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    This isn't a simple xpath modlet. The Unity3d files need to be on both the server and the client when playing online.
  2. Thanks alot. Loads up fine. You should publish that as a modlet ! I am curious to know where the Party controls are. Any idea ?
  3. Hmm I'm wanting to change the range values - for each level of the perk they are set at 15, but i would like to change that value to 30, 45, 60 respectively by using xpath. Perhaps including what i thought was the level reference has just confused things. Given i've seen lots of values changed in lots of modlets i assumed i could do that in this case as well. I dont want to change anything except the range value from 15 to another number, so that range=15 becomes range=30 for example. So yes there are 4 paragraphs that looks like this one all with range=15 in them and i want to have an xpa
  4. Can anyone help with this ? I am just trying to extend the range of charsimatic nature - a different range for each level of the perk. So far i have this which is a bit of a guess based on something similar by Stallionsden. <config> <set xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name=perkCharismaticNature]/effect_group/triggered_effect[@level=1]/effect[@name=range]/@value">15</set> <set xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name=perkCharismaticNature]/effect_group/triggered_effect[@level=2]/effect[@name=range]/@value">30</set> <set xpath="/progression/perks/perk[@name
  5. Jolly

    Mod List

    I made these two - i was only expecting to publish 1 hence the separate posts. https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?105665-Ring-of-Fire https://7daystodie.com/forums/showthread.php?105702-Pick-up-mines-and-Burning-barrel-traps
  6. Would appreciate it. The highrise Courthouse is another favourite of ours ! thx heaps.
  7. Hey I'm running CP on my server called the Jolly Shamlet,, which is hoted in Sydney. How is Area51 going ? Will we see an update for it ? I'll be updating to 17.1 today. New pack wil probably be on later in the week. Not much use to overseas players I guess. There are some mods needed client side to join the server as well.
  8. Hey my 7DTD A17 server wont load the December release. The error is no modinfo.xml found, and then the allocs fixes are ignored - but i checked and each of the three folders has a modinfo.xml, so the server isn't seeing them. I am wondering whether the modinfo files should be in a directory one above the dll files and not in the same directory as the dll files as per the modlets for A17 ? Which would mean creating a sub directory for the dll files but i have no idea what that would be called.
  9. Love the grenade. Some requests - Would you be interested in making a modlet to: add a burning damage buff when walkedon to burning barrels a healing buffwhenwalkedon to a bed a modlet to change mines to canpickup yes ???
  10. I've merged the compopack with the mod - i added the starvation settings to the compopack mixer - the other way round doesnt work. Tis a bit laggy though.
  11. On the matter of temperature. Was it in True Survival that you could see the ambient temperature reading on the map and your personal temperature in the HUD ? Or maybe it was just in someone elsess HUD design. Anyway I found knowing the ambient temperature was good for choosing clothing, whether to make a fire etc. Is that feature possible in Starvation ? ( PLease don't tell me its already there !! ) Also a big thanks for keeping the updates consistent with existing maps/worlds. As i make my own additional mods ( for excample I add in fast roads on my Starvation Aus server ) can there be a
  12. Just passing on some info. I wanted tp put on my server Magoli's , War of the walkers and Ravenhearst prefabs not included in Starvation. I put them all in the Starvation rwg file and that didn't work, so I put everything ( including the bespoke Starvation entries ) in Magoli's rwg file and that worked.
  13. How do you earn xp for stress resistance ?
  14. Mindful - Press F1 to see the console so you can see what is making the server hang.
  15. Never mind this mod needs alot of work by the looks so I've gone back to Starvation. Good luck with it.
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