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  1. Gotcha, thank you. I really appreciate bringing back Valmod to a19 like this. I hope you can further tweak the classes to make them more flavourful and not necessarily allowing you to skip vanilla content. Just my take on it 😊
  2. Just health bars and 3-slot forges modlets by Khaine. The Wilder class also gets no class quest at all, and I would imagine that the other class quests might need checking as well if they're intended to max out their skills. Yeah, the airdrop gave 5 crates of wood, which are a full stack of 6000 each. EDIT: Oh yeah, and the miner quest still uses the raw iron item from previous alphas to be completed at some point; we had to edit that.
  3. Is it intentional that the final quest reward for the miner is to max out the character's strength, motherload and miner 69er as well as give the entire mining book collection and 40 perk points? It seems uh... excessive. I used to play valmod and the classes were nice, but I don't remember them being that ridiculously gamebreaking. The first airdrop also gave an enormous supply of items. 30k wood, 500 ammo boxes of several advanced ammo types, a tactical AR and auto shotgun... Also, is the cling wrap useful at all? I thought smell was completely gone from 7 days.
  4. Sounds like you're planning to turn this into one of the biggest, most robust mods of 7 days, I'm glad to hear it. I think mods like yours are much needed, especially as we approach the full release of the game, so keep up the good work. I know I'll be trying it out since day one of the August release
  5. Nice! Is this gonna be part of the first release or part of the end game features?
  6. I've seen that you've added perk trees for each element. Have you considered using the book volumes that can be found to turn them into new spells that you can learn? For example, make the regular perk trees more general and giving different bonuses and added effects, while making the actual spells book series that you find in the wilderness. It would be pretty exciting loot-wise, and give a lot of replayability.
  7. We first played on the default difficulty and indeed, primitive bows were one-shotting sleepers with sneak damage. We turned it up to Warrior and this was no longer the case, so points in archery would be useful then. Plus once the gamestage goes up enough that the sleepers become ferals or radiated, archery points will be even more useful. As for first aid bandages, I guess because now their function is not just to heal health, but also to cure some critical wounds that can potentially happen pretty often.
  8. Would raising the loot percentage setting also lower the gamestage required to start finding certain items, or would it simply affect the quantity of it?
  9. Are you guys still shooting for the 28th June for the experimental release?
  10. There's a perfectly practical and logical explanation for the cloth wrapped around the club. For one, it does not make it soft. If you notice, the cloth clearly goes in-between the spiky protrusions of the club, not over them. Those are what are going to be hitting the enemy and inflicting the most damage. For two, wood tends to splinter and break when smashed against hard things. The cloth tightly wrapped around the whole shape *does* help keep it together after a few hits. In fact, I'd argue that it makes it hit harder by making the wood less flexible and more firm. Think of duct tape. It's not particularly hard or hurtful, but if you tightly wrap something in duct tape, not only it gives it more durability, it also makes it hit harder.
  11. Will the A19 things shown off be shared in this thread for people who don't watch streams to see them? I would greatly appreciate it.
  12. Didn't he already mention that those foods will hurt your HP and give you dysentery? That's a penalty in my book. Someone said you can "just pop a painkiller" but I'd rather not be having to eat my food along with a painkiller every time, which in turn will dehydrate me as well, and use up valuable HP supplies, so it's more than enough reason to try to attain the better foods. I guess pro players are swimming in hundreds of painkillers from the beginning and always have the time to do everything they need. At that point I think only mods could provide a level of challenge that they find interesting, honestly.
  13. He didn't have much tact, and I'm not a web designer, but... I agree with him. The new look seems like a predefined CSS template that was chosen and not tweaked afterwards. Avatars are tiny and get cropped in weird ways, the 7DtD logo at the top left is tiny, the background color doesn't match it at all, the black background of the posts is (for my taste) too black... The previous forums may not have been the most elegant or slick, but they were at least thematic. This new theme just looks generic and unfinished to me (key word might be "unfinished" here, I hope that's the case).
  14. That would be terrible. If you get in a pinch and go low health you won't be able to survive just because on top of being low health your stamina is reduced to nothing. Imagine bleeding too. It's already deadly and annoying enough, if on top of that every point you bleed also bled stamina...
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