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  1. I find this to be unlikely, Unity makes a significant amount of effort to make upgrades as painless and seamless as possible, its the whole bases of their business model, to make game development easier and more streamlined. I'm not saying that upgrading unity versions isn't without its issues. I'm quite certain it has quite a bit of bugs that have to get ironed out, just like any software upgrade (looking at you windows 10) but it seems like team size + changes /= development time. - - - Updated - - - Better than Alpha 14.0,15.0,16.0 but worse than alpha 12 and below. First major releases seem to be pretty horrendous but then within around 1-2 weeks they do 2-3 updates and fixes a big swath of the bugs. - - - Updated - - - This has been a huge pain in the ass since alpha 12? (might be off on version number, back when zombie spiders were the main horde spawner.)
  2. They have mentioned it in a few different videos they been wanting to wrap up 7DTD to do another zombie game but without the building/destruction aspect because it will give them more freedom to do different things. I think evidence points to that's what they have already started, they have more than tripled their staff (According to their videos), but are developing as a significantly slower pace than they ever have before. They have the largest team they have ever had, but this is the longest wait for an update they have also ever had despite it not being that significantly different. Take a look at Alpha 16, comparably not much smaller update than the new A17 but despite significantly larger staff its taken almost twice as long as A16 already. I'm sure before the end of this year we will hear about their next game they have been spending so much time/money on. They (Madmole) constantly comments about the difficulties they have had getting their Minecraft-style building to perform well and I think they want to get away from it because they can't seem to get it running very well even after almost 7-8 years of development (i.e. micro studders, constant bugs, overall FPS issues, etc etc etc). Please don't get me wrong, I LOVE this game and don't criticize it without pause, I have put in like 1500 hours into this, but facts are facts.
  3. Ugh! hope they make the game as moddable as they were saying... Already want to reverse like half the changes they have made to Alpha 17. Also sucks they are spending so much time on other projects that 7DTD is getting left behind...
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