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  1. Thank you for the prompt reply! That solved the problem! Great mod!
  2. For some odd reason, cant get the HUD display properly. Day and time is missing, The compass is in the middle of the screen (on crosshair). Tried editing position, but failed miserably =(. Help. I downloaded the Core lib, and HUD modlet. B173 version.
  3. a bit of an off-topic, but what and where did you edit to change the version displayed in the top right corner of the screen?
  4. Awesome all in all, thanks for the mod! But I have a question about farming. Placed seeds, the plants mature and I see that I SHOULD be able to harvest them, but no action is displayed and if I try to hit it with a knife or hands I just get grass. And that if left for too long they transform to grass. Is there some hidden step that I'm missing, like watering them or something... ? EDIT: Nevermind. Figured it out. You have to use the Hoe to harvest stuff.
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