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  1. Ok. Lets see if you can do it again on insane diff. Imagine playing on a rookie diff, then claiming you "ended" the mod without endgame stuff.
  2. Reinstall It's fixed in last version.
  3. A screenshot? That's what I meant with "pic". Log is more useful: Where's my/the server's logfile? Client: C:\Users\?\AppData\LocalLow\The Fun Pimps\7 Days To Die\Player.log If you use the launcher it can be in \7DaysToDie_Data\output_log.txt Server: \7DaysToDieServer_Data\output_log_dedi__[Datestamp]
  4. How is anyone supposed to help, there's no pic, log... Yes, it should. I've spent countless hours in it to balance CP POIs.
  5. Did you try restarting the game? It might make them reappear. This bug is from vanilla as far as I'm aware. Sometimes they duplicate as well.
  6. All people who play. There's no point on playing on Xlarge other than having lots of open space. The most POIs are on large1. Est. minimal requirements (host might need a bit more) vsmall 8gb small 8-10gb medium 10-12gb large 12gb xlarge 16gb Only near caves. Those blocks serve as stability support so they don't collapse
  7. DF isn't compatible with nitrogen btw. You can ask Khaine if you don't believe me. Eventually DF will also update the POIs, since better performance is of high value (in general). So thank you all for the work put into this
  8. Already has an answer on the main mod page. ??? DF uses a custom pack, there's no such thing as Compo Pack v45.
  9. You're with 5 people. So yes, it's intended.
  10. I know they are very attractive and it's hard not to abuse them Anyway this is intended.
  11. Navezgane is 6k. DFalls Small maps are 8k. DFalls Medium is 12k. Honestly with 4 Gb you're getting nowhere. They just have to give you AT LEAST 8Gb. Ask them, if they don't give it consider using another host.
  12. I also want to know where manux is at. I like this mod, and I want to see more of it (vehicle mods ) Some feedback. The monster beetle is rather difficult to control. Not sure if this is intended or not. For anyone using DF and this mod, patch by me (just updated) https://github.com/MythixDino/Mythix-Modlets/releases (No, not just level gating. You'll see-)
  13. Remove everything, except saves. Get a clean install of A17.3 from steam. Then download DF exp b10 from here https://drive.google.com/open?id=1TivmAls2ZqBtqVPtZQKAptPdfoprS1Fa And install it manually (just by dragging over the files to your A17.3 copy and agree on overwrite) Note. Providing your output_log.txt might resolve your issues faster (\7DaysToDie_Data).
  14. If I'm not mistaken you can press the key I. There you can see GS of all players (or only yourself)
  15. No, it's tied to your gamestage... and the wasteland. I've encountered one on day 9 (45min/day) with a GS of about 50. Bad luck. And I don't think they should move slower, you can outrun them by smart movement. That's how I've escaped and glad I didn't die.
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