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  1. Is this possible has anyone yet found a way to convert the models to work in the character creation? or mod yourself into one? such as Trader Jen.
  2. so i have spent the last 2 days going through trying to get all the DF Ores to spawn in all biomes i have the boulder rocks working but how do i go about getting it so they also spawn under the map/generate? trying to add it so each biome has all above/under but am having a hard time doing the under the world one.
  3. So how do i go about random gen then or is that a no go?
  4. curious is there a updated list for NitroGen atm or nay? can't seem to use RandomGen option it just errors out or sits at generating towns
  5. ty is there a way to say without screwing it up as i am good at that it seems to make the towns pretty large and full with buildings like 400x900 but with every prefab in guild generated? vs say. way city/corn are set up i like but i dislike whole wasteland effect and trying for like a full forest/snow bio generated without the burning/plains/desert/waste. i still get it. maybe i was doing it wrong before but i removed them from biomes and putem in the no to list but still got them.
  6. anyway to get this to work with val's mod?
  7. Mskitten87

    A16 Valmod Pack

    is there a way to get this to work with mag's combo pack?
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