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  1. You can. Point to the user icon, then click on "ignore user".
  2. Always best when starting a new Alpha.
  3. Latest_experimental will appear in the list. No code required.
  4. And we should be happy that there's a guy who can fix it! I love Big Mama!
  5. When it's released on Steam, then you (and everybody else in the world) are all set. So, Monday, noon or later, CST time zone. Convert to whatever time zone you're in and... There you go. Can't wait to play it, wish it was right now!!!
  6. FROM ROLAND (in Streamers weekend thread): It won’t be before noon CST. They will likely cook a new build with some additional fixes and then test it to make sure nothing broke and then release.
  7. It will be tomorrow, Arizona, USA time zone, so for you, it could be late in the day, depending on your time zone. For example: Here, it's 2:30pm (14:30), their time would be one hour earlier (so 1:30pm). But, since we have no idea at what time they will release it, then it could very late in the day, so early the day after (guessing) for you. Still the same moment for all in real life... Just not the same hour on the clock... I suddenly got so tired... need to rest! Until tomorrow that is!
  8. The "club / bar / night girl zombie" (not really a stripper anymore, but a stripper replacement) will be amazing in the game. Zombie Steve is my favorite so far, but Zombie Boe and Big Mama are really freaky too. I just realized that I have 8991 hours played recorded on Steam; meaning I will reach 9000 hours before Alpha 19 is released. That's so many hours since I started at Alpha 10.1 (was updated to A10.2 a few days later). Best game ever!!! Thank you Fun Pimps! I like CrypticFox, BeardedGuysGaming and Games4Kickz. I don't care for either "too excited" or "know it all's" type of streamers. To each our own I guess.
  9. The streamers will give Steam keys to get 7 Days to Die (obviously for people who watch but don't have the game already). They've been doing this for a few Alphas already. It's not to get an early weekend access to A19 Experimental or anything like that.
  10. You and Lathan will survive, but as for Rick... Dead meat in 2 minutes!
  11. Rick is really giving it to Joel... Good times! Nowadays, it would be the other way around I think.
  12. They said (somewhere) that the nurse will be redone to look more like nurses are nowadays, and won't be wearing a sexy party outfit anymore... Good move! One of the new zombies is "darker than I am", I just cannot remember which one it is; and the new zombie Steve is Asian (my favorite new zombie)… so cool and creepy!
  13. Yeah! Saw that one last night... Exciting stuff is coming!!! I use this one instead, I just find it easier: https://steamdb.info/app/251570/history/
  14. Richard Huenink gave that answer in the first Twitch stream video. My view on this is that I don't like nerd-poling so I don't do it; but keeping others from doing it might be wrong. We all have our special way to play the game. Some guy I used to watch on YouTube would always avoid going through buildings the regular way since he just seemed unable to figure out where to go next... Well, I guess It's not for everyone.
  15. There is no "sledge turret"; it's a junk turret, first in the "junk" line. The others are the junk turret and the junk drone. Not to be confused with the gun turrets, which needs electricity to work.
  16. Tricia Helfer is so beautiful... And with that red dress on... Amazing!!! (plus other stuff that I cannot write about here... Why is it so hot all of a sudden? 🥵)
  17. You mean Number Six or Caprica or "some other names" in Battlestar Galactica (2004 - 2009 TV series). The new stripper does remind me of her (good catch!). As for Sharon Stone like someone said... Not so much!
  18. This is from my all time favorite SpongeBob episode, called: SpongeBob Meets the Strangler, featuring the Tattletale Strangler. I love this one!
  19. Go on Twitch.com and look for fubar_prime Less than an hour for it to start. Around 10:00pm EST.
  20. Hope to see some of your gameplay real soon... Next week?
  21. Min-Max? Isn't that Mad Max's son? 😁
  22. Disclaimer: No rats were hurt in any way during this activity (in case anyone couldn't read the tiny text on the bottom… My eyes!!!).
  23. Joel's going to be on this also? It doesn't say in the announcement. We need Madmole on this!
  24. Those zombies will get replaced by something else, to better fit into any biome or place. Plus, some infected zombies will be added too... Eventually... No more fluo green. From what I understand, they are not cutting the number of different zombies in the game, just changing some for something better (I think so IMO). For example, the nurse will be dressed more like we see them in real life, and not wearing a sexy party outfit like they are now. In Pimps we trust!
  25. A lot of people will test it when A19 experimental is released.
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