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  1. I'm a little late to this discussion, but I feel like the most elegant temporary solution for not making new players feel crushed by the need for food in the early game is to just make the first spawn have extra food cans, enough to last them a couple days with no risk of starving. That way, if food was made more scarce, they wouldn't feel it for a good couple of hours, which should be more than enough time to have them get a basic feel for the game and how much of an issue finding food is. When they notice they are finding little food from looting and they are running out of food cans, they will naturally prioritize finding more, instead of having food scarcity just hit them in the face right out the gate. Emphasis on this possible solution being temporary, obviously in the future an actual food scarcity option would be the better solution. But I feel like this would please veterans without making it impossible for newcomers. And it's a really simple change too, just up the starting chili cans/water and make food loot tables less common. Thoughts on this? NOTE: If loot tables are more complicated to edit than I think, then making food/water drain faster could also work.
  2. That is true, it is really nice having everything in one place so to speak. But this game doesn't take place in a suburban area, it's a sprawling wasteland with traders kilometers apart. Getting the "bad" traders would be less annoying if they were more common across the wasteland, but you could potentially be half a day's travel from the next one in this game, and I think there's enough time spent traveling as it is. I mean, if they all sell the same stuff at different rates anyway, why would I do that? It kind of seems like a huge waste of gas/time. I like the idea but they're too far away from each other for it to be fun for me, I don't want to spend 10 minutes straight driving/flying to the next trader, especially with the risk of him having nothing interesting for me to purchase when I get there. Honestly I think the best way to fix this would be to reduce the gas intake when "sprinting" with vehicles, or just up their base speed. Or maybe have them all have the same pool with the same rates of inventory, but each one has a unique secret vault based around their specialty instead?
  3. Eeehhhh I'm not really a fan of this. I know they still sell everything but now you're gonna have players going "Ah ♥♥♥♥ I got the one with the seeds". I mean Rekt is only really going to be useful early game in that regard. I think alternatively you keep the specialization but generate a couple extra traders per location so this doesn't happen.
  4. The magnum is good but it desperately needs a reload time buff. 9 times out of 10 you use the pistol anyway because of its versatility, ability to get you out of a jam (6 shots from a magnum isn't gonna save you from late game sleepers), and it can accept a silencer (stealth character loves this for obvious reasons). Plus, the ammo is a lot cheaper to make. It was exciting to get my hands on a magnum during my AGI build, but I quickly realized it was just a worse pistol for all the reasons above and more. In particular, you spend more time reloading than shooting, and the firerate seems rather low most of the time. I pretty much only used it for trader discounts from that point on. It would be greatly improved and actually see some use with a reduction to reload time (mainly cut out the spinning part, that's half the problem) and an increased fire rate (if it could fire as fast as you pull the trigger that would be pretty fun). Yes it would turn into a burst spam gun but it would have a more distinct role from the pistol, while still requiring discipline due to the ammo cost.
  5. Sooo is the pistol category the only exception to the 3 tier rule? Does this one have 4?
  6. An attack being weak doesn't justify a complete lack of telegraph, that's against the interest of good game design. It is incredibly frustrating for players to be robbed of resources (in this case HP) due to having absolutely no warning of an event. The zombie vulture is the antithesis of good game design in this aspect, so I will compare it to the opposite case, the best designed enemy in the game--the zombie cop. The zombie cop's bile spit doesn't do too much damage but you are given plenty of warning before it happens, both audibly and visually. Following your "weak attacks don't need telegraph" logic, what if the spit was nearly instant and the cop made no noise? It doesn't do all that much damage so it doesn't matter, right? It can't even inflict bleed! Another great way the cop is designed is the loud heartbeat and sprinting before it explodes, yet again the player is given plenty of warning of the incoming attack. What if it was ready to blow it just... blew up. You would be pretty frustrated. It does a ton of damage, so TFP made the right choice in warning the player. Good game design prevails! But in the case of the vulture, the only warning you get is the rare groan from an attacking vulture, although this is most often well after they've already landed 3 hits on you. I agree the way they attack when the player is low is quite cool, but considering that they're only attacking you when you're damaged that would further increase the need for a warning, no? Can you imagine how infuriating it would be to be attacked out of nowhere on 15 health and instantly start bleeding? It's happened to me before, and it has never felt fair. There was nothing I could have done to prevent that because I didn't even know the enemy was there in the first place. - - - Updated - - - Well I was trying to be thorough in my reasoning, I didn't want to come across as some amateur who's just raging on the forums.
  7. Hey @madmole, I am liking the direction you guys are taking the game, except for one element that has been bugging me for a long time: Zombie Vultures. Not just because they are significantly less interesting than the giant hornets, but because they are (in their current state) bad for the game in my opinion. Almost completely silent, very tiny hitboxed creatures that can fly. I understand the necessity of an aerial threat in this game to prevent easy camping from roofs and to keep people's guards up, but the way these birds have been designed is legitimately unfair. The hornets were far better designed for the game than the vultures because they game some warning to the player that they were nearby with their buzzing (although it was annoying, it's better than complete silence). If you want the vultures to be sneaky and to catch the player by surprise, that's fine, I can actually agree with that--but some noise is needed here. Maybe their wing flapping can only be heard within about 6 blocks or so, just to give the player a chance to respond instead of suddenly ♥♥♥♥ting themselves when a completely undetectable bird starts swiping away at their health. The standard zombies are much better in this aspect, I can get snuck up on by a zombie from behind while I'm looting but at least I'm able to hear some footsteps or a mumble so I at least have a chance of responding before I get hit. When I get hit by a sneaky zombie I feel stupid and try to be more aware of my surroundings. Whenever I get hit by a silent flying creature from out of nowhere, I get really mad. It's not fun. Another reason why the hornets were much better was because their hitboxes were large enough to the point where they weren't frustrating to fight. I gotta say it's really annoying to miss 3 melee attacks in a row when the point blank hitbox is so thin it just grazes right over them. This seems to be a general issue with melee attacks in the game (I'm currently using the knife in this play through, is this intentional?), but it is extremely prevalent with vultures. I have never had fun fighting a vulture in this game, but I have had enjoyment shooting down a bee from the air or beating it to death with a club because I am not cursing at my screen when my attack misses such a tiny object that is inflicting bleed and infection on me. And thematically speaking, I miss the hornets. If you guys don't want to bring them back I understand, but they were legitimately the most interesting enemies in the game, especially when you came across giant honey combs in the burnt forest and saw a whole swarm nearby. "Whoa these hornets are huge! Where did they come from? Are they even zombies? Are they experiments? There's so many of them!" Zombie vultures are just... kind of lame. "Oh, a rotten bird. Hm."
  8. Does every melee weapon need to perform just as well in every situation as the others? Raw DPS isn't everything. Knifes clearly aren't meant for crowds--but that's the whole point of the AGI build, to stealth around and eviscerate single targets. Knuckles have low damage, yes--but you're forgetting to factor in Fortitude perks and traits. Heavy armor and reducing incoming damage by 25% means that you have a walking tank constantly downing and CC'ing enemies. Knuckles, when perked, are surprisingly good with groups. Sledgehammer is the ultimate in dealing with high numbers on your tail as well as devastating damage, but you're probably going to be out of stamina a lot of the time. This is fine! Strength guy gets stamina usage reduction and a backup melee weapon--clubs. By the way, clubs are just fine, they're meant to be an all around weapon, good in most situations. Javelins don't do too much either but have exceptional range as well as being able to be thrown. They can also ignore iron bars too. Makes sense, perception guy likes being at a distance. Stun batons are really the only melee weapon that could be argued needs a buff. The int class doesn't have much to fall back on (except the junk turret of course), the electric shock should probably arc to other enemies at high perk.
  9. Recent discovery I made, "Sprinting" while driving a vehicle consumes far, far more gas then just driving it normally. For about a 30% speed boost you consume about 5 times the gasoline, probably more. This is most likely a bug.
  10. Instead of crafting pallets, every ore block you break has a (very small) chance of producing valuable nuggets (silver, gold, diamond). Say about 1% of every ore block you break now additionally grants about ~500-1000 dukes worth of nuggets. It would provide a small financial bonus when mining. Alternatively, ore pallets could smelt in the forge in half the time overall compared to the loose materials.
  11. To be fair, I have never had fun fighting a vulture. They serve no purpose in the game other than to be a complete nuisance. I miss the bees, they weren't completely silent and they had a hitbox that worked. Also "get good" is not an argument, if something sucks to fight then it sucks to fight. I honestly preferred when in A17 there was a glitch that replaced vulture sleepers with wolves, I was so happy because I'd much rather fight those mean bastards than a vulture. Zombie dogs are far less of a hassle.
  12. @madmole I really like A18 so far, but I personally think that level 6 items shouldn't be in the trader's load out. I have yet to find anything level 6 in loot (I adore that, it'll make when I do find one much more special), but it kind of takes away from the specialness of looting when I can just run over to Trader Rekt and buy a level 6 knife. I think level 6 should be loot only, I want that purple color to invoke pure excitement when I find it in a backpack.
  13. Vicariously affected, almost everyone offended doesn't actually have the syndrome. Conversely, those who do find it funny.
  14. @madmole There are people who legitimately, sincerely find "Turrets Syndrome" offensive, and the debate is still going on the forums. Your thoughts? And just to clarify, I think it's funny, people are taking it waaaaay too seriously
  15. I think you guys should probably look into changing the descriptions for the difficulty. Instead of just saying "this is badass mode" say exactly what the difficulty does. In particular it would probably be very useful for scavenger to clarify "Zombies will not become enraged."
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