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  1. @FM2009 @KhaineGB - ended up installing 18.4 through mod manager as my own mod then manually downloading the DF latest client through github. All works fine now but no idea why it wouldn't straight through mod manager. ​​​​​​​Cheers guys.
  2. Played DF for ages, but decided to give it a go in 18.4 but I have a strange graphic glich with the UI. I haqqve uninstalled and reinstalled and still get it. I have google searched but can't find a solution anywhere. I have run SMX UI with no issues on 18.4 so I am at a loss with this one. s
  3. Will try the player clean. I installed your mod then continued with an old save, got the "InvalidCastException" which actually froze my game. I then read your FAQ bits. This is the process I took.... 1/ Fresh install of 7DTD A17.3 - played and tested, no errors in debug menu on load and save and load again. 2/ Added all your modlets, played right up to day 7 including several POI clearings and wandering hordes with nothing showing in the debug menu (except the 3 warnings that show in yellow due to having all your modlets installed) 3/ Got to day 7 and horde started, about 3 min real time in, I got the debug menu pop open with the first of the errors in red. Was able to close it and continue with horde night, then it progressively got more and more throughout the night. Finished horde night and cleaned out a heap of deer standing around. 4/ Killed the deer but they made a sound every time I carved them up AND after harvesting the corpse remained. Eventually the corpses despawned but much longer than after a zombie is killed and despawns. 5/ Continued playing through the rest of day 8 and day 9 with 2 wandering hordes and no debug errors. As I said, I will try the player clean, but won't be able to tell until day 14 horde as all other days everything seems to be working fine.
  4. Hey rev678, love the mod as I am more about building than trying to kill anything that the devs decided would make a better zombie. Ran into a problem though on my first horde night. I have all the modlets installed, fresh game, and get my wandering hordes etc with no problems. But now on hore night I keep getting the console popping up randomly when it tries to spawn in one of the removed zombies. This is from my log... next to taking every mod out and trying to add each one at a time, thought you might have an idea before I do that.
  5. Hiya KhaineGB, I have now unlocked every class and still loving it. Just noticed though I cannot craft Steel Wrench or 4x4. These are suppose to be unlocked in the mechanic class but doesn't appear to be working. I can craft the normal wrench and the bike and minibike (haven't tried the motorbike). It does seem to appear in the Mechanic Perks (Mastery) progression.cfg file as vehicle4x4TruckChassis,vehicle4x4TruckAccessories,vehicle4x4TruckPlaceable,DFoilPump,DFmeleeToolSteelWrench so I am not sure where the problem is.
  6. Hey mate, put it in your hotbar and then when you have it selected, left mouse click. Most of them will say you just gained........ or you already know this....... you will also get a few that won't do anything, this, I have found, is because you all ready know it and you are good to scrap it because if you actually select it in the inventory screen and hit USE it will cause the screen to flicker and disappear giving you nothing and wasting the 3 scrap papers you could have got from scrapping it instead.
  7. Sorry mate, claw hammer. I used the stone hammer from the beginning quest to start with until I looted a claw hammer.
  8. When you find books/schematics in the world (or if you are cashed up use the trader) if you all ready know the skill/perk etc you can scrap them for blank skill notes papers. Use the writing bench to then create a new blank class paper. It's kind of costly though as each class paper costs 120 blank skill notes and scrapping the schematics/books only yeilds 3 notes per. - - - Updated - - - I found the best way early on was to get a hammer (level 1 is ok) cut down a bunch of trees and upgrade some poi's from wood to the next tier, or run around and upgrade the trader from wood to the next tier. Other than that, there was no easy way. The wrench takes too long and the nail gun was slower than the hammer but not sure if it yeilds more skill points towards construction tools than the hammer does.
  9. @KhaineGB I have, however, noticed there are some schematics that you can "read" from your inventory, but these cause the window to flash a few times and the schematic disappears without learning anything. Not sure if this is a bug with DF or with A17. @KhaineGB Not sure if you changed anything in the UI settings but now the advanced forge right hand side is slightly off set. @KhaineGB Also, just double checked my settings since the new experimental update and I am getting a blood moon every night since day 7. Settings are blood moon frequency every 7 days and range 1 day. I have played the new update about 8 hours today and no other problems found so far
  10. Thanks mate, will add now to mine. Love the mod, not too hard but feels right with progression etc.
  11. Thanks for the quick reply KhaineGB. I figured the red meant I got it in the specific class tree but wanted to double check. As for the generator, anywhere I can check and fix in the configs? I am at the stage of powering my base but can't unlock it for some reason.
  12. Hiya All, Need some help on a couple things. Generator Bank?? What perk is it under? I have "used" the generator bank schematic and have all the electric perks unlocked but it still says required recipe unknown when I try to craft it. Is it hidden somewhere else? Also, under advanced forge, it shows red 0 or 1 on the perks, yet I can craft it. I have the red 0's all through my perk trees. Whats up with this?
  13. Hahaha, I already petted one, and then watched kickz and I was yelling DON'T DO IT
  14. Hey guys, just started whole new world with latest BBM version and when opening up quests and clicking on the Marksman quest I get a massive scrolling NULL REF error. Only way to stop is to force shutdown and restart game. Any ideas?
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