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  1. Better check again. Avatar 2 is scheluded for December 17 2021 (source: IMDB). Avatar 3 in 2023.
  2. I thought you had to make the blender... No? Part of some kitchen equipement recipe or something.
  3. Well, I hate you for being "almost" always right, but thank you. It's a zombie pack and I found a link for it. Thanks Gup!
  4. Hi Jax! I just saw a new game on Steam that features some of the night zombies that you have in Ravenhearst. I was curious about if that's suppose to be? The game is called "Them & Us" and it looks pretty decent.
  5. JaxTeller718 will not be working on Ravenhearst anymore for A16 (including bug fixing). He will start working on Ravenhearst after Alpha 17 comes out. Here's his reply: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?76822-Ravenhearst-Mod&p=831688&viewfull=1#post831688 The last part of the message: "When 17 releases I will head into it with fresh eyes. I'll be around, but I am stopping all work on any mod having to do with 7 days, including bug fixing and balancing. 4.2 is the final version of RH on A16. " Hope that helps.
  6. You deserve a break. You've done so much with Ravenhearst. More than most people, you must know how it feels to be in The Fun Pimps shoes right now. Lots of pressure from many people who don't know what it's like to create, and have things not working the way you want to sometimes. Thank you so much for all your work. I started Ravenhearst 4.2 this afternoon and I'm really enjoying it.
  7. Ravenhearst 4.1 Mini Review Let's get down to it. First, I have 6666 hours played on 7 Days to Die, so I think I know the game well. I bought the game in December 2014 (A10.1, updated to A10.2 a few days later). To this day, I have not found a game that I love as much as I love 7 Days to Die. A REVIEW of RAVENHEARST 4.1 The positive: There isn't any! The negative: Too much to fit all in here! WAIT!!! That's not right!!! Seriously, this is my favorite mod. You still feel like you're playing 7 Days to Die. Nothing wrong with other mods (Starvation, Medieval for example), but I want zombies, not Tigers, rhinos and horses; or a Skyrim clone... Sorry Gup!). And there's plenty of zombies, almost unbearable at first, but once you get into it, it just feels right. For single players, this is a slow progression mod (I hate you JAX! ), but it's not a bad thing really, just something to get used too. Some of the new zombies are pretty awesome; I like the skeletons and other nighttime zombies a lot; some look better than the vanilla zombies; the animation could use some work on some of them. The new POIs are nice. I love the flatter landscape; you can build just about anywhere; that's a problem in vanilla right now, too much elevation (I mean some roads go up 45 degrees! The minibike struggles to get up those vanilla roads). Less grass is also a good thing, easier to see stuff on the ground. Speaking of grass (Ha Ha!); that is my one thing I don't like, the drug related stuff, it just isn't my thing, plus it's not needed at all in this game, should be replaced with something useful. The funny thing with this mod is, I don't die in the first few days, but get wrecked later on when I get too confident. People with slow, old computers will have a hard time with this one, compared to vanilla 7 Days to Die, since there's so much stuff in it. But of course, you want a gaming computer to play computer games, not some low grade laptop only good enough to access websites. All in all, great mod. Thanks Jax and all who contributed to Ravenhearst for all the hard work… Now, it's time to start a new game with version 4.2 Can't wait to see Ravenhearst on Alpha 17... It can only get better! P.S.: Ravenhearst 4.2 is just as great, if not better. (Added on 06 August 2018)
  8. Amazing work, Subquake!
  9. How can you make the best UI even better? Well Subquake, you did it! Wonderful work!!!
  10. The Fun Pimps might have Alpha 17 out before we see Ravenhearst 3.0 Hahaha! Kidding... It's done when it's done!
  11. These two have been buggy ever since dwallorde made a change to them a few updates ago. I think he should revert back to how they were before.
  12. That's great news! Thank you so much... From a Canadian neighbor.
  13. I think they are still testing 5.2 so... Maybe tomorrow?
  14. Please Jax, one more update... please add the Santa hats back in the game. You can remove them once you release 3.0 in early 2018. Wonderful mod by the way... My favorite!
  15. Here's the link for the 7DTD Mod Launcher: https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?48537-The-7D2D-Mod-Launcher-A-Mod-Launcher-for-7-Days-to-Die&highlight=launcher It's the greatest thing since sliced bread!
  16. V5.1 is here! Thank you so much dwallorde for the amazing work. Looks really nice so far (I'm only on day 2). Breadroll... Hahaha! Games4Kickz will love it.
  17. You should wait since v5.1 will make changes that will require a new game start (from what I've read so far).
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