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  1. My current game is also an example of why a longer-term quality system with the majority of loot being useful is good. We're only on day 21, but we already have... everything. Power, all crafting stations, crucible, 4x4, the best armor/weapons (available at this gamestage), fully upgraded base walls that zombies just can't get into. We specifically didn't take any intelligence skills just so we had to find everything, but it was not a long process. We still have some Quality 6 stuff to find, but that's about it, and again, this is mostly a gamestage issue. Suddenly all looting is just a bit pointless. We'll incidentally find Quality 6 items as we go, but it's not exactly a determined search. We'll just mostly be looting for brass. But it feels like we're done unless we wait ages for the GS to catch up with us, and even then, no more need to looting, we're just waiting for the challenge to come back. FYI, we never left the town we found the trader in. Found everything in that one spot.
  2. Just mentioning, the system above would let players find lots of weapon parts as the game progresses, and every single find for those parts would be useful to the player. I would say my suggestion would be more reliable in that you'd eventually get there, but it has the same level of special finds. Imagine you've finally, after 100 days, looted enough parts to have 2 Quality 9 parts, just one part away from being able to make a Quality 10 part for your weapon, but the expected goal is still about 50 days away.. but you open a chest, and bam, it contains a Quality 9 part of that type, random chance just saved you 50 days of looting lesser parts. Just to point out, a Quality 10 in the system above would need the equivalent parts of 253 Quality 5 weapons. Something that would take a long time depending on loot balancing. This depends on whether the legendary weapon is the same type of weapon or not. If it's a unique weapon, then it's simply not crafted... but maybe limited in quality. If it's a legendary version of a crafted weapon, then make the final craft a perquisite. i.e. in my system you can craft up to Quality 10, it takes a lot of effort. But, once you've crafted that quality 10, you (or people in your party) now have a chance to find the legendary version. Although, my ideal would be the legendary for an already craftable weapon would instead be a legendary mod specific to that weapon.
  3. This system wouldn't change the random stats. (It definitely randomises stats, not sure on mods). It would work better in this system with the later suggestion of an item scrapping into some of the lower tier parts instead of simply giving your original part back, so there's some extra effort needed to re-craft an item. But I feel that only adds to this system too, wanting to craft not only the final tier item, but then eventually trying to craft one with maxed out stats. I'd also say that since the crafting wouldn't impact the quality of the gun anymore, it should impact the range of random stats gained when you craft it. And yes, the system above would definitely increase parts dropped, at least for lower tier guns. For instance, I'm imagining at later game stages a factory dungeon container may contain, for example, 90 Quality 1 Parts, or 15 Quality 3 Parts, or a chance of a Quality 5,6,7 Item, like a handgun (7 being extra rare), and a incredibly slim but existing chance of Quality 8 or 9
  4. Worth noting that the final item crafted can't be found in loot. But that this system makes loot far more valuable. Right now you craft a Quality 5 Handgun, and that is all your crafting done. It needed a few parts and some points in the skill. Now you loot and loot and loot, picking up a plethora of quality 1-5 handguns that are all useless to you. Then you find the quality 6 gun, WOO, best moment, yay. Except, that was a single moment of excitement with no build up, just random chance, over and over. Now imagine you find and combine parts, or scrap guns into quality parts. Now the parts you find can be combined into better parts. You're on day 14 and quality 1 handgun parts are still a good find, quality 3 is great. You find a quality 5 gun, you can use it, or scrap it for the part on the way to a quality 6 gun. You get that Q6 gun after looting all these bits, but then the next Q5 or Q6 gun is STILL a good find, no longer redundant as they go towards making your Q7 gun, the Q1 guns and parts are still useful too. The use only goes away when you finally reach a Q10 gun, same as when you get a Q6. But this time, you've seen your progress, you've had exciting moments of random good finds, either for good parts of good guns, but you had them multiple times, and each one gave a clear indication of progress towards the final gun. I think the second system just gives more bursts of excitement for good loot and gives you a satisfying progression towards your final item that a single random chance does not.
  5. Those Biomes definitely need something. Maybe a higher chance of certain loot types too.
  6. Huh, after reading the first part of your comment I figured it would be a yes rather than a no. This system needs you to go out and loot and explore WAY more than the current system. Agreed. But this system doesn't. It's just combining parts into better parts through a "smelting" on the workbench. Not crafting a full item and combining them. The only item you'd actually craft is the one you'd use. The main focus of this is to make it so if you want the best item of a type, you need to really explore areas that would have that type, loot plenty of it's type and it's parts, even quality 1 are useful towards the end goal (which makes for less trash loot). This would also mean that the exploration and loot is required to get the best item, but the final best item comes from crafting it. I'm basically imagining a game world where, even on day 50 you're up to maybe Quality 8, maybe 9 if you're really lucky. And this is if you've been specifically looking in places where this item type drops pretty avidly. But for crafting grind? You've crafted maybe 5 of the item itself, as the upgrades have come in. As for degradation I'd love it as a feature. In the above system I'd implement it as the item durability decreasing each time, until the item became useless, but you can use a part of one quality below the item to increase it's durability again. You eventually get the best, but it needs more to maintain it. This may also mean you'd use a lower quality for day to day use. Not sure how it would work with scrapping parts, unless a scrapped item gave 2 parts of a lower quality instead of 1 of the same quality.
  7. Adding this here: Self advertising, I know. But the extra tiers would let lower tiers be far less valuable beyond their base resource cost, lower the value of tier 6 and make selling the items themselves more of a wrench, as they are always going to be part of a larger crafting chain.
  8. It seems odd to me to max out a skill, but then need to simply find the best item anyway. But I also like the idea that you can find good items. So, I was thinking, what if: 1. Item level went to 10, instead of 6. (bear with me) 2. Items only require one part, but parts have quality levels 3. 3 item parts can be crafted into a part of a higher tier 4. The crafting skills can increase the chance of finding higher tier items of their type 5. You can only find items of up to level 9 in the game world 6. [Edit] Crafting skill increase the range of random stats a crafted item can have So, to get a Tier 10 handgun, you'd need one Tier 10 Handgun part as part of the recipe. How many total lesser parts would it need? T9 parts: 3 T8 parts: 9 T7 parts: 27 T6 parts: 81 T5 parts: 243 T4 parts: 729 T3 parts: 2,187 T2 parts: 6,561 T1 parts: 19,683 What this does: 1. It allows more part drops and more gun drops without easily getting the final Tier of a weapon, tool or armor 2. We can limit the maximum tier of items dropped without making them feel like bad drops, as they build towards crafting the best items 3. It gives a longer progression track for each item to give longer-term goals to aim for 4. You, the player, craft your final item, building up and finding the parts over time instead of simply getting very lucky and finding it in one quick instant. You can only find T9 of any item as loot in the world. But, a T9 is still an amazing find, as you only need to find 3 T9 Weapons or parts to craft a Tier 10. In reality a T9 would be incredibly rare, with T6 being a more common end-game "good loot". But, all the items are still valuable as they all work towards making the best Tier. This system would just make all drops valuable for items, but you'd still be extremely happy to find that extra rare drop, without it having to be your final item. Oh, also I'd say the tool/weapon/etc [Edit]would give the part back when scrapped, just none of the other materials would give back parts of a lower tier when scrapped (but not quite enough to make the higher tier part). This means you wouldn't feel like you're stunting your progression as much by crafting an item of lower than the maximum tier. This also means you can't easily re-craft items to try for better stats, needing to find more parts to try again. As for combining parts I'd say the workbench could have an area similar to the forge for smelting, but it instead slowly "smelts" a stack of parts, turning 3 into 1 better part in the output. And as an extra, for armor, we could adjust the combine cost and required parts. e.g. If armor pieces each needed 8 parts of the same quality to make, but armor parts only needed to combine 2 to make a higher tier instead of 3, then a full tier 10 set of armor would need 20,480 tier 1 parts, very similar to the amount a single weapon or tool would need.
  9. Don't think you can lockpick doors (which is odd). Basically lockpicking has a couple of issues: 1. It has no clear advantage over simply bashing a container open 2. Miner 69'er makes opening safes quicker and generally makes mining quicker too, it has multiple uses so the points are better invested 3. The perk itself doesn't have enough of a bonus Possible solution: Make the perk and lockpicking have more bonuses and applications. Give lockpicks a passive bonus and have three tiers of lockpick. Lockpick Tiers & Passive: Simple Lockpicks: +20% Unlock Loot Iron Lockpicks: +40% Unlock Loot Steel Lockpicks: +60% Unlock Loot Unlock Loot = Bonus loot obtained when unlocking a container rather than bashing it open. Perk: Level 1: Pick locks 33% faster. You can unlock wooden doors. +20% Unlock Loot. 25% chance lockpick doesn't break on fail. Level 2: Pick locks 66% faster. You can unlock metal doors. +40% Unlock Loot. 50% chance lockpick doesn't break on fail. Level 3: Pick locks twice as fast. You can unlock all doors. +60% Unlock Loot. 75% chance lockpick doesn't break on fail. The Benefits 1. Now, even without skill, lockpicks are worth trying as they have a chance of better loot. 2. The perk offers the unique content of getting through doors more easily and stealthily. 3. The perk adds a distinctive loot bonus in itself, compounding the lockpick bonus to eventually more than double container loot. 4. A chance for a lockpick not to break is better than a chance of not failing. No one can see when they succeed a check, but it's easy to notice when a fail doesn't consume a lockpick. This is better feedback for the player. This basically means that bashing into a container is better as an option when you simply have no lockpicks left. Timed Charges should probably have their own Unlock Loot bonus. The candy could potentially double the Unlock Bonus for a few minutes. This essentially makes lockpicking a good early game loot bonus, amplified by the perk. With the long term benefit of door unlocks.
  10. plonk down some barbed wire around it. slows the zombies and then they get punched back
  11. I feel like just readable notes helps this. Even without a HUD value. It'd just mean they could miss things and never know they missed anything, so no backtracking
  12. Maybe at least in containers only then? To preserve the idea of stealth characters not needing to kill?
  13. Anyway, PROS - I actually have the music on for once. Definite pro - I like the scaled progression. One thing that stops me playing is simply running out of new content, this extends that (instead of having the best gun and a concrete base with electricity on day 7) - I like injuries more now, and the full health protection (NOTE: Physician should reduce heal time on themselves or on others they heal. This would be a SIGNIFICANT reason to take the skill, especially with 40 minute heal times on some injuries) - Love the new textures - Lighting is great - Entry animations on zombies, yes yes yes CONS - I have no reason to leave town. The trader is here, everything I need is here. It's day 16 and I'm almost maxed out on gear and weapons. I think the game needs some sort of world events (encroaching radiation, radiation storms, etc) that make you move around. The game needs more end-game advancement that takes you out into the world. Basically the threats need to scale up in a way that they push you to new areas, or maybe places further away offer better loot or unlock more perks. - Food and Water is still a bit dull. I think harder to craft meals need to offer some longer term protection as well as instant food. i.e. +50 food AND a 30 minute buff that reduces food loss by 75%. If a meal takes many different ingredients, it should be more valuable than just eating 5 grilled steaks. - The trader's stock should be based on their biome. This doesn't seem to be the case right now, maybe it is, but it's not noticable. Also, their quests and stock should be based on how many traders you've reached. So you only get Tier 2 quests once you've met the second trader, 3 on the third, etc. and similar for loot. Again, more reason to travel, even if you then return home. It could even be the case that the next trader exclusively has better quests and items, but you'd eventually get a trade mission back to your original trader who then gets bumped up. - Snow Zombies. They suck and they make the biome suck to stay in. Not even that they're hard, just that they're everywhere and there's no variation in snow zombies. Like, 50% of the snow biome is frozen lumberjacks. - Give living in the harsher Biomes a more clear benefit, even if it's just a stacking buff while in that biome that increases over time. Maybe as simple as an XP buff for tackling a harsher environment or a buff to a specific stat (Fortitude in snow for example).
  14. Rather than keys, could this not track the stealth itself? I'm not sure how in depth the game can be in this sense, but like can it see how many rooms have been entered? How many of the spawned zombies you have been close enough to for a detection check and avoided, etc. If it's good enough, entering these POIs could even give some HUD info on the "Loot Score" for the building, and you see it going up as you progress through either killing or avoiding combat. I think if any keys were involved, I'd like it to be purely loot found in containers within the POI. Like "Factory Blueprints" in a factory or "Diary" in a home, and reading them in that POI increased the Loot Score on your HUD (maybe the score can exceed 100%).
  15. I get the first part of the original post. As for the loot, you can just mod the files to up your gamestage faster. But yeah, me and my friend just set up in a town, next door to a trader, currently day 16. We have found everything but oil shale and we haven't even started a mine. We have our best guns and almost our best melee weapons. We have the best armour, forges, workbench, chemistry station, cement mixer, power, etc. We haven't taken any points in intellect though, as we wanted to the early game to last (which was apparently about 14 days). We basically drowned in schematics we found or just stuff to outright buy from the trader (we just got a 4x4). So yeah, if our accumulated 100k gas runs out for the 4x4 we may need to travel and do a day of shale mining, but that's about it. From this point it's just building an impenetrable base for every 7th day. If they want us to travel, certain end-game loot should be restricted by Biome. The crucible, the high tier weapons/schematics, etc. Or they can add a world threat, which I'd prefer. So you have the zombies, but maybe the radiation zone is spreading or there are rare events that give the best items, but only alert you if you've revealed that area of the map. (also it would be cool to actually need to make radiation suits and explore inner-map areas of radiation, but hits from the far deadlier zombies in those areas can damage the suit quickly) Maybe there could be big buildings or events that unlock additional skill trees or final ranks of skills. In the case of a building/event it might be a large factory, but while you're inside, it's bloodmoon rules (all the zombies know where you are and sprint). In these locations zombies could continually spawn in rooms you have explored, essentially following you as you traverse the building. Just things where you want to go explore and unlock content. Maybe some areas even unlock harder zombies, or simply completing these unlock tasks for skills naturally make future zombies harder, making the unlocks ever harder.
  16. It would be nice if swings had hitbox arcs rather than relying on exact cursor positions. 1. It would help multiplayer, as melee would not need to be a single point of contact where the lag could simply cause it to miss when it looks like a hit. 2. It would feel better overall to see things get hit according to the actual arc of the weapon. 3. Arcs could even be split into multiple hitboxes, with how many hit the enemy deciding the damage and chance of stun/bleed/knockback
  17. Food could be improved by providing a well fed buff that stacks. For instance, every 10% hunger you restore within a short period of time gives "Satiated" Satiated Decreases hunger loss by 15% for 10 minutes. Stacks 5 times. The duration would not stack or refresh, so each stack would have its own individual 10 minute timer. The power of the buff and the timer could be balanced, but it would just mean that eating would provide temporary protection from becoming hungry again. Eating from 50% hunger would be best, giving a full 75% reduction in hunger loss for 10 minutes. The buff would also balance itself to an extent, as the lack of hunger would prevent you from easily topping up the buff, the more stacks you have, the more stacks can fall off. The food related talents could increase the buff power, duration or % needed.
  18. I think these things could still be distributed at the same scale in different trees. i.e. a workbench would need the same number of points invested in Fortitude that it would have needed in Int. So the result would mean more total skillpoints would need spending (due to stats). I do not need things early, but I dislike the idea of relying on random chance. We do have more people, but this also meant by Day 14 we had zombies breaking through concrete walls in large numbers. I can't imagine how easily that many zombies would be melting through something like flagstone. The telling part should be that I want to NOT have to jump into INT to have guarantees. I don't need everything, just something. Ironically the Schematic system would lock us out of crafts for much longer than cramming points into INT. By day 7 with int you can have the Forge, Workbench, Cement Mixer and Chemistry Station (we also had fully completed concrete walls, minibikes and electric fences). I feel like if stations needed schematics we would not be able to get all of them. I suppose one issue with the initial proposal is I made the stations have a cost relative to their stat costs, when realistically it should be relative to how long you should be expected to scavenge for them. Maybe the current issue is that getting everything by Day 7 is so easy (but incredibly boring given the tree) that the random chance seems like it's almost a gimmick. Most of the schematics we find just go to someone who doesn't already know how to make it, as we learned it long before finding it. We could indeed choose to not take INT, but that feels like a gimmick in itself. It's like choosing to fight naked with fists only while having easy access to insane gear. edit: The one thing we really do try to find though is a crucible or crucible schematic. That seems like the only item that is worth searching for over skilling for as you need steel long before you get to 10 INT. - Also, I don't disagree with your points. But I think there needs to be less of a gap between choosing from complete random chance and having almost everything on day 7.
  19. Would it be any different except more loot-based? Right now it's everything you want, but you have to give up combat skills. If you don't want to give up those combat skills early on you could find so many schematics and still not be able to make anything due to lacking "perquisite" schematics. I suppose the issue here is I play with multiple people and we're at the point where we start a game and we have to decide who's going to be the one to not get to use fun skills so they can get the forge, and workbench, and chemistry station, and vehicles, and electricity, and steel, cement, everything, all in one tree. The only saving grace is junk turrets because it sure as hell isn't stun batons (these might be better if they stunned enemies instead of having them stand in place). If not the different schematics then it'd be nice to splash these about and let int have less packed into it. A forge could fit into Strength, a Workbench in Fortitude, Chemistry Station in Perception, Grease Monkey in Agility, and electronics remaining in Int, etc. That would keep the whole not having everything (more so, since one person can't get it all in one tree). The core issue is it feels like Int is just a stacked up crafting tree and going in there feels like a chore you have to do, especially with a group. And there's no option to share the burden, why all shove 7+ points into Int when one guy can? At the same time the schematic system could work to limit how much you can learn. Like you can only use a total schematics equal to your level, making it a personal specialisation, but not one tied to your levelling skill options. Going by the above costs this would also make choosing to be able to craft a Quality 6 tool a hefty specialisation in that specific item. (to the point I'd say it might be too much at that point). Also with current schematics you CAN have everything given enough time. This system could then make it so you literally need to choose.
  20. So, I was thinking about how learning and schematics work and I think it'd be cool if the schematic system was a bit more generic and crafting didn't rely so heavily on intelligence (still). Imagine instead of finding "Crucible Schematic" you found "Schematic". Schematics would be fairly common. Found in most types of piles, especially in bookstores. Then you can craft: Schematic Workbook - 5 Schematics Schematic Folder - 5 Schematic Workbooks After that you basically have schematic unlocks that require a certain number of different schematics. Forge - 1 Schematic Workbook Iron Pickaxe - 2 Schematics Workbench - 4 Schematic Workbooks Chemistry Station - 1 Schematic Folder Crucible - 1 Schematic Folder Then we could add the item Quality to it. Iron Pickaxe Quality 2 - 2 Schematics Iron Pickaxe Quality 3 - 3 Schematics Iron Pickaxe Quality 4 - 4 Schematics Iron Pickaxe Quality 5 - 1 Schematic Workbook Iron Pickaxe Quality 6 - 1 Schematic Folder (16 Schematics to rank 5, 41 to rank 6) The idea is schematics will be something you always want to loot, only found as loot, but lets you choose your own path by "deciphering" them into whatever schematic you actually need. We could then take out the crafting of the tools and items from skills. To replace this there could be Quality specific buffs. e.g.: Miner 69er: Block Damage increased by 20/40/60/80/100% plus 2/4/6/8/10% per Tool Quality Then finally the Int tree could drop it's massive unlocks and have a more benefit-focused tree. It has some nice unlocks as is, but it can feel less mandatory. Basically the current system can allow you to skip int, but you need to be very lucky to find each and every schematic, to the point you generally have to drop points in to get certain unlocks. This way you still find the schematics, but it's less random and more about what unlocks you want to focus on. It also means you are always wanting to loot, as it would take a LOT of schematics to unlock everything, but you never feel too far away from a schematic you're aiming for.
  21. I like the idea of breeding, but I suppose they don't want food to be too reliable, since you already have crops, which make superior meals, with the conditional of meat. I think all they really need to do is improve the tracking skill. Maybe to a point where if you are actively tracking it spawns in things to hunt. Eggs I'm more on board with. pens for chickens might be OK, low meat, but access to something that is more of a grind than an active task (opening every nest you see)
  22. I wouldn't mind an XML setting for how responsive zombies are to light and sound at night. Being higher by default (I imagine this is already true of light?) Or, while there's a max zombie spawn, maybe it has separate values for day and night?
  23. Huh, I never knew they removed the climb. I just assumed it had never come up for me. Ironically though, a climb animation on a regular zombie would probably look a lot less weird. I find it odd to remove a climb though. It seems like a decent way to up the danger level of zombies as the game progresses. I like the idea for variant walking/running
  24. I assume the standard size zombies have the same animator? (i.e. if you add an animation for one, they all then have it?) Would love to see the spider zombie disappear and add climbing & crawling/jump animations to regular zombies. Then you could randomly give normal zombies either the climbing or jumping abilities, similar to making them irradiated. Also it would be neat if the larger zombies got a charging animation and the possibility to be "charging" zombies. i.e. run fast at you, deal big damage if they hit you while running, but go in a straight line for the charge. Could also make the acid spit a potential characteristic for all larger zombies. These changes would make zombies a bit less predictable. It would also mean that as hordes get nastier, more zombies can gain these abilities without just having to add 50 spider zombies, etc. Plus it would be nice in general to see more use of the system used to make irradiated zombies and these traits seem like a good use of that system. Oh, and all base crawlers are the same zombie, but we already know all zombies already have the crawl animation. Can't we randomise who the crawlers are?
  25. Yeah this seems odd. I feel like I shouldn't get those skills just to avoid a disparity.
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