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  1. It is the next stage of game code evolution. As long as you are wearing headphones the game can read your mind.
  2. Like MM said the feature is already there. Every book or schematic you find shows a little book in the corner. Closed = Not read, Open = Already read Quick at-a-glace info
  3. I started in Alpha 9 and have thousands of hours. I have enjoyed each new version as they have come out, so much so when trying to go back to a previous version I can't stand it. This game just keeps getting better. As you can see I hardly post but have been a lurker for many years. Reading these forums is very entertaining.
  4. The game only does this when it knows you are cheating. Come on, all blue equipment on day 6??? Haha
  5. Maybe they are obstructing his view of the lake.
  6. This is a correct statement. Playing in windowed mode works wonders for FPS. It's a very good work around to keep playing the game smoothly until you can either get better hardware and/or TFP make additional fixes.
  7. Just turn and run away for a couple seconds. The rage only lasts a few seconds anyway then they walk again. New mechanics = new tactics. Figure out a way to adapt instead of quit. Another option is to lower difficulty even further which lowers % chance of rage mode. Your Welcome
  8. Tell you what MM. You release A18 this Friday and everyone will promise not to do the Perception or Intelligence build for two weeks........ You believe me right?
  9. I haven't caught up on everything but for those that are still worried about a stealth build and what to do on horde night, just look at the Alpha 18 Perk Overhaul Video MM put out. At 15:25 it shows the Agility Attribute page which shows Archery, Gunslinger and Deep Cuts. So if someone wants to be stealthy using a bow and knife all week then they will have tons of ammo for their pistol, magnum and SMG on BM. I don't see why anyone would hide in the shadows and do nothing to help themselves or their friends on BM when they have all those guns and ammo plus the perks to support massive damage?
  10. Haha no she doesn't play at all. She gets mad when I play too much.
  11. I wish this was true for me. 7 days to die causes fights with the wife.
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