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  1. r we still talkin bout streamers or sith lords?
  2. so im playing w/ a 4x zeds mod which is actually still not enough 4 hub cities but 2 much 4 the open. is there a way 2 massively increase zed spawns in big cities w/o affecting random spawns in the wild?
  3. Race walking is done competitively, and national-class male race walkers cover a 20-kilometer -- 12.5-mile -- race in approximately one hour and 30-minutes. That is about 8 to 9 mph.
  4. i play w/ 4x zeds and every time, i enter snow biome, there must be a walmart sale for lumberjack shirts nearby. i mean, there arent many folks around who start a sentence w/ "im going to be dishonest" :^)
  5. or give us the option 2 pick up misplaced blocks for the first 3 seconds.
  6. just convince Mexico to dig a moat and make them pay 4 it. MAKE ARIZONA GREAT AGAIN
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