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  1. Gave it a bit of a test run earlier today. Didn't make it past noon of day 1. Got lit up by 3 gun toting bandits in the scrub/savannah biome, I never saw them. They saw me. Slaughtered. Also, i'm not sure when the class choice is supposed to be available? But I did the initial 2-part short tutorial, then it chained into the Find the Trader mission. Given where I was, that was going to be impossible As it gave me one some 1.5 or so KM away. There were no items, no book to trigger the class selections etc. Initial class selection and bandit spawning / frequency seem like they need to be looked into and tweaked. I'm all for a challenge, but this was overkill.
  2. @ The Lorax : Thanks! You know, I checked the items too just to make sure it was spelled proper. I forgot that when it comes to stuff like this, case sensitivity is everything @ dwallorde : Bugs or no, still having a blast with the mod Keep it up !
  3. Loving the mod so far buuuuuuuuuut.... Chiming in to echo the sentiment on the excessive skill gain. SP run through in Random Gen, lv 11, over 250 pts to burn. Also, the Tradesman Class Training quest generates a 'null reference to an object' error, consumes the page but does not grant the quest. I've looked at the quest.xml and compared the code side by side to quests I know to work, but cannot find any inconsistencies in the code itself. That aside, I'm loving it so far First day in, saw my first bandit near a warehouse POI in a burnt forest. I tried to nope the hell away but it had other ideas. dakka-dakka-dakka, ded.
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