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  1. I mean the whole right corner of the berm just disappeared
  2. Am I running into some kind of a memory issue with the host? I was laying out wood frames (granted I have a ♥♥♥♥ ton already) plus Red Mesa, Plus the void that appeared, and when I lay an individual wood frame, I get a error that sends me to console that I have to click on "Close". Once i do I can move around, but when I lay an additional wood frame, the error occurs again. Do we need to increase the memory allocated to our virtual server in order to get around this issue, or is something else causing the error? See below: 2017-12-03T22:46:58 1937.951 INF Time: 31.97m FPS: 57.78 Heap: 960.8
  3. I keep seeing errors like this 2017-12-03T08:08:47 48.955 ERR ERROR: Vertices.Count (64992) != tangents.Count (0), MeshIdx=0 TriIdx=65552 NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object at MeshUnsafeCopyHelper.CopyTangents (.ArrayListMP`1 _source, UnityEngine.Mesh _mesh) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at VoxelMesh.YZ (UnityEngine.Mesh , .ArrayListMP`1 , .ArrayListMP`1 , .ArrayListMP`1 , .ArrayListMP`1 , .ArrayListMP`1 , .ArrayListMP`1 , .ArrayListMP`1 ) [0x00000] in <filename unknown>:0 at VoxelMesh.CopyToMesh (UnityEngine.MeshFilter[
  4. Any one else getting part of the world/map that just disappears? In Navez at Red Mesa the left berm horizontal surface just disappeared.........I was stuck in limbo 2100 hours before day 7 horde. Somehow was able to get to stable part of the model using forward walk and continuously trying to jump (felt like swimming) and to the Mesa facility.
  5. map decay My base seems to start falling apart all by itself. Can't figure out why. Roof just collapses. At day 187 or so, building is all steel, no damage. What gives?
  6. yea, I finally figured out how to get my files back up on my hosted server, my map is there. Got to my base and before I interacted with anything the house started falling apart all around me.
  7. Backup/Recovery question We accidentally had the overhaul install over expansion pack on our public server. I've downloaded the saves folder locally and have a server to use to test with locally with Valmod Expansion on it and working. I've modified the serverconfig.xml "GameName" value to the folder name in the server config file, but when I connect to the server with my client the game data from the download isn't populating, Im launching into a brand new game every time. What am I missing? Thanks. I figured it out - didn't copy save data from server into local path for client on my pc
  8. Workbench question What is the middle tool slot for? I can't figure out what that icon that looks like a folding knife is. That would be the welding tool.....nevermind
  9. Workbench middle icon What is that thing and how do I craft it with compo-pack? - - - Updated - - - If I want to remove compo-pack, how do I do that?
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