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  1. You know, we expect hourly reports about the amount of "Must-Fix" bugs 😉
  2. Will we get automatic reload for X-bows? On the normal Bow the next arrow is put on the string after shooting. On Crossbows you need to press reload.
  3. Will there be an option to automatically unload the drone on the (open) loading area of the 4x4? Clearing out big POIs is really a pain of prioritizing what to keep or leave behind. Sending the drone would be a great relief.
  4. The only man said to do impossible miracles is Chuck Norris.. A25 will be released yesterday 😆
  5. For me the result was 30th of February 2022.😨
  6. So it is intented that each party member gets the same reward?? I just noticed it again in my multiplayer. My buddy and I got exact the same reward in the last four quests.
  7. Oh hell, no!!! I'll get a heart attack then😱
  8. What about making this an option? Like Loot respawn timer or abundance? Carry twice, normal, half.
  9. Oh faatal... have you ever flown a plane or helicopter? Me not, too, but I've got experience flying model aircraft and helis (not drones). I can tell you, a helicopter is much more complicated to fly than a plane (what a gyrocopter is basically, just without wings). You can stear only 3 axes at once flying a plane, but 4 with a helicopter. Flying a heli you have to compensate every action with the tail rotor. E.g. you want to climb you have to compensate the increasing torque with the tail rotor, same when diving (decrease). The faster you fly the more you have to compensate with the collective pitch for the rotorblade running reverse to flight direction loses it's aerodynamic lift. All this doesn't happen flying an airplane. The only advantage is the VTOL capability.
  10. The Code is "The KRAKEN was released"
  11. I bet Chuck Norris did, in around 10 seconds. +1-3
  12. Ladies and Gentlemens, may I draw your attention to this: https://steamdb.info/app/251570/depots/ It's getting close...
  13. Yes, you're right. And the music reminds me of 'Tubular Bells' theme from the movie 'The Exorcist'
  14. Convert the spider to a waterstrider when in water. That would by terrfying🥶
  15. Only for some seconds. Or do you think your heart (a contracting muscle) continues beating when you are out of oxygen? No biologic metazoan can live without oxygen. (Ok except for the little thing, Henneguya salminicola, israelian scientists published an article upon this week).
  16. @MM How about some special "treasure maps" that are rare to find but reveal the location of the traders? In such a post-apocalypse world the location of traders would be well known to almost everyone and I think there would always be some notes or hints of where to find them.
  17. Sorry MM, but no! I wouldn't use anything like that, because the chance of that weapon to get stuck in a Zed's head/body is far too high. Everything with a kind of bladed head has a strong possibily to cut through the skull and then you can't retrieve it, unless you are a master of that weapon. Think of an axe chopping a tree.... Or the Zeds fall down and you can't hold your grip on this stuck weapon and temporarily loose it. I would prefer every blunt weapon which is always available and retrievable... And, much less risk of being sprayed with blood, which may cause infection. EDIT: Pls add the possibility to share the king sized bed with another player.
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