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  1. My current game is also an example of why a longer-term quality system with the majority of loot being useful is good. We're only on day 21, but we already have... everything. Power, all crafting stations, crucible, 4x4, the best armor/weapons (available at this gamestage), fully upgraded base walls that zombies just can't get into. We specifically didn't take any intelligence skills just so we had to find everything, but it was not a long process. We still have some Quality 6 stuff to find, but that's about it, and again, this is mostly a gamestage issue.
  2. Just mentioning, the system above would let players find lots of weapon parts as the game progresses, and every single find for those parts would be useful to the player. I would say my suggestion would be more reliable in that you'd eventually get there, but it has the same level of special finds. Imagine you've finally, after 100 days, looted enough parts to have 2 Quality 9 parts, just one part away from being able to make a Quality 10 part for your weapon, but the expected goal is still about 50 days away.. but you open a chest, and bam, it contains a Quality 9 part of that type, random ch
  3. This system wouldn't change the random stats. (It definitely randomises stats, not sure on mods). It would work better in this system with the later suggestion of an item scrapping into some of the lower tier parts instead of simply giving your original part back, so there's some extra effort needed to re-craft an item. But I feel that only adds to this system too, wanting to craft not only the final tier item, but then eventually trying to craft one with maxed out stats. I'd also say that since the crafting wouldn't impact the quality of the gun anymore, it should impact the range
  4. Worth noting that the final item crafted can't be found in loot. But that this system makes loot far more valuable. Right now you craft a Quality 5 Handgun, and that is all your crafting done. It needed a few parts and some points in the skill. Now you loot and loot and loot, picking up a plethora of quality 1-5 handguns that are all useless to you. Then you find the quality 6 gun, WOO, best moment, yay. Except, that was a single moment of excitement with no build up, just random chance, over and over. Now imagine you find and combine parts, or scrap guns into quality
  5. Those Biomes definitely need something. Maybe a higher chance of certain loot types too.
  6. Huh, after reading the first part of your comment I figured it would be a yes rather than a no. This system needs you to go out and loot and explore WAY more than the current system. Agreed. But this system doesn't. It's just combining parts into better parts through a "smelting" on the workbench. Not crafting a full item and combining them. The only item you'd actually craft is the one you'd use. The main focus of this is to make it so if you want the best item of a type, you need to really explore areas that would have that type, loot plenty of it's type and it's p
  7. Adding this here: Self advertising, I know. But the extra tiers would let lower tiers be far less valuable beyond their base resource cost, lower the value of tier 6 and make selling the items themselves more of a wrench, as they are always going to be part of a larger crafting chain.
  8. It seems odd to me to max out a skill, but then need to simply find the best item anyway. But I also like the idea that you can find good items. So, I was thinking, what if: 1. Item level went to 10, instead of 6. (bear with me) 2. Items only require one part, but parts have quality levels 3. 3 item parts can be crafted into a part of a higher tier 4. The crafting skills can increase the chance of finding higher tier items of their type 5. You can only find items of up to level 9 in the game world 6. [Edit] Crafting skill increase the range of r
  9. Don't think you can lockpick doors (which is odd). Basically lockpicking has a couple of issues: 1. It has no clear advantage over simply bashing a container open 2. Miner 69'er makes opening safes quicker and generally makes mining quicker too, it has multiple uses so the points are better invested 3. The perk itself doesn't have enough of a bonus Possible solution: Make the perk and lockpicking have more bonuses and applications. Give lockpicks a passive bonus and have three tiers of lockpick. Lockpick Tiers & Passive: S
  10. plonk down some barbed wire around it. slows the zombies and then they get punched back
  11. I feel like just readable notes helps this. Even without a HUD value. It'd just mean they could miss things and never know they missed anything, so no backtracking
  12. Maybe at least in containers only then? To preserve the idea of stealth characters not needing to kill?
  13. Anyway, PROS - I actually have the music on for once. Definite pro - I like the scaled progression. One thing that stops me playing is simply running out of new content, this extends that (instead of having the best gun and a concrete base with electricity on day 7) - I like injuries more now, and the full health protection (NOTE: Physician should reduce heal time on themselves or on others they heal. This would be a SIGNIFICANT reason to take the skill, especially with 40 minute heal times on some injuries) - Love the new textures - Lighting is great - Entry
  14. Rather than keys, could this not track the stealth itself? I'm not sure how in depth the game can be in this sense, but like can it see how many rooms have been entered? How many of the spawned zombies you have been close enough to for a detection check and avoided, etc. If it's good enough, entering these POIs could even give some HUD info on the "Loot Score" for the building, and you see it going up as you progress through either killing or avoiding combat. I think if any keys were involved, I'd like it to be purely loot found in containers within the POI. Like "F
  15. I get the first part of the original post. As for the loot, you can just mod the files to up your gamestage faster. But yeah, me and my friend just set up in a town, next door to a trader, currently day 16. We have found everything but oil shale and we haven't even started a mine. We have our best guns and almost our best melee weapons. We have the best armour, forges, workbench, chemistry station, cement mixer, power, etc. We haven't taken any points in intellect though, as we wanted to the early game to last (which was apparently about 14 days). We basically drowned i
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