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  1. In my game right click within inventory or chest already splits the stack. Without mods. To drop items I have to put them out of the inventory windows.
  2. You simply bought the wrong game! Why? If you would have watched some of the trailers, some gameplay videos or read anything else in advance you should have noticed that this game was mainly designed for single player AND for coop playing. Nothing else. PvP is only a collateral effect. So why do you blame the developers for you own fault of selecting the wrong game for your personal needs? His first post, and he nailed it!
  3. I checked my bills and found I bought this game back on Sept. 5th 2014 for 23€. Seven years ago. This was the best investment in my life given the amount of gameplay hours and fun I regained from it. By now I've accumulated around 2000 hours of gameplay, the last 700 or even more with a band of buddies I convinced of playing this game with me. Together we've had some epic moments (haha that stupid zombies just fell down the elevator shaft....Aaaargh *censored*.... me too🤣) we'll never forget. Fun, creativity and teamplay are the lessons tought by this game. I just wanted to say to the Devs: Thx Pimps !!! You gave me endless hours of pure fun and horror, heartattacks included. Cheers for the next 7 years🍻 Although I doubt they will finish their next game before retiring😜 I think I will buy it as soon as it is announced. Btw. is there any timeline around when which Alpha was released? Ok, everything is said, now drop A20 !
  4. You're completely right, a stone axe would never exceed more sophisticated tools made of metal. In real life... In this game it should not exceed them. At least mods inserted to stone tools should be restricted to shaft mods as e.g. ergonomic grip. Nothing else.
  5. To be honest, I never get rid of my stone axe, because it's the 'Swiss army knife' in this game, capable of all actions. We use the stone axe for breaking safes for the same reason you said. Low stamina cost and high damage/time
  6. Instead he can store his looted air in it😉
  7. https://steamdb.info/app/251570/depots/ 4 hours ago an update was uploaded...
  8. We also! But it's always a very solid base out of concrete in a 9x9 grid.
  9. You know, we expect hourly reports about the amount of "Must-Fix" bugs 😉
  10. Will we get automatic reload for X-bows? On the normal Bow the next arrow is put on the string after shooting. On Crossbows you need to press reload.
  11. Will there be an option to automatically unload the drone on the (open) loading area of the 4x4? Clearing out big POIs is really a pain of prioritizing what to keep or leave behind. Sending the drone would be a great relief.
  12. The only man said to do impossible miracles is Chuck Norris.. A25 will be released yesterday 😆
  13. For me the result was 30th of February 2022.😨
  14. So it is intented that each party member gets the same reward?? I just noticed it again in my multiplayer. My buddy and I got exact the same reward in the last four quests.
  15. Oh hell, no!!! I'll get a heart attack then😱
  16. What about making this an option? Like Loot respawn timer or abundance? Carry twice, normal, half.
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