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  1. Can you also add gyrocopter to the list, I’ve put in a TON of hours into DF, most nights I go demon hunting in the wasteland and have yet to find it as a drop, I think I need to find two pieces as well to assemble. Thanks!
  2. How about removing drop which nobody uses, unless that’s harder to code.
  3. Good to know, however, I played A18 warrior, perma-death and I don’t remember it being this crazy. Also, well done on those spiders, they are better than the A18 ones and creepy as hell.
  4. Does difficulty add to the game stage? I’m on warrior and horde night 14 was insane, actually night 7 was crazy as well. Unfortunately the game decided to completely freeze on me a few times and I had to restart, not sure the cause since it never did this on A18, ran beautifully. Also, do quests ignore game stage as well? Day 15 I got totally owned on a tier 1 clear quest. Radiated cop feral soldiers and wights. I always play with 32x horde but had to change it down to 24 cause my i5 3570k was starting to melt. Haha. Its been good to me for the past 8 years but I think it’s time to move on.
  5. I would lean toward removing them completely, this would make people less likely to setup shop there. Although when you first arrive on day 1 you do feel a tiny bit safer just because you have nothing. I do find their gunfire sound to be really loud and annoying, sometimes I swear they are firing at nothing. Haha. I’m having a blast so far with DF, I’m playing perma death, warrior, zombies jog during day and playing on VSmall 1. I’m on day 4 and it’s been a REAL struggle for food and drink, finally able to make bacon and eggs which is a life saver. I think this is the first play throu
  6. Hi Faatal, Are we going to be getting a fix for the ghost block issue with distant POI’s In A19?. I only had this happen a few times in A18 but A19 is horrible every time I load a game and leave a chunk it starts. I can re log to fix it but it’s ruining my experience and many others as well. I can also enter POIS in the console to fix it but then I don’t see distant POI’s, is there another command I can use to reload this?..... OR is this something on my end? I have a decent Machine with an RTX2060. I even tried completely nuking the game install and started fresh but still happeni
  7. Maybe try re-binding the key? Just a thought.
  8. I think locking slots is essential for inventory management. I don't know if anyone has played Terraria before but you can lock\favorite any slots in your backpack which is an awesome feature for when you need to quick stack items leaving those slots untouched. Maybe a lock button at the top? Select your slot and hit the lock icon, not sure how easy that would be to code into the system because I'm no programmer.
  9. I agree, if anything we need more slots on the belt. MM, what about being able to unlock more slots on the toolbelt with a perk? Maybe incorporating this into the Pack Mule somehow? I would put points into that for sure.
  10. Hey Khaine, How hard would it be to create a mod to have unprotected traders? I know you did this in darkness falls but would love to have it for vanilla as well. Or if it’s easy to explain I could make the changes my self. BTW, thanks for all these mods you create I use most of them and can’t play without them.
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