours. I had grabbed the non-back pack server. Plus I had a file stuck from Ravenhearst 21 day hordes it seemed. Both issues are corrected now.
  16. Does any one know what to edit to change the hordes from 21 days to 7? Everything is working fine we just want to go back to 7 day hordes.
  17. I think I found the source of the no 7 day hordes. In our haste to play we did not fully wipe our server. So now we are playing War of the walkers with Ravenhearst 21 day horde files mixed in. Everything is working but we would like the horde every 7 days instead of 21. Anyone know how I would change this?
  18. We seem to be having a small issue on our server. No blood moon hordes on day 7 or 14. We are coming up to 21 and wonder if we even get a horde. Any one experience this?
  19. The wife, friends, and I are playing on a straight Ravenhearst server and would be willing to test to help find any issues. We have worked with Starvation to find an issue back around Christmas. PM me if we can be of any help.
  20. Has anyone else noticed very little water on the map? We have tried to seeds "Donut" and "patience" and have found little to none. We wiped "Donut" after three 120 minute days. Took 2 days (also 120 minutes) to find a small lake. Just curious if anyone else has noticed or are we just unlucky?
  21. Can you pastebin your log file? I use: https://paste.ubuntu.com/ I have yet to hit the size limit for a single paste.
  22. Had same issue due to the 32bit server version being loaded instead of the 64bit. For me using Lionux game server I had to use: executable="./7DaysToDieServer.x86_64" In your pastebin the second line reads: Found path: /home/sevendtd/7dtd/serverfiles/7DaysToDieServer.x86 So looks like your problem I learned the hard way.
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