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  1. (edit) cause what I wrote was a bit sassy. Dear Fun Pimps, It is my observation that many of the advanced recipe's require pea's. Could we possibly make it so they do not? there are several food items that do not make anything. Perhaps those could be utilized? With kindest regards.
  2. ok want to donate, but the paypal site is confusing. it has 0,00 If I wanted to giv'em about 20 USD is that 0,20??? And nitro is the %$#!& by the way, can't play this game on a regular map anymore! so awesome!
  3. OMG!!!!! This is amazing, it looks SOOOOOO good. %$#@! I hope you are very proud of this cause you should be. Been here since 9 and wow, every new alpha you have impressed me. this one I am doing things I never have blunderbus, (ew). Now I am running through Diresvile with 4 on the hot bar like last of the Mohican's. Just wow thank you!!
  4. IS there no way to include some of the amazing POI's people are making into the game, like the malls, the huge prison and the like. Would any modder say no if asked to use their stuff.
  5. OMG I love Nitrogen! I am playing in a MASSIVE city, sky-crappers everywhere. Too sweet! And OMG I have stores again, working stiff, pill, the old big crack a book, town-hall. All those buildings I never see in RGW anymore!
  6. I do not think you should be able to pickup a vehicle once it has been placed (bicycle yes). Cars get stuck, and you have to dig it out. And sometimes they can not be. I have a friend that will drive the 4x4 through mountain terrain, and then when he gets stuck just pick it up and put it down and of he goes. Sorry that is BS. Terrain should be a factor, and unforgiving if abused. Will I be pissed when it happen to me... yep, but I tested fate and lost.
  7. @guppycur OMG thank you for the video on the Nitrogen map generator!!! I finally have real cities again. I am in one now that has like 9 sky crappers, and just MASSIVE!!!! my map generated perfectly. no weird raised land like in your video. It is perfect! Big mountains in the back ground feel like I am living in Denver LOL. Oh and the waste land SOOOOO cool what they did with that, (no spoilers) thanks!!!
  8. OMG THANK YOU. That did it!!! blessing on your house.
  9. Any body getting a crafting bug, where you can only make one of an item at a time? you can queue up several but it will not let you start crafting them??
  10. I am part of the player base, 3000+ hours in this game (OMG that's like a full time job for year and a half) now go do the math Troland LOL. It was an adjustment no doubt, but LOVE it. have growled at every new alpha since 9, but after playing, have always loved it. Now doubt stranded on a desert island (that happens to have WiFi) this is the one game I would pick to have.
  11. agreed play through very much agree to this statement, several of my friends do not want to play because "building is dead" and I thought that for awhile too, but now at level 70, stamina not an issue, mining not an issue, hell have 5 mixers running non stop. Its not gone, its just not day 4 concrete anymore. Like that. Game still needs some love =coughs=(weather). And question; in this world when your infected do have some compelling urge to climb into the ceiling/or closet of the building your in??? Agreed not every POI should be a crawl that is STUFFED with infected.
  12. so edit xml to turn weather off, check. ahhhh the hot/cold re-fudging has started again. 70% of map unassailable until I have "Been lucky" enough to be able to mod EVERY piece of armor. How delightful! Can we just lose the whole weather thing already.
  13. OK i must be doing something wrong. How do you deal with HEAT/COLD those are pretty much off limits for me, even late game!! meaning 70% of the map!!! what is the secret?? I wear shorts, tank top, and poncho in desert but still the heat is unbearable!!! WTHeck. Please help.. and thanks..
  14. OK so was anyone else pissed for like two days? Then like OK lets be positive, and then hell ya this awesome? New game for sure, have to play it a new way. No more running into every house and straight to the good stuff on day one, But it is growing on me, and now I see the light. I can have those goodies, just not today. Do miss the wasteland biom, hope it comes back to random, and they need to mix a little plains into the desert, just TOOOOOOO orange.
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