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  1. Install everything like normal for the version you want from the launcher. Then head to the first post and download the HeadshotFree version. Replace the files in your install from the Launcher with those files and you are good to go. I would make Launcher links, but then Id have to add about 6 more links to the Launcher and I think sphereii would have my head lol - - - Updated - - - On a local server whoever is hosting has to have the dedicated version of the mod on their computer to host. Everyone else would use the SP version of whichever version you want to run. Which version are you looking to run?
  2. Ok I deployed a quick fix to the cursor issue across the board. I also put a hotfix in the streamer version that may have been preventing zombie spawns. Not a huge update only the entityclasses, entitygroups and windows xmls are changed this go around. I also added headshots removed in the first post. Zombies have more health to compensate but body damage works to animals and zombies now.
  3. Scrapping items is unlocked through scavenging skill. Level 5 I believe without looking. Its a small gate but makes scavenging a bit worth it as logically at first you may not know how to scrap but as you get a bit more out there in the world you would learn. It unlocks rather quick. Falling through the world is a desync/load issue. Perhaps the mod is a bit taxing on the system. There isnt much I can do to help that. If you post your logs I can double check and make sure there are no issues stemming from the mod. As for no zombies or animals also send me logs. I will double check that version of the mod on my system but initial tests had spawns coming just fine. Sirillion had a fix listed above. Here it is. I will be adding this in our next update and that should fix it. Im very sorry for this. It was an oversight as the I do not play with a controller so I did not consider this. Indeed it does apply to animals. I am right now working on a version that removes headshot only for those who wish to play this way. It will be posted in the first post when it is complete. Just dont look me in a walk in freezer please, and if you see me tossing a tennis ball at the wall just LEAVE ME ALONE!
  4. My apologies that is lack of explanation on my part. To get the Burning Club you focus on a campfire and right click on it. It will"ignite" the club and make it a burning one. But it will have level 1 quality due to it being a focused block change. It is pretty good as a weapon though.
  5. Version: 2.01 -Lowered chance of Diamond Minibike Tires -Fixed Error in Farmer Starting Class -Added Debuff Text to Dirty Buff -Added Sticks and Stone Arrow Heads to Basics Group -Fixed Storage Chest Description -Removed Xp from Cooking Items -Fixed Junk Quest -Decreased Turn Speed on Zombies so they make wider turns fo less spinning -Increased Sight Range so Zombies will sense you while Stealthed at Longer Distances -Added more types of Road Debris -Added Green Thumb 1 to Farmer Class
  6. I agree with what was said here. I will add the Green Thumb unlock of level 1 so at the very least you can make the first set of seeds. Not every class has a starting quest line. We may add more in future updates though.
  7. Thank you, I need to remove the xp from the Cooking Items. Yes it is intentional, as you progress through bows you also need the better arrows and bolts for them. Basic bolts and arrows are for the starter bows and crossbow.
  8. **Note: A full uninstall of the game and delete the folder cleared it Yep a complete wipe is recommended as since fishing was removed itemclasses are gone that the dlls depended on. So errors will occur, some may be game breaking some not. Glad you got it sorted though. I was afraid it would be another long night
  9. I will definitely revisit it but I wanted to release the mod and not delay it any further. Will look into the Farmer Class issue and the Dirty issue as well, both of which wont require any restarts - - - Updated - - - Yes the dll files are required for sdx and backpack to run. You may want to consider Bluefang, which allows full access to all files including dlls with an FTP program like Filezilla or they have their own file manager. There is a link in the first post if you are interested. But logic should allow the install if you explain it is needed much like Starvation.
  10. Body of water, Water Well or Working Sinks. For now
  11. The Launcher Version of Ravenhearst has been updated to 2.0! A reinstall and wipe is recommended with this update so that you dont have any conflicts. There are a lot of balancing changes and additions so lets get to it. Version: 2.0 -Added Hut to recipe -Huts can now be repaired and will give back some wood when destroyed -Traps are now a perk instead of a skill you can level by crafting -Removed duplicate traps -Ammo skill is no longer required for purchasing Arrow Crafting -Bow class now the only class that can make Iron, Steel, Exploding and Fire Arrows -Cooking is now a perk you can purchase. You no longer have to sit in the campfire to level it. -Removed Feral Stripper Spawners from the Streamer Only Version -Removed all strippers from the entityclasses file removing them from being able to be spawned even in creative in Streamer Only Version -Added The Sword of the Dragoness -Added Decoration Station. The Decoration Station is where you can craft all the decorative blocks in the game as well as most of the newly added deco items -Added a craftable Deer Blind. It doesnt have an actual ladder but you can jump up it and use it to snipe zombies. -Added some new models for things like hamburgers and candy bars (purely Aesthetic) -Scrapping leather clothing now gives back strips instead of pure leather -Cleaned up all of the XMLs -Redid Localization so its cleaner and more items have the proper descriptions -Lowered Blacksmith Station from Construction Tools 60 to 40 -Added new Medical Box, Coffins, Radio (not working yet) and Fuel Tank for storing fuel -Added Household Chemicals and Blue Ice recipe. Test it out, see what it does. -Fixed all Zombie and Military Personnel Names so they can be read easily -Increased requirements for recipes with Knowledge Points and Weapon Parts to increase difficulty of making those items -Easter Eggs (not literally) for people to discover and find -Added sliced raw meat to the game made from raw meat. You can use sliced raw meat to make other meat recipes -Bacon and Eggs is now made in the Food Prep Table with Fried Eggs and Bacon -Most raw meat recipes now require sliced raw meat -Added soda to the game -Added Box of Nails to the game -Reduced oil shale amount from mining -Balanced gas can recipes to not be so OP -Added Stone Arrow Heads that you craft from rocks to make arrows and bolts -Added sticks that you get from scrapping wood. Sticks are used for ALL arrows and bolts. 1 wood gives 3 sticks so in effect making arrows and bolts are both easier and make more sense. -Added Plastic Bottles that can be filled with dirty water. You can use purifying tablets on those bottles to make Purified Water. -Eating Rotten Flesh can cause infection -Eating ShamSandwich can cause Food Poisoning -While searching corpses you can now get dirty. You need to craft a towel with Twine and cloth and soak it in a body of water or a working sink to clean yourself. If you let it go too long there are 2 more stages. Soap will clean the second and the third is only cleansed by a wet soapy towel. If you do not clean off in the time allotted you will become infected. Each stage of Dirtiness increases your smell which will increase your range of alerting zombies. Getting Dirty from looting is a VERy rare chance. -Gun Classes are now required before you can make any bullets. Any gun class will unlock the ability to make all ammo types -Farmer Class now gets the ability to craft all seeds exclusively. -Survivor Class now gets exclusive access to crafting tool parts -Survivor Class gets exclusive access to crafting Rocket Launcher parts -Gun Parts, Bow Parts and Tool Parts are now separate crafting skills, unlocked by the appropriate class that you buy perks in to level the crafting quality of the aprt. -Lowered Clothing/Armor XP needed to level to make levelling it less of a grind -Raised Barter XP needed slighlty to prevent spam levelling. -Fishing has been removed completely because at best it was janky and no one seemed to really use it anyway. ----------------------------------------- We will be adding Dedicated Server DL links very shortly as well as we are proud to announce you can now have Bluefang Install our mod for you! Just use our link on the first post on the first page to sign up for one of the best server experiences with unparallelled access to FTP and security all at a great price! Enjoy the update and as always there MAY be bugs so if you find any please report them here along with an error log so we can help get it sorted for you. Thank you to everyone who has shown us support via playing, bug testing, streaming and allowing us the pleasure to be a part of your server community.
  12. Yes Im sorry, its been in the works for a few days and makes some improvements on balancing and also some nice bug fixes. Im trying to track down one more nasty bug right now and I will be uploading the new version.
  13. Im going to be releasing pre packaged versions for Bluefang when 2.0 goes live which will be this morning/few hours They will be able to install the version you want at that time.
  14. Haha steal whatever you want. If not for all of us being open we all probably wouldn't be here today That goes to anyone, do what you please with whatever you want. All I ask for is a shout out, and not even a specific one just a "Thanks to Jax for being super awesome and all" lol I look forward to what people can do with everything. For those having the issues mentioned above I am very sorry. I know the mod can be quite taxing, and may be causing issues with saves etc. Unfortunately it is the dirty road we go down with older Unity and modding SDX. Normal xml only mods may not see this type of crashing and bugs since it is far less strenuous on systems. There can be unforeseen issues. Hopefully when new Unity is enabled in the future we get even better optimization for these types of mods.
  15. Thank you. This mod is definitely a work of love for me. It was designed for my server and our community over a period of time and feedback and we thought why not give everyone a chance to have at it as well. I'm glad we made this decision because not only has it been amazing in terms of seeing people play and enjoy it but it has renewed my passion for tweaking and coming up with some new ideas. I am very glad that people are enjoying it. I look forward to everyones opinion on 2.0.
  16. PLEASE tell me if you remove trader protection they up and leave. That would be a hilarious and fitting side effect.
  17. Thank you for that. I kind of like that idea anyway. Falls in line with what I have in store for the mod.
  18. Does this occur in our mod? We are using different bandits. We have not seen one of these errors yet but if anyone has please let me know. Looks like 2.0 is coming tomorrow. Some more bug testing today and then Release first thing I wake up so I can be awake all day to catch ANY remaining issues. This one changes some things so prepare for a LONG set of patch notes I am very proud of what fixing bugs has led me to in terms of additions and balances and I think you guys will like it as well.
  19. Logs would be helpful, but this doesnt sound like an issue with the mod since I have not updated anything since Monday afternoon. I have been working on 2.0.
  20. Best to focus on your mod. We HAVE a mod launcher, a popular one, a working one. Sure some people seem to have issues but those are limited to the few who really expect way more than they should, or try to get the Launcher to bend to their own wills. We have been using the Launcher since its inception on our server 2 years ago. And it is amazingly easy and gets the job done. Why open a McDonalds when we have an Angus Beef right next door, you know? It will only cause unnecessary clutter. Sphere answers and solves most issues in a matter of minutes. My mod is doing AMAZINGLY well using the Launcher, it's being streamed by streamers because it is easy to find and install. Big names already were reluctant to try a Launcher but now that they have I doubt they would be open to a new way of doing things. You know how people can be when something works. Reluctant to experiment with anything new. That aside the mod looks great, lots to explore and find out. Kudos on the hard work. It has paid off nicely.
  21. Sounds like an incompatibility. You can not install any other mod with this one like Bigger Backpack. Our mod requires our dll and can not be overwritten by anything else. Our mod comes with a 72 slot back built in for those worried about a bigger backpack. - - - Updated - - - Requirement for making the parts have increased dramatically making them VERY hard to make without a lot of leg work. A good trade off i think for those who still want to plug away at it and can be ignored by those who dont care for it. Patch notes and hopefully 2.0 release coming today.
  22. I am VERY glad that you bring up this discussion. The weapon station was something I thought long and hard about and it only remains in the game right now in my mod because it gives people something to do at end game which is to assemble the perfect guns. MY preference has always been to scavenge the parts and combine to make the perfect gun. I added the station months ago before the mod was considered for public release and it kind of just stuck around. It does make things a bit easier in the end game. At one point we had completely removed the combine feature in place of the weapon station so you HAD to make parts along the way. We brought combine back after some did not like the change. For me i dislike both. I think the combine feature DOES give you something to do in a way but it also takes away from the scavenging aspect. I always try to promote scavenging over full on crafting. Will the weapon station remain? I am unsure because it has been so near being cut before. If it feels detrimental to the goal of the mod I will remove it. We had this same issue on our server. A few players would get together on server wipes and max out different skills and when we had new players they would offer tools and weapons. I know they were only trying to help but those players who were given greater tools would eventually leave because they ran out of things to do eventually. The only real way to stop that is to not allow recipes to unlock until say level 100 but even then people can get others to craft or repair things for them. I want the mod to remain challenging AND fun, and that can be a tough thing to balance. But yes, gun parts crafting is VERY near the chopping block since it is not available in vanilla anyway and giving that kind of access to players seems to be removing some challenge. - - - Updated - - - Books give more than schematics, but at one point I did increase the scrap rate. I dialed it back a bit because it made getting the KP TOO easy.
  23. Ah ok, I see what you are saying. I will add that in
  24. Check out the fabulous Lumun who is streaming Ravenhearst right now and having a scary good time! - - - Updated - - - Im going to put together a guide for everyone real soon to help with installing mods.
  25. The fact you are getting the checking animations message means your dll is definitely a few patches behind. That was disabled in 1.07 i believe. Im going to need to see the version number. A new dll was released that fixed this and it is working for us on our server. Yep I will be working on one once I get all the bugs ironed out. Just remember everyone that this IS a vanilla bug and there is nothing I can do about it, although it does seem to be worse in mods so be careful when using health items and food. Schematics and books can also be lost this way. Thank you for the kind words. That server provider is ABSOLUTELY lying to you. Drop them and if they say I'm lying then have them come to me because I would like a word with their rookie asses. We have it installed on our Bluefang hosted servers. Bluefang provides you access to ALL of your server files so you can install, delete and reinstall all mods and servers as much as you like. Im not sure I know what you mean by scrapping out of the table. Are you crafting things and then immediately scrapping them? Im not sure the tables are designed for that. Put it in your bag first. The Halicopter is fixed and working on our servers. You may need a reinstall of the DLL files. Final testing all day today to ensure we have no major issues. Release of the next version should be sometime later tonight barring any major issues.
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