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  1. So the trader sends you to a quest that was already given to someone else... How does the trader know the other person died and so giving you the quest? Unless the trader hasn't heard from that person in a while maybe and asks you to go check???
  2. Congrats on your new record: 41,726 players on Steam (last 24 hours peak). Plus 86% positive reviews... Nice! Alpha 20 will make it go even higher for sure. My all time favorite game seems to be extremely popular and liked... Loving it!
  3. In case you don't know already, the bandits are not coming to Alpha 20. That will be in a later Alpha.
  4. Nice job and all but, doesn't it look too much like the Resident Evil dogs? Just saying because TFP had a zombie early on that looked too much like a zombie from another game and were forced to remove it, right? Does it have to be a Doberman? Any zombie dog would be scary.
  5. Faatal said this about Unity: "We are moving to Unity LTS releases, so A20 should be on 2019.4. We won't try 2020 LTS until after A20.x in second half of next year."
  6. One build in the testing_branch so maybe, really really close? 😃
  7. I was only joking of course. I read "unofficial" answers from people, who are only trying to help (including myself sometimes), but they can make the original message kind of disappear in a sea of funny, and sometimes, childish comments, far removed from the subject. The A19 dev diary thread looks much cleaner now, so I thank you Roland. Just glad to see the messages are still there, somewhere!
  8. Yeah, because whatever is considered "off subject" is moved from the A19 Dev Diary to here (A19 Diary Discussion)... We're not worthy!
  9. I heard that the new nurse is basically done... Will we see her in Alpha 19, or is she waiting for Alpha 20? New physics like the stripper on her too I think? Can't wait to see her.
  10. The new stripper is still in A19.2 (b3). Maybe you were watching someone playing an older alpha (like 19.0), before she was added to the game, or a mod based on an older alpha. Speaking of the new stripper; she's the most incredible zombie in game right now; makes some of the others pale in comparison. New hair physics, jiggly jiggly, bouncy bouncy physics brings her to the next level. Congrats to the creator! My second favorite is the new crawler, but I feel sorry every time I kill him for some reason... Poor guy! He sounds so creepy; amazing work on that one too. My least favorite is the red head guy (zombie Joe); he's basically all the same color and doesn't stand out. If his clothes were different colors, it would help a lot, like Steve, the red head girl and Big mama stands out because of the clothing they wear, all very nice, well for a zombie at least !
  11. Hi Faatal, Quick question: Does Alpha 19 currently support 32:9 aspect ratio monitors (5120 x 1440 res.)? I'm looking at the new Samsung G9 with the 1000R screen curvature; looks amazing! Madmole once told me that some of the devs use large screens, so maybe?
  12. Or it could be released this evening... Maybe??? Will we be seeing the new nurse soon? Prime (Lathan) "almost" showed her on his last Twitch stream, but ran into problems.
  13. Would be experimental first. There has been a couple of builds posted in the testing branch so... Soon? (Meaning, when it's done) Hi Faatal, Quick question: Does the game currently support 32:9 aspect ratio monitors (5120 x 1440 res.)? I'm looking at the new Samsung G9 with the 1000R screen curvature; looks amazing! And thank you for all your great work and answering our questions.
  14. The new zombies (Party Girl, Business Guy and Hawaiian Shirt Guy) could (hopefully) make it in A19.1 or A19.2... Etc., so still new stuff in A19.x Or do like me, just watch the screenshots over and over until we get them in game. 😁
  15. Hi Madmole, I heard about Rick being sick; hope he's doing alright. If it's Shingles like someone mentionned, I feel for him because I had it around one eye a few years ago, and it was bad enough that it could have affected my eyesight permanently; but it was dealt with in time and I'm fine now. It was scary and painful for sure. Hope to see you and Rick play with Lathan one evening... That would be fun! I wish Rick the best and hope he gets better soon.
  16. You're sure your bike isn't behind somewhere? You checked the map for the bike icon?
  17. That's good to know there's a chance, maybe a dev or forum member might know for sure about if 5120 x 1440 res is supported. Thanks Joel!
  18. Faatal (or anyone else who might know), Does 7 Days to Die supports a resolution of 5120 x 1440 (32:9)? I'm looking at the soon to be released Samsung Odyssey G9 (240 Hz) monitor. I already know the game accepts a resolution of 3440 x 1440 (tried it on an Acer Predator), but not sure about 5120 x 1440. I just don't want to stretch the image or have black bars on the left and right when playing my favorite game. Anyone?
  19. That's cool because 7 Days to Die and Alien Isolation are my two favorite games of all time. Being a huge Alien fan, I upgraded my computer so I could play Alien Isolation with the best graphics (I pre-ordered the game on Steam before release). After playing, and totally loving Alien Isolation, I started looking for another game to play; I stumbled on 7 Days to Die by looking through Steam games... The rest, as they say, is history. Two very different games, but my two favorites for sure.
  20. Hey Joel (AKA Madmole), Are we going to see a video of your gameplay, like fighting on horde night, or maybe showing off your newest base. I'd love to see that. The older base was nice by the way. Your castle type designs are really cool! Also, any word on the next new zombie to show up in A19? Is it almost ready for prime time? Keep up the nice work... Alpha 19 is the best and will bring those positive Steam reviews even higher than Alpha 18 did.
  21. It will be A19 experimental. You have to opt in the latest_experimental unstable build to access it. In Steam: Right click on 7 Days to Die. Choose Properties. Choose the Betas tab. From the drop down menu, choose "latest_experimental unstable build" and you will be all set to go, once they post the new build of course. I hope I got that right!
  22. They just posted a new build in the testing_trunk. More waiting while they test.
  23. I prefer my link (history) since it's so much easier to see a change... It's in your face!!!
  24. So Roland, who's winning at the card game? (while that one lonely guy is working on fixing the game)
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