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  1. 34 minutes ago, Stroichik said:



    Well, currently a 4x4 truck cant drive through a flock of Z vultures, which by itself is already a nonsense. I wouldn't mind fighting blood moon hordes if horde was limited in amount of zombies. But its unlimited, so i prefer just borrowing deep underground. Currently its a waste of bullets trying to fight off BM horde.

    In fact, the hordes are not endless )

  2. Hi @madmole, @faatal


    On the fifth stream, there was talk about the damage that the transport inflicts on zombies and the developers said that they did not want the transport to inflict a lot of damage on zombies, as this would make it a universal weapon. It was also said that vehicles could only do a lot of damage to filler zombies, which, with some degree of probability, could appear in the game in the future.


    Why don't you consider the option of vehicle breakdown from colliding with zombies depending on the type of zombie? So a motorcycle, for example, could inflict damage equal to 100% of health to ordinary zombies, but at the same time, the transport would receive 15% damage, and when colliding with mini-bosses like a zombie cop or demolisher - 30%. In addition, wild zombies could receive 75% health damage, and radioactive zombies only 50%.


    In this case, it would also be possible to add modifications to the vehicle in the game that would increase its damage and durability.

    I would be grateful if you point out to me the errors in my reasoning 🙂

  3. 2 hours ago, BFT2020 said:

    which is why I wait until I play the game to see all the elements working together before I form an opinion.  Got to remember what we see on the stream is just a snapshot.


    I could have wait if I did not have a YouTube channel on which I try to publish the latest news on the game )

  4. 17 minutes ago, Roland said:

    Yeah, we have to remember that programmers aren't streamers and aren't necessarily going to be able to put together a well produced presentation on camera to 1000+ viewers. Even Lathan for some reason put regular bandages in the drone rather than medicated bandages. But I think he was a bit flustered by the technal difficulties with the Music and it is hard with them all talking remotely. During the streamer weekend I suspect that all the nuances will get shown with great excitement and experimentation as the chat asks questions and tells the streamer to try this and that.


    I understand, but I draw conclusions based on the stream, so I'm sorry )

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  5. 4 minutes ago, Roland said:

    The drone's headlight does not affect your stealth rating.


    But, as far as I remember, it was said on the stream that the light of the drone and the work of its propellers will attract zombies in the future, so this is just a temporary advantage )

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  6. 30 minutes ago, Roland said:


    Currently the drone only heals hitpoints and does nothing for debuffs. It does automatically heal you when you drop to below 50 hp of your max. Above that threshhold you must manually ask for healing.


    Thank you, this is an important detail that was not shown on the stream.

  7. Hi.

    After watching the fifth developer stream for 7 Days To Die Alpha 20, I can confidently name two of the most useless drone mods that I definitely won't use.

    These are the Flashlight modification and the Medic modification.

    Why is the Flashlight Mod useless?

    The drone is a tier 3 item, and by the time the player receives the drone, they will probably already have a headlamp. Therefore, such a modification has no value.

    This modification could be a little useful if the drone shone in all directions at the same time, like a regular lamp.

    Or the drone could automatically turn towards approaching enemies and illuminate them for the player.

    Why is the Medic Mod useless?

    The drone heals the player not automatically, but upon request. But during the battle, it is much more convenient for the player to use medications from the quick slot on the belt or even from the inventory.

    This modification could become very useful if the Drone could detect the type of damage and automatically apply the correct medicine, for example:

    - the player gets a fracture - the drone will automatically apply a splint / plaster cast

    - the player gets infected - the drone will automatically apply honey / antibiotics

    - the player gets bleeding - the drone will automatically apply a simple bandage

    - the player has less than 60% health - the drone uses a healing bandage / first aid kit





    После просмотра пятого стрима разработчиков по 7 Days To Die Alpha 20 я могу с уверенностью назвать две самых бесполезных модификации для Дрона, которые я точно не буду использовать.

    Это модификация Фонарик и модификация Медик.


    Почему Модификация Фонарик бесполезна?

    Дрон, это предмет третьего тира, и к тому моменту, когда игрок получит дрон, у него уже наверняка будет налобный фонарь. Следовательно такая модификация не имеет ценности.

    Эта модификация могла бы стать немного полезной, если дрон светил одновременно во все стороны, как обычная лампа.

    Или дрон мог бы автоматически поворачивать в сторону приближающихся врагов и освещать их для игрока.


    Почему Модификация Медик бесполезна?

    Дрон лечит игрока не автоматически, а по запросу. Но время сражения игроку гораздо удобнее использовать лечебные препараты из быстрой ячейки на поясе или даже из инвентаря.

    Эта модификация могла стать очень полезной, если бы Дрон мог определять тип повреждения и автоматически применять нужное лекарство, например так:

    - игрок получает перелом - дрон автоматически применяет шину/гипс

    - игрок получает заражение - дрон автоматически применяет мед/антибиотики

    - игрок получает кровотечение - дрон автоматически применяет простой бинт

    - у игрока остается меньше чем 60% здоровья - дрон применяет лечебный бинт / аптечку


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  8. 4 hours ago, Roland said:

    I would agree with you that finding anything at any time would be fun IF there was permanent degradation in the game. But since whatever you find is going to be with you for the rest of the game it consequently takes the excitement and fun out of looting much too early.


    I tried to solve this problem in my modification, I made it so that parts of these items were required to repair weapons and tools. And it works. The only thing that spoils the feeling a little is that the amount of detail that you get when scraping an item does not depend on its quality.

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  9. 6 hours ago, faatal said:

    It is just called the Rad zombie.

    It is an AOE attacker by using its special move. It can still hit you like normal.

    Feral weight?

    Don't know.

    Probably new models before gold.

    Shouldn't he throw bunches aimed at the player, as the zombie Cop does?

  10. 25 minutes ago, Blake_ said:

    Fear not, they might change her face or her clothing, but her boobs will certainly be safe and sound, because that's what matters. For gameplay reasons.

    I would like to see more physics in the boobs area )

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  11. 44 minutes ago, dcsobral said:


    We have heard nothing about POI turrets capable of targeting players. If there was any such thing, however, then this sort of thing can be done as a mod. This interaction system that shawn described will lead to some very creative POIs from the modding community, I bet.


    Maybe you weren't listening well? )

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  12. 4 minutes ago, dcsobral said:

    I can see it now:


    Done! I have restored the power! Now all active defenses are online again. Why is that turret turning in my direction? It wouldn't shoot at me, would it? Surely Rekt would have told me about it, wou...


    Meanwhile, at Trader Rekt:


    <PING>Oh, he actually did it! I didn't expect that. <PING>Annnd it's not going to cost me anything! Ah, nothing like business as usual.


    Hmmm ... which alpha version are you playing? 😅😂

  13. A question about a new type of quest to restore the electricity supply.
    Can we expect in 20 Alpha, in high-level locations of this type, the appearance of turrets with infinite ammunition that attack the player, protecting the top-end loot? Or other electrical traps that the player will have to disable in order to get to the top loot? Or is it a surprise?

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  14. On 10/29/2020 at 3:49 AM, madmole said:

    10) Trader to Trader progression

    • Details Coming


    11) Loot Progression and Gamestaging Improvements

    • Details Coming


    On 10/29/2020 at 3:49 AM, madmole said:

    13) Dynamic Music and Ambient Audio Improvements

    • Details Coming


    On 10/29/2020 at 3:49 AM, madmole said:

    15) Digging Quest Improvements

    • Implemented but not yet revealed


    @madmole Hi. Alpha 20 should be out soon, can you give us some details on these points? If I missed them, may be it make sense to update the information in the first post of this discussion? Thank you.

  15. Once upon a time, before the release of Alpha 19, we on the forum discussed the appearance in the game of a kind of train.


    I couldn't find Joel's post, but I do remember that he was speculating that at some point in the game, improvised minecarts could appear that could move on rails that players can place. These minecarts could be used by players to conveniently travel to and from mines.


    Also, if I remember correctly, it was mentioned that such rails could be located almost vertically, which could replace the lifts for the players, which the developers refused to implement (lifts) in 16 Alpha (if I remember correctly).


    Q: Is the implementation of the rails and minecarts still under discussion, or is it Joel's ( @Madmole ) dead horse that shouldn't be kicked anymore?

    Thanks for what you are doing, I look forward to 20 Alpha)


    P.S. @Roland you can say that Joel never wrote this, I still couldn't find proof 😅😂

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