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  1. Those are some meaty shotgun shells... He's going to sell whatever shotgun those are for right?
  2. Sounds great but we get to keep all the different soups and ration types though right? I'd just hate for those to get streamlined. /s
  3. Really glad to hear water is getting overhauled, I've always wanted to include water in builds.
  4. Good, I was worried for a moment there you'd actually made a 15k tri coffee pot. It reminded me Final Fantasy XIV's flowerpots that were more detailed than the characters.
  5. Yeah, I'd be interested as well. Modding doesn't look very complicated for the features I want so I'll likely just mod in the building features I want.
  6. Is that 2% from the data you've acquired so far? I would have expected the number of builders to be much higher than that.
  7. I suggested the same thing a while back but it seems there's not much enthusiasm for it within TFP.
  8. Have to agree with the request for some fresher paints as that is something survivors would eventually want to do. Escapism from the grim reality an' all. It might be an apocalyptic setting but I highly doubt survivors (the ones that intend to live long that is) would want to live in absolute filth either. This used to irk me with Fallout 4, especially that cafe with the mother and her drug addict son. There's still skeletons from the war still in their seats, 200 years later. Have to agree with more lighting options as well. I typically have to use the mining lanterns in my builds
  9. A compromise though could be to add more variety of vanity items to the trader, they don't seem to sell very many and they tend to be the same ones. If this is easy to mod in though, then I'll look into modding it in myself as well.
  10. Fair enough. Seems a shame really because we'd get some pretty cool fallout style bases, but it is what it is.
  11. I didn't suggest being able to craft these objects, but rather being able to actually remove them intact from POIs as an object that you can then place in your own base. Being able to craft them isn't at all what I asked for. Also if someone wants to troll performance they could just plant a bunch of trees or are you planning on removing those too?
  12. I honestly think you guys are missing a trick not allowing us to salvage objects from POIs intact. There's so many nice new objects, signs, posters that you could use in your base, but you can't take, make or even from the looks of things buy them. Honestly, I'd love to be able to bring home objects for my base (like we used to be able to with the old fridge for instance), it'd be another reason to go out and hit certain POIs. I know you can get them from the creative cheat menu but I hate having to use that thing. I have to use it for a lot of missing blocks and to make painting l
  13. Any plans to reduce the size of the sniper rifle? It doesn't do anywhere near enough damage to warrant the size (which looks ridiculous anyway) and takes up way too much of the screen in my opinion.
  14. This, I thought it was a bit much initially but now I actually really like that there's more to worry about that zombies now.
  15. Splints don't seem to work on sprains any more. Intentional?
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