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  1. more videos please sir good to see you
  2. scroll down on the beta tab if you dont see it CHEERS
  3. restart steam have fun and good luck out there
  4. a big thank you to TFP and another happy b day to the big guy CHEERS ALL
  5. ya i hardly slept last night was up at 330 am
  6. you know it is going to be good when Rongo comes back
  7. the site is really starting to load slow we must be getting real close
  8. o he knows and loves it they all do kinda makes up for all the hard work they do on the final push
  9. honestly i am going to miss that hoe lol
  10. the old one was more like a iirc chat and you could see who logged in and actually see what ever TFP staff did the update we used to kind of cause some comotion in there lol
  11. this one shows all live stuff going to steam https://steamdb.info/realtime/ it has changed since A16 tho like the way it was before
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