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  1. I succeeded in doing it. Edited in paint pro using the color codes defined in the biomes.xml. Saved as BMP file (as heard saving as png changes the file so 7dtd cant process it). Reopened with Krita and saved as png. When I ran a navezganr world the wasteland was a forest
  2. Hi, I wondered if it is possible to change navezgane biomes? I want the current wasteland to be a forest. I have a already started a game o n navezgane, is it still possible to dl this change? I have not been to the wasteland yet, so nothing has been rendered yet. Thanks!
  3. How do I install this software? After downloading, I only see dll files and other files. Where is the exe to install it? I am sorry, but know nothing about programming and IT so this really puzzles me.
  4. I love this prefab. Does it still work for A14? Are you plannign to incorporate it in Navezgane?
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