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  1. 21 hours ago, Trankitas said:

    Eyes adjust the light that goes through the cornea in real life tho. In my case, it feels realistic, not broken lighting tech.

    After stepping in a dark room you eyes adjust and you start seeing a bit better. So it is exactly the opposite of realistic. That's why it feels so unnatural and it's why I brought it up. :)

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about the new 4 slot clothing/armor direction.


    The new concepts look cool and the set bonus sounds interesting. But having less outfit slots means less mods - means less choice. It makes the whole clothing system simpler. Players are directed toward most-will-play-like-this prototypes. Less in-between characters.

    At the moment you are ghathering armor/clothing parts as incremental upgrades and moving your mods between them to best suit yout character. The set bonus might make finding most outfit items boring, as you now are looking for ONE specific set. (...as there are less mod slots and some important mods are already hardcoded into a specific set)


    To me, this is the first time it feels like something meaningful is being dumbed down. It sure will look better but I've never liked "graphics over gameplay" so to speak.


    Feel free to convince me I'm wrong! :)

  3. On 10/30/2020 at 7:54 PM, madmole said:

    Nope otherwise the outside will be too dark and the inside will be too bright. This is the only way to have semi decent lighting indoors and outdoors with a dynamic world you can fully destroy.

    Ok, I see.

    Then, is there any way to make the inside of a building that is darker also appear darker form outside? (...so it wouldn't change when stepping in)

  4. I saw the indoors darkening effect in the stream. Any chance this gets taken out?


    It really feel more like a bug than a feature. You can see clearly what's inside a store and after 2 steps your screen dims to complete black. And if the POI has some areas where you go in and out a lot or there's a hole in the roof, your bightness keeps waving up and down.


    I don't believe it adds much to the game, rather takes away and feels like something is broken in the lighting tech.

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  5. Ok, I thought that smoothing applied for figgers scale terrain. I generated a map with "smooth" and the ground was flat but the world was boring and flat and had those big dirt plains. It looked like lakes but no water was in them.


    In general, I like mountains and uneven terrain. I just don't like if all the small slopes (inclines) are undrivable.


    BTW, thanks for answering. I'm just starting to mess around with the tool and it is an excellent addition to the game until TFP optimizes their own RWG.

  6. Landscape: balanced

    Smothing: default


    I'm not complaining about the mountains and that area. Just regular ground seems like the voxels didn't connect properly and most slopes have this ground resembling moguls from an afternoon ski slope...

  7. Question:


    I made a map that I really liked but there was this weird thing, the terrain was not smooth. In a relatively flat area, small slopes were choppy, like the blocks didn't smoothly connect. (not talking about mountains) This made it painful to drive with a motorbike. It was bouncing all around and never keeping the speed every time I drow up or down a hill. Maybe it was the border of POIs or cities... IKD.


    What's that all about? Is there some option I need to tick? How to avoid it? In the original random gen the ground is smooth...



    What I mean by "ground not being smooth" is that some slopes are in between of the random gen sooth terrain and the old blocky world before smooth voxels.

  8. +1 to




    *I would really love to have seasons in the game. I know it has been talked about but now it seems all the basic components for this are already in the game.


    *Kick - with a foot to unbalance zombie and gain distance. And some skills with it. (like make it extra useful against crawlers)

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