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  1. Are You planning to release a new version with releases A15 or earlier ?
  2. I also can not get to work on the unpacked file, I edited BlockTextureAtlases and TerrainTextures...maybe protection? But no problem with primary assets in folder 7DaysToDie_Data.
  3. Thank You ! This Line was incomprehensible to me. Another mystery for me: "customHubTest" - what is it? She's been there all the time confuses me .
  4. /settlements - that is town and city/ - was in my understanding I mean the town and cities. They are now too frequent. Before was a great joy to find the city - so it was interesting! But, now - it`s everywhere... In other words : I wish that the cities themselves have been a little more, but their number was less. Before, i changed here probability and it didn't work: <rulesets> <ruleset name="vanilla" cell_cache_size="8" cell_size="1800" cell_offset="0.6" generation_distance="20000"> <cell_rule name="wastelandHub" position="0,0" prob="0.05"/> <cell
  5. Thank You for your Work! I will study Your Work when I get to that part .xml. question: I do not like the settlements across too often. I wish that there were less (but not size). what do I change in rwg.xml ?
  6. Hello DerPopo ! I often use your Utility - it is very important to me ! Because of this - suggestions for improvement. I think these are not complicated changes would much easier to make it to use. - search... - i've been told that you need to put "*" ...before I thought it was just broken. And need Hot Key. - window after loading asset there is a very small, i have every time to make it resize bigger. I think that monitors with a resolution of 800x600 are no longer used, and if anyone works for them - the better that they suffer and not those who have a large monitor Do no
  7. Sergant1000, in my opinion, your thread lack of screenshots on the first post... links to screenshots still not enough Sergant1000, по моему, твоей теме (ветке) нехватает скриншотов на первом посте... ссылки на скриншоты все же маловато Я вообще не знаком с SDX, поэтому хочу спросить: - в директориях с модом есть файлы от SDX, а вот при работе над модом тебе приходиться использовать его полную версию ? (оболочка какая либо, сама утилита). Или ты зная возможности SDX и имея только эти файлы в нужных местах работаешь с XML как обычно ? Это я к тому, что если все же я бу
  8. Hi ! I have another question. I'm trying to make a 7.62 (reinforced) round for hunting rifle. Did items, prescribed in weapons (all within items.xml). But, the shot has no effect on anything - as if idle or collision where it is not spelled out. Added attributes like other ammunition - without result. Tried to do as an extension of the standard round. Don't use SDX.... what's wrong am I doing ? Привет ! У меня опять вопрос Я пытаюсь сделать 7.62 винтовочный (усиленный) патрон под охотничью винтовку. Сделал итемс, прописал в оружие (все в пределах items.xml). Но, при выстреле не
  9. Hello all ! Sergeant, can you tell - is it possible to bypass the limitation of the Assembly of arms in four parts? I want the details of sniper add old parts. Привет! С праздником! Сержант, можешь подсказать - можно ли обойти ограничение сборки оружия из четырех частей? хочу в детали снайперки добавить старые части.
  10. .....AAAA!!!!.... Tools #1 for me !
  11. Hahaha!... as I understand you, I have made it too.
  12. Why Thread still not "sticky"?
  13. The good Utility, I used for substitution of textures. I need to change sound files of a dynamic ambient of biomes to return beautiful old atmospheric ambients. Very much I wait for this opportunity ! Whether there are what news about a plug-in for EXPORT AudioClip ?
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