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  1. Sure but 2.50000000000 is still 2.5.
  2. Yes... we all know. You tell us in almost every post in every topic you post in. You are awesome at 7 Days To Die.
  3. Actually this does not work. Just tested it and game stage does not change and the slider only lets you move it to day 16. That's what you get for posting at work and before testing. Haha
  4. For those that don't like the loot progression, enemy progression, stone age, etc just start a new game press F1 and type "dm" Enter. Then press Esc and change the day to day 57 or 64. You will be a brand new level 1 character with nothing, but the enemies will be stronger and the loot will be better right off the bat. You may even skip the Stone Age all together. You will even have 7 days until your first Bloodmoon.
  5. And the only way to get there will be on the zip line.
  6. I don't believe the wheels are ever locked even on day one of a brand new game. You just need the ingredients. Acid, Polymers, oil, etc. Not at my computer to give you full recipe. Just type in wheel to get full recipe. You can even make them yourself, no workbench needed.
  7. You already can craft a box of 100 bullets for the price of 80 but you have to find the book that allows you to do it. Once you open that box it will put 100 bullets in your inventory.
  8. Wow! 7 years in Early Access and you're bringing up issues with gender, race and weakness/toughness? Come on man there is plenty of that in the real world. Leave the game/fantasy world alone.
  9. I'm waiting for them to add jiggles to trader Jen. I think she should jump up and down for joy every time we walk in there to shop?
  10. I chose option 4. A lot of people are saying this new progression system bores them but I'm just the opposite. On the old system I would get everything too fast and was bored by day 21. On my new game since A19 stable I'm on day 11 and just now getting purple stone axes, shovels, padded armor and loving it. I have felt the progression with the stone weapons/tools and I know I'm really close to start getting iron. This current game will go way beyond day 21 for me because now there is still so much to get still. I was tired of getting steel stuff during the first week or two, yawning and saying well not much else to do. I am excited for the direction this game is going as well. When all the changes are made I'll still hang out in the forest for a long time getting better stone stuff for a week or so then try harder biomes and POI's.
  11. Correct. Bare knuckles and knuckle wraps work fine iron and steel knuckles don't work.
  12. I can confirm this. Regular attack (left click) goes right through them. Power attack (right click) seems to still be working fine.
  13. Nothing needs to be changed. It's been stated before tougher bioms will have greater challenges. You don't have to do the trader quest right away. You just have to wait until you have the weapons needed to traverse the snow biom.
  14. @faatal In the A169 change notes it says, "Normal entities load their prefabs and meshes on demand instead of during world load". Is this change contributing to or causing the stuttering/lag/short pauses when running around?
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