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  1. Ahhh... kiss... If only the game kept the character progression tied to world exploration, things you find, good old times. Find a better axe, chop tree faster. Days when finding a better gun part made you happy. Getting a schematic which was rare was an event. Finally reaching the city at 0.0 was actually some sort of an endgame which could have been built upon. Those were the days. ~(*I did not manage to find another game to play yet which would excite me as much as what this game used to be)
  2. to add +1 to this There are also some of us who stopped playing, but keep an interest of where is the whole thing going. Seeing a LBD thread certainly brings my hope up for this game, with which I could not engage anymore in A17. While I am certainly not the target audience, I am still interested to see if there will be a change in direction, as the base game used to be great, from my perspective. (peak best was somewhere between A10 and A12). While the goal of game design should not be to pander to an old audience which got disengaged with "new" developments, the fact that there at least a discussion going on with those who still remain engaged and playing about LBD, gets my hopes up (perhaps unrealistically so). I am sure there are more of us than just me, and perhaps even new players who never started playing this game, ie if I only found about 7DTD now, I certainly would not have played 1300 hours, but was just lucky I got in on time. Either way there certinly is an audience out there which would find a hybrid LBD system more engaging than this glorified zombie killer that the game turned out to be (focusing at something what the game enginge is not even good at - shooter simulator). There are many issues from my perspective, ie "wrong direction" from where we used to be to where this game went, however if LBD was back, with whatever good or bad other game dev choices are in place, I would find the game more interesting to engage with again, that is for sure. The judgement on how many of this type of players are out there, is a different topic, ultimatley it is about how devs "feel" about it. For me I'd rather have a game where I learn how to use the shotgun and get better while I am using it, even if it means that I could also stand next to the cactus with bandages, if I want to get that medical skill up. Getting medical skill up is entirely optional (i could live with baseline bandage healing rate just fine), while killing zombies and becoming a super medic/chemist/miner/whaetever is just disengaging (for me, off course).
  3. I got stuck in the loop with Richard D James ( aka Afx, The Tuss, Aphex Twin etc) again... there are many hours of greatness there, and last 6 months or so 90% him.
  4. Yes, just lost one (parked on regular road while I went to loot pills store), and could not locate it using "le" command, which I guess means it teleported into oblivion.
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