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  1. Like many computer games of past : silent hill, resident evil, doom. once the game is complete The fun pimps should sell the movie rights. Many of the zombies are unique, and undoubt the story will be facinating and would make a great stage for a movie, mini series or full blown Tv series Saga.
  2. This would be an ideal time for streamers to do a blooper real of A16, and the last 12 months of their work. Saw neebs blooper reel last week was very entertaining. wouldn't mind seeing some of the highlights of other players experiences.
  3. What activities will earn xp under the new system?
  4. Just a quick question about the Quest system. Will the new POI quests be available in RGW? And If so, as there is able to be multiple instances of the quest POIs, does it enable the closest one or all of them?
  5. I have a question around quests in A17. If you set up your base in a poi that also happens to be a quest point and it is activated, what happens? Is your base safe or is it hijacked by the quest.
  6. Does anyone know if there are plans for using timed explosives or plunger devices for demolition of POI?
  7. Just a quick question for the fun pimps: Now that there is going to be a new buff/debuff system for players, items etc, does this mean that zombie attacks will be given access to any new forms of attack: Ie Ice zombie - cause hypothermia, snake handlers inflict poison, radiated zombies cause radiation damage, nurses that disable a player from healing etc. etc.
  8. I'm glad that the fun pimps have decided to take a more minimalist view towards the main story line. The point of role playing is not in the story but character. Most RPGs are more like an interactive movie than anything else. You know once apon a time there was a good guy, he kills the bad guy, the end. repeat generously until bored. Seriously a computer bot could probably be trained to do play it just as well.. however In this game you are the hero and the story is the one you create. If TFP decides to give some help along the way with support characters that's just a bonus. thanks Fun pimps Fan for life.
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