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  1. I hope we get to see more of the scrap iron weapons in action. speaking of action, that pipe pistol seems like some kind of single-action revolver
  2. TES4 Oblivion has an auto-run toggle key, it's the Q key. there was also an update to Morrowind in 2015 to add the same. strafing side to side doesnt interrupt the auto-run, but moving forward again manually or backwards, does. (MMO's like guild wars 2 follow similar controls and follow similar behavior, but have A n D be turn left n right, or hold m2 to turn camera+turn, with Q n E be strafe as its a 3rd person mmo) I hope sledge turrets get fixed when held in hand and are more aggressive when deployed in A20 or asap. Held it feels like i
  3. Did a bit more sketching. This time, examples of some exclusive electric baton mods that I wish could be a thing. https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/277258657794752512/703433474752774155/baton.png
  4. No man's sky apparently got good and just needed time to deliver on promises. Sounds a lot like a certain other ambitious project I could name...
  5. Thats kind of what wood/iron bars are for though? And I also do the classic multiple scrap hatches thing for a three-ply door that I can open in a way to attack incoming zombies on the door. (Outer defense staging layer of a pillbox in front of an apartment building I based in on one of my worlds. Ended up with 3 blade traps where I was standing and electric fencing strung about everywhere) Generally, if you use centered bars turned diagonally, and ramps on their side to match, you can easily shoot the zombies on the other side of a door as is, using current building systems and totally c
  6. ngl the wood and iron doors are kind of the best doors Ive seen in a game in a long time with how many destruction stages they have and just how good they look. The only markedly cooler doors Ive seen are in Hob but I'm not expecting Hob's crazy curved stone and copper puzzle-box like well, everything, to be the new doors.
  7. smh you cant pick up the mannequins and bust em over the head of a zombie Reminder that Dead Rising 1-3 are great games and DR4 does not exist
  8. hover drones will probably be trash without heavy investment into turrets and eat thru 9mm very quickly.
  9. ah, cool. I hope the new lower tier clubs at least look nice. Tho its hard to beat desire of Lv100 Branch
  10. the chad putting a chest in front of every building to put overflow into to come by for in a second trip
  11. those seem like tier 1 and tier 3 repsectively
  12. More being visual mods and the wood club being able to as it was before, able to be made iron reinforced and then spiked,(but not an entirely different model) though it's never been spiked + barbed before. It seems possible and the design was more to quickly portray 'metal scraps bolted onto the club' as its own separate mod with room for both barbwire and spikes so there's no obvious conflict. Unless it's simply not possible to have bleed chance and armor negation at the same time on the club, then oh well. But it seems like the way to go to make the wood club still maintain viability c
  13. Whats your opinion on this little concept/diagram I scratched out regarding wooden clubs, madmole? For some reason I'm not allowed to embed an image on my post. https://i.imgur.com/GC7fRyY.png
  14. It keeps telling me I'm not authorized to upload attachments
  15. I'd like to see the humble wooden club be able to hold up over time as being the most modular of the club weapons, able to take on the most modification compared to the other two clubs. Rather than just either barb wire or spikes, or iron plating, can have all 3 as opposed to the higher grade clubs. https://i.imgur.com/GC7fRyY.png
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