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  1. I'm a little late to this discussion, but I feel like the most elegant temporary solution for not making new players feel crushed by the need for food in the early game is to just make the first spawn have extra food cans, enough to last them a couple days with no risk of starving. That way, if food was made more scarce, they wouldn't feel it for a good couple of hours, which should be more than enough time to have them get a basic feel for the game and how much of an issue finding food is. When they notice they are finding little food from looting and they are running out of food cans, they
  2. That is true, it is really nice having everything in one place so to speak. But this game doesn't take place in a suburban area, it's a sprawling wasteland with traders kilometers apart. Getting the "bad" traders would be less annoying if they were more common across the wasteland, but you could potentially be half a day's travel from the next one in this game, and I think there's enough time spent traveling as it is. I mean, if they all sell the same stuff at different rates anyway, why would I do that? It kind of seems like a huge waste of gas/time. I like the idea but they're too far
  3. Eeehhhh I'm not really a fan of this. I know they still sell everything but now you're gonna have players going "Ah ♥♥♥♥ I got the one with the seeds". I mean Rekt is only really going to be useful early game in that regard. I think alternatively you keep the specialization but generate a couple extra traders per location so this doesn't happen.
  4. The magnum is good but it desperately needs a reload time buff. 9 times out of 10 you use the pistol anyway because of its versatility, ability to get you out of a jam (6 shots from a magnum isn't gonna save you from late game sleepers), and it can accept a silencer (stealth character loves this for obvious reasons). Plus, the ammo is a lot cheaper to make. It was exciting to get my hands on a magnum during my AGI build, but I quickly realized it was just a worse pistol for all the reasons above and more. In particular, you spend more time reloading than shooting, and the firerate seems
  5. Sooo is the pistol category the only exception to the 3 tier rule? Does this one have 4?
  6. An attack being weak doesn't justify a complete lack of telegraph, that's against the interest of good game design. It is incredibly frustrating for players to be robbed of resources (in this case HP) due to having absolutely no warning of an event. The zombie vulture is the antithesis of good game design in this aspect, so I will compare it to the opposite case, the best designed enemy in the game--the zombie cop. The zombie cop's bile spit doesn't do too much damage but you are given plenty of warning before it happens, both audibly and visually. Following your "weak attacks don't need
  7. Hey @madmole, I am liking the direction you guys are taking the game, except for one element that has been bugging me for a long time: Zombie Vultures. Not just because they are significantly less interesting than the giant hornets, but because they are (in their current state) bad for the game in my opinion. Almost completely silent, very tiny hitboxed creatures that can fly. I understand the necessity of an aerial threat in this game to prevent easy camping from roofs and to keep people's guards up, but the way these birds have been designed is legitimately unfair. The hornets were
  8. Recent discovery I made, "Sprinting" while driving a vehicle consumes far, far more gas then just driving it normally. For about a 30% speed boost you consume about 5 times the gasoline, probably more. This is most likely a bug.
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