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  1. bought that when it was like 4 bucks lol didnt play it yet tho. had enough trouble with ark 2 this day.
  2. should check out last oasis then.
  3. 61344 hours due to 2016 being a leap year.
  4. only the Virals tho: would love to see them in 7days too.
  5. i kinda liked their low hp - fits the charred & wasted theme
  6. isnt the perk 30% on max? "only" are we talkin about zeds or robocop?
  7. Bandolier mod increases reload speed by 15% F
  8. Do you still think it strange that cupboards get new loot every 30 days? yes
  9. i think the point of op is that its clearly not a sand box(anymore). freedom of playstyle (hidden bases, escpace the horde, lbd) vs ghost snakes
  10. nice try op, but this is a tower defense game at this point with some grains of shooting & looting rpg stuff inbetween.
  11. proper education, purpose in life & a haircut are my best guess.
  12. one could ask how many of those 12-25m people played 4 more than 0-10 hours and how much they care 4 the progress of this game, let alone the very existence of this forum. since 7days isnt a "game as a service" or full of MTXs (yet) one could ofc dont give a firetruck about how much people care(or even install the game), after they ve paid. if they are not interested in word-of-mouth advertising - that is.
  13. i hunt them 4 sport. 1 bullet 2 the neck and its basically free xp with my hunting rifle whenever im looting pois/towns in snow biome i guess its more cumbersome in melee but they never get that close
  14. tried 2 pull a MM and overacted its painter lives matter by now
  15. and the authorities surely never get bored telling us our opinions are meaningless they re called people of color these days...
  16. so i got that great idea of a new biome, a little bit warmer than the forest, but not as hot as the desert. but how should we call it?
  17. i think its more effective 2 watch for the "brand new 3d surface boulders of each ore type" and dig down from there.
  18. btw is it intended that there are no longer dead bodies? every sleeper i encountered so far was "alive". i thought the system was about catching people off guard. its not really surprising if all bodies resurrect.
  19. what i really liked about LBD was traveling never felt like time wasting. since u would increase ur stamina that way, which also felt immersive. now u have 2 "waste" points on it and traveling, even with vehicles (since they re really slow, sadly), feels just like a chore. and spam crafting was already gone in a16 and no one missed it. dunno why LBD adversaries always support their arguments with spam crafting.
  20. as game stage rises, xp should too. not only by spawning more ferals which grant 750xp, but by increasing those xp with GS. GS1 ferals 750xp GS10 ferals 800xp and so on. as much as we all woud like "make more and more zombies appear", that idea is heavily limited by game engine/code vs performance, no?
  21. also seeing the unmodded stats, when u compare it to another item, would be a relief.
  22. forgot 2 mention: thats how its handled in stalker. we could extend the reload animation in that case 4 increased immersion/WTF-moments.
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