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  1. Haha, that would be classic, I'm definitely on board for some gyro mod safety features, I would still love a parachute to jump off buildings and such, I think that combined with a zipline could be a recipe for all kinds of fun. I love your idea though, it would save you running back for your gyro if we had some kind of bungee connected to the gyro.
  2. Steam name: DC https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197992346285/ Hours played: 1,730 Started on Alpha: 9 Discord name: DC#0109 Native language: English
  3. LOL! I cant see the connection either, or the reason of this thread haha, is it to read his opinion on games unrelated on this forum and get other peoples opinions? lol Heres my 2 cents anyway, don't know what you mean by 'base building F.E.A.R' but I did love that game. Just play whatever your feeling at the time lol.
  4. I really like some of the things on your list, but found it hard tell if it was a serious post once we got to the space stuff lol, i get what you mean about opening up to a greater audience but i just dont think this suits the game well, and if it were added I couldn't see this in the near future. I would try shorten the list a little, to try keep it nice and simple. For instance, Boars, hares and deer are already in the game and have been for years, so they don't really need to be on the list, this also raises questions about how much you have played lol. But like i said, there are a few things on that list you could remove to make it less tedious and that simply don't belong. Also not sure about how I feel about a nuclear reactor, refining ores ect, its a game based on the end of times and scavanging, not a game based on a 10year space program to colonise planets, and come on, having 1 guy building a nuclear reactor to provide power for an entire country so that 1 guy can boil the kettle and have a coffee before he jumps in his self made rocket and boots off to another planet seems like a far strech from where we began.
  5. I really like the look of your table saw mod, and trader expanded looks alright too, these things should already be done haha, I play on a vanilla server mainly so ill probably stay away mods unless I come across a really good looking mod that I would want to test in solo
  6. Ive seen a few mods now but they never really swung me, I feel like this is nearly perfect as vanilla, but I spose we can always have more stuff! Adding onto my list I seen they are looking at adding more seeds for farming which made me think, we have all these weather conditions but farms are never effected, granted we need to invest skill point or read a book and yes, they are in a farm box but we all know all these things aren't going help a crop of corn grow through a year round blizzard. Fully stripping the yields of crops for these areas would be problematic, especially in servers, as all the players would hog forests, instead maybe biomes with good weather will grow quicker, an extension to that adding hydrologic lights that effect a certain radius of your crops helping them grow faster and anywhere would be a awesome feature, it would also counter people wanted to horde biomes with better weather conditions.
  7. I find holding, W + shift + space for about 2 seconds to get it going hard and then releasing space for about 2seconds and then doing the tap method you mentioned works really well for me. I know what your saying about it moving around and setting you off direction but im pretty sure that's definitely something to do with the terrain, even the smallest lip or bump in the terrain will have this effect, you get used to just dealing with it and making it work. I have a small heli pad in most of the bases I make, and something I could suggest if your struggling with take off, is to build a small runway with 1 wedge block or 1 ramp block at the end, this is what I do and it works a charm, I only need about a 5block run up, with isn't much at all. I know this will only solve taking off from your base but its something haha.
  8. From what I can tell this hasn't been updated in quite some time, the idea of this list was really good, and I would have liked to see someone more active possibly take over lol, mainly because half of the list has already been implemented in the game, but no list update. Very good idea in theory if it was managed well. While we are on the topic ive made a list but here ill keep it simple, its all mainly new items to craft. Player crafting: ------------- I seen someone mention working escalator lifts, I would love to see that, and ziplines (we had them in creative menu at one stage) String lights, neon signs and Lightboxes for signs (basically a block that looks like its back lit, then you can put metal signs on it to customize it however you please) More block shape options (like the round/curved block ect.) Window block shape options (for different window, window frames, blinds, ect) Electrical furniture with block shape options. (like the metal furniture but for fridges, computers, microwaves, coffee machines, ect) In game items: Parachute so when i accidentally eject myself from my gyro i dont have to helplessly and awkwardly watch myself fall to my inevitable fate Small boat Fishing rod along with the mechanics that have previously been mentioned Animals traps and ability to breed/farm them also previously mentioned. Maybe some more traps like a flame thrower. Other than that I love the little surprises we get in each alpha, when the gyro came out it was mind blowing, now the new drone turret, they have some wicked ideas, ive always had faith!
  9. Apologies, I must have missed the pimp dreams forum, could a forum mod possibly move this for me?
  10. Theres too many variables to pin point even an estimated final day before wipe. Some servers day cycle could be longer or shorter than others If the server isn't very active the day timer wont go up as fast (the server needs at least 1 person online to keep the timer rolling) But what I can say is most run 1000+ days, sometimes up to 3000+ if the alpha patches don't require a map reset. I could be wrong but I think a18 was the first time, in a long time where one of the a18 patches required a reset, most of the time maps are good for an entire alpha. EDIT: also every time we get a new alpha it requires a new map, so alpha 19 will most likely be the next time you see resets and then alpha 20, that is unless of course one of the a19 patches requires a reset.
  11. Hiya! First off I would like to thank TFP for bringing, and continuing to work on this master piece of a game. I know TFP gets slammed for being in alpha still, but those people are just idiots, so many games get released in a terrible state and then stop development, we should be grateful we have this, already amazing game, and a dedicated team that are actively showing, and rolling out awesome new content for us to enjoy, the way i see it, I've spent $40 on the double copy and got nearly 2000hours of entertainment from alpha 9, up until now, and I don't see this game dying for me any time soon! Thats ALOT more than my moneys worth at some place like the cinemas! Anyways just needed to throw a little praise out there since it doesn't seem like they get enough! That aside now 1- I would love to see more block shape options and object options like in metal furniture but for windows/window trims and for electrical items for us to play with on servers when we build, under the menu could be, TVs, computers, microwaves, coffee machine, drinks machine, fridges and so on, (items that are already there but not able to craft, besides the tv). I make some pretty epic bases with public farms and shops, and i would love to decorate them a little more haha. 2- Being able to craft the open sign and make it light up, and some string lights would be awesome too, and maybe a lightbox of some sort, basically a box/block that would look like its backlit and still able to use metal signs on it to customize a light up sign how ever you want. 3- is more complicated and there was mention of them back in a15, zip lines and working escalator lifts, would be very nice additions. 4- Hydro farming lights for better yields and ability to grow anywhere, along with livestock farming. The last would simply be a parachute so when i accidentally eject myself from my gyro i dont have to helplessly and awkwardly watch myself fall to my inevitable fate lol. These are a few things Ive been hoping to see and it would make a great game even greater. And other than these few things theres not much else Ive been longing for, not to say i havent enjoyed the previous things you have brought, or are planning to bring us, i mean the drone?!?!?! Now thats bloody awesome and very creative, cant wait!!! lova ya work pimps!
  12. So i was building and once i got to the corners i couldnt find the filler block to fill this gap in the image below, It used to be called ramp corner filler or something, has this been removed or am i just not looking in the right area? Ive checked the block shape with wood frame but couldnt see it in there.
  13. So I do admit, Im loving on a18, they have many new features that I love and the new models make it a lot less bland. BUT! one of the only things im hating on is all these new schematics involved, mainly the seed schematics, ive never been a fan of schems for simple items, and I find it odd you can make a bed roll, clothes, and many more items without a schematic but you need a schematic to make seeds, I would understand a common farming book that unlocks all the seeds, but every seed is ridiculous, im 23 days in without a seed schem yet, I though they tried to make it easier to start out, its a little contradicting, I should be able to put a potato on the ground defecate on it and GG more potato's! please change this!
  14. Yes definitely! The numbers look good too, I feel like it would be a good change, leaning away from the mindless swinging and leveling and more towards timing and skill, learning to nail your shots, keeping it fresh!
  15. So many haters on lowering the spawn rate of zeds and its not even out lol. also looks like most people are basing it off streams or playing with friends, in which case its more of a server thing, having to split zeds between players, i play servers and solo, servers do seem to be pretty quite in the wild, but when i play solo, there are copious zeds in the wild and i get 2 hordes a day. Definitely a server issue IMO
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