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  1. 6 hours ago, LastTugBoat243 said:

    There was also a lot of creepy ambience in the game that was removed.

    Hearing all that again makes me really miss the older alphas. Im going to look into this and try. Last I tried this it was only possible via altering the assembly which they look down on now. 


    Man that video brings back memories

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  2. Unfortunately I am going to remove wellness for now until it is fixed. The good news is that theres a lot to this next udpate to warrant a new game!


    You will want to make a brand new download as some folder structures have changed now with the use of BepinEx, thanks to Yakov and Redbeards work on RH.


    Here are the notes!




    -Updated Hud
    -Fixed Localization on Armor Mods
    -Added Old Menu Music (Will play after 5 seconds due to Pimps not allowing the logo screen to be edited)
    -Added Hornet from Khaines Modlet which can be found here https://community.7daystodie.com/topic/25751-khaines-a20-modlets-bigger-backpacks-lockable-slots-behemoths-random-wandering-hordes-etc/
    -Fixed Zombies Not Running
    -Updated ModInfo
    -Added Wolf and Snake Meat along with charred and grilled recipes
    -Rebalanced Zombie Loot. Now there is a chance of 0 loot in a zombie while looting them.
    -Added Spheres New Cave System and Updated Spherecore. New maps reuired for new caves
    -Updated Goukis Building
    -Updated Spherecore
    -Added Opening Logos and BepinEx
    -Added Steel Bars and Wood Bars
    -Added Window Recipes
    -Added Wood Log Spikes and Spikes
    -Changed Color and Wording of Iron Hoe
    -Removed Wellness


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  3. 1 hour ago, braniel said:

    I found this line in the link of the "modinfo" xml in the folder of the mod, Maybe it's still in the base code, I'm speaking with all the ignorance in the world




    That is a separate mod, the mod info is just one that i reused instead of creating a new link on it.


    Walk only is definitely not intended and i will look into it when the holidays settle down more.



    2 hours ago, omegarte said:

    that "new" bug is probably just incomplete localization.


    I like the concept of this modpack.  A few things to consider:

    • what meat do wolves, snakes, mountain lions, etc. drop if bear meat, venison, etc. are back?
    • bring back gore blocks?  I know TFP removed them due to performance issues but maybe the corpses can downgrade to a gore block after time and then completely disappear after some set time. 
    • I believe TFP retired challenge notes in A20.  Perhaps this modpack can bring them back. 
    • bring back the giant hornet and its jar of honey goodness

    I like these ideas. right now the other animals use only the venison or pork if i recall since pre 17 we didnt have those animals. I will create meat for them.


    Im going to see what i can do about gore blocks :)


    we can use khaines hornet modlet. im sure he will be ok with that.


    On 12/26/2021 at 9:27 PM, LastTugBoat243 said:

    Nostalgic 7 days to die themes

    Alpha 14 to 17 - 


    Alpha 1 to 13 - 


    This was pretty fun too loved to blow up stuff with these.


    gas barrel.png

    Awesome finds. The music requires coding to change which i am not against. I think at some point we have to require harmony stuff to get some removed mechanics back in anyway.

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  4. 20 hours ago, bdubyah said:

    Searched through Gup's discord for that and the only thing that came up was Haidr saying it was a bad reference to a tool, like the crucible I think. So maybe look at those.

    Thank you this solved it!


    New release now available. Suggested a new save and map generation to see caves!!



    -Removed Clay from Desert terrain

    -ReAdded Wood Log Spikes

    -ReAdded Blunderbuss

    -ReAdded Blunderbuss Ammo

    -Fixed Wood Item Repair Issue

    -Added Yakovs Wellness Modlet which can be found here https://7daystodiemods.com/yakovs-wellness-system/

    -Added Goukis Old Farmland https://7daystodiemods.com/gk-return-to-old-farmland/

    -Added Rabbit KaBobs

    -Added Stone to Underground mining replacing small stones. Placed in forge 1 piece = 25 Units of Stone

    -Added Molds for the forge. Pipe/Bullet Casing/Tips/Jars/Nails/Cement

    -Added Spherecore and his underground cave generation system

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  5. 1 hour ago, Zagan said:

    Well I'm used to using Home Depot mod and with that one you crafted a water cooler with a couple of water purifying mods, a water cooler, 2 water cooler bottles, ect.

    and it dispensed clean water so you could fill up jars with boiled water. The sinks, toilets, and fountains dispensed murky water.


    So I was expecting something like that with the water mods.

    I try not to copy other mods but if this is something you think would work well within my mod, i could do my own version of it this way? let me know

  6. Added the Take option like the stations have to the working items :)


    Also added destroy to working sinks and stoves and grills. Destroying working versions gives you back the items. Also upped and balanced the economic value so you can make repairing and selling items a career lol

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  7. There is ONE null that i can not track down or you guys would have had it. working hard to find the fix.


    2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.302 INF Loaded (local): sounds
    2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.418 ERR XML loader: Loading and parsing 'recipes.xml' failed
    2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.422 EXC Object reference not set to an instance of an object
      at RecipesFromXml+<LoadRecipies>d__1.MoveNext () [0x0029b] in <2ba1bc1bbbe64fe49f53fe5235fb7038>:0 
      at ThreadManager+<CoroutineWrapperWithExceptionCallback>d__48.MoveNext () [0x00044] in <2ba1bc1bbbe64fe49f53fe5235fb7038>:0 
    UnityEngine.SetupCoroutine:InvokeMoveNext(IEnumerator, IntPtr)
    2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.502 INF Loaded (local): blockplaceholders
    2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.651 INF Loaded (local): loot
    2021-12-24T13:31:11 38.775 INF Loaded (local): entitygroups


    It is odd because everything seems to work fine, just close the console window and all the recipes are there just fine. it does not point to anything wither just says recipes. 

  8. 19 hours ago, TheDutchmanAU said:

    Hey Jax,


    I've grabbed your working stoves, and working sinks/coolers mods. The working stove mod is throwing the following error:


    XML patch for "blocks.xml" from mod 
    "JaxTeller718-WorkingStoves" did not apply: <insertAfter 
    (line 20 at pos 3)



    Fixed this and now updated

    2 minutes ago, Graymayne said:


        First: I love the working devices as a whole, and hope to see it expanded. (Soda Fountains or such etc).

        My primary issue with the mod as is: Microwaves and Coffemakers being a 100% drop, yet ovens and such have 0%. That is really the only problem I saw.


       Now as for items that may or may not be feasible. Some kind of fuel/power implementation, possibly creating a tier, wood burning to gas to electrical source. Rather than just a sink, a possible indoor water tank that the sink requires in order to work. 5 gallon jugs that can be filled for use with the water jug cooler.

    What you want to see is ovens able to be destroyed and picked up? as opposed to it being a kit to fix them? i can do that for sure

  9. 3 hours ago, Blackmini said:

    thanks bro 😄

    i have one question , what the point of using Disable POI Pickups and Disable Bedroll Pickups mods ?

    For me I hate screen prompts. The text is immersion breaking. The actual modlet came about because we had a guy on our server who would run into all the pois and grab every single chair and then make base walls out of them, breaking them for nails at night (we had a modlet that added nails to them) so on order to make it more difficult to gather nails i forced having to break them in a poi. Just adds more time out in the world really. 

    13 minutes ago, crazywildfire said:

    Hey Jax, thanks for all you do. I do have a question. Ia there anyway you could put at the end of your mods if they are server side only or not? 

    I can try to do so, especially will with help from you guys. I do not play on servers much, we co-op and share modlet folders so im not 100 percent sure what pushes to clients. Icons i assume and models are the two big ones that do not.

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  10. 10 minutes ago, wolverine576 said:

    Me and you Jax, have thought alot alike to a modded version of 7D2D, more realism, like sticks...when does the funpimps not do that lol. The meat being different per animal is great too.

    Their vision has moved to be more fast paced and arcade like while we enjoy the journey and the survival parts. Its awesome they allow modlets and modding because we can make the experience what we enjoy it to be :)

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  11. On 12/21/2021 at 10:34 AM, illusions said:

    Great Mods, Awesome Work @JaxTeller718 thanks, my server appreciates  it !!


    I seen you take request .. one we are looking for is the mod slots on items tools/weapons

    previous Alpha was an extra slot per level .. level 2 - 2 mod slots, level 4 - 4 slots

    In A19 we had a mod for this to happen again.. now we are on the hunt for one in 20

    if your so inclined for the project


    Thanks again

    Added New mod for you that just increases mod slots to 1-1 2-2 5-5 6-6 etc


    Also updated the Egg in Fridges modlet to give you a chance at 1 more egg in nests

  12. 4 hours ago, LastTugBoat243 said:

    Hey wolverine. Have you been through a blood moon yet with the Vanilla project? Have you noticed anything weird about the zombies behavior. Because during the night and during Bloodmoons all non feral zombies are incapable of running for me. No matter how I adjust the settings and it kind of makes things easy.


    In my personal opinion I think the making the player only able to cut logs in a workbench would slow progression too much.

    Would a better solution be to increase craft time for wood planks by hand and make plank crafting significantly faster in a workbench?

    The feral zombie thing can be one of two things. I have noticed if we increase zombie population that they get confused and take a few seconds to recalibrate their AI to follow you which is an unfortunate vanilla issue. The game isnt designed to spawn too many zeds but we like them so YOLO lol


    Also i did tweak them to be more like A16 zombies which is more "random" and dumbed down. They attack and seek a wider range. I can revert this back if it is too dumbed down. Let me know.

    2 hours ago, wolverine576 said:

    I agree, increased speed in bench

    Another option is the table saw. We could either put them there, which i agree may be TOO harsh OR we could speed up crafting or add 1 or 2 extra planks to the craft via Saw.


    In RH the table saw crafts more sticks spikes and boards than doing it in the backpack BUT i want this to remain true to vanilla as possible so even though i like the idea if it wasnt done in a previous alpha i probably wont include it. Great idea though.

    I have returned the cement mold and stone to underground mining and added a lot of the suggestions. Patch later today!


    Also the Vanilla Project on the launcher currently is for A20, i gave it to sphere to add to his 19 launcher a few weeks back but i think he has now updated the launcher to include an A20 section and it should be there.

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  13. On 9/20/2020 at 6:27 AM, AmethystLainey said:

    Hey Jax just a Q Does your Trash Piles one leave the white metal bins ?

    Yes it does

    45 minutes ago, TheDutchmanAU said:

    Hey Jax,


    I'm getting this error on server start, any ideas?



    XML patch for "blocks.xml" from mod "JaxTeller718-WorkingStoves" did not apply: <insertAfter xpath="/blocks/block[@name='cntWallOven']/property[@name='Model']" (line 20 at pos 3)


    This is the A19 thread, these wont work on A20

  14. 1 hour ago, wolverine576 said:

    Is the Vanilla project going to be seperate from Ravenhearst?

    I do not run the launcher sphere does. It IS separate from Rh. Just might be listed under it. Its a totally new overhaul

    2 hours ago, wolverine576 said:

    I only see 2 Mods in the A20 section in the launcher, yours isnt list yet


    WishList is Lockable inventory slots, where you have your backpack open, hover over a slot, Press L and it the slot will be ignore during the pressing of the button that fills existing items in the container you have opened

    Thats how we do it in Rh but I do not think our coder is interested in releasing this outside of it, I could be wrong though.

  15. 2 hours ago, mr.devolver said:

    This is a good mod, but unfortunately both the original AND the updated version by Ragnar have some game breaking problems.


    WalkerSim completely ignores game zombie spawning events, ie. zombie spawning during the quest buried treasure. If you're going to completely replace zombie spawning, you should make sure your system respects vanilla game rules and still spawn zombies when and where the game wants them to be spawned, especially during quests. Why? The answer leads to another issue - this mod breaks the quests where zombies are involved and as a consequence some mods that are ALL about quests, especially those quests that involve killing lots of zombies (ReQuests mod for one) are broken due to this. WalkerSim + ReQuests mod = no joy. You buy quests from the board and can't activate them. Why? Because you have Enemy spawnings set to OFF. Why? Because you have WalkerSim installed which requires Enemy spawnings to be OFF.

    He doesnt HAVE to make this mod compatible with other mods.

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  16. 22 hours ago, BasicallyACat said:

    I got error messages once I removed the Working Devices mod.  So no, it can't be removed without scrapping the playthrough.

    Well of course i mean youre placing blocks and such in your base and then basically deleting the assets for those blocks. Not to mention POIs spawn these blocks in so you can take them. Removing references to them will cause issues, this goes for a lot of other mods as well. Especially ones that use progression or quest type stuff that saves to players.

    1 hour ago, mrgreaper said:

    Is the working devices mod server side or does it need to be client side too?

    There are no new models added to them, the only concern would be icons. I am unsure if Pimps made icons push from servers or not

    On 12/21/2021 at 5:42 PM, Zagan said:

    I made this AK-47 Chimera (Does Electric/Fire/Knockdown dmg.) mod with 6 mod slots at Tier 6. The line looks like this...

    <passive_effect name="ModSlots" operation="base_set" value="1,2,3,4,5,6" tier="1,2,3,4,5,6"/>

    I suppose you could do a global effect with this line.

    I tried this but received errors because there are only 4 mod slots on the ui.

    On 12/22/2021 at 2:54 PM, RichyYoung said:

    do any of these change the difficulty multiplier, ie if you set say a 2x difficulty multiplyer, would that make game stage happen much quicker, which then in turn naturally would give more zombies sooner?  some of the high game stages in the xmls almost seem impossible to reach unless you had large groups of people in the server.  could be an easy way to make it hard maybe.

    These make no changes to the difficulty multiplier. That is all still vanilla

    On 12/22/2021 at 2:03 PM, bobross said:


    Quick question - I couldn't tell from the mod itself. Is this a continuous horde-sized wave, or similar to the A16 post-horde trickle? Either one could work, I just want to prepare people on my server before I put it in.



    Its a continuous horde sized wave, but i could make a separate modlet for trickle

  17. 52 minutes ago, BasicallyACat said:

    No, I don't approve of not being able to make red tea in the campfire. 


    I had to scrap that playthrough once I removed the mod.  Thanks Jax /s

    LOL, sorry I ruined your playthrough. Coffeemaker can be removed without scrapping play just in case people dont see the /s lol



    2 hours ago, El ricou said:

    Sorry for the poor english , i'm a frenchy ;)


    A few week ago , my gf and i  restarted a 7DTD  local server, only for  both of us. We hadn't play since  early A19. Loaded a bunch  of mods, somme good , some bad , some very very cool.

    Around level 50 , i decided to clean  the server  of bad mods... at the end  3 out of 4 of the surviving mods where labbeled JaxTeller.  i searched  who was this son of anarchy  and   found  your list  of A20 mods.

    You can  be proud, i trashed  the A19 server  and  restarted  on clean slate just  for your mods and i am a lazy one who do not restart for  pleasure :p

    and  guess what ? i am really  happy  to  enjoy A20 with your mods


    Tried to donate on your link , but  for personal reason  i will nerver use a paypal account  ever again.

    So i will not donate 😕  but  i wanted to let you know that  your work is awesome and give us great  fun .

    Thanks a lot  Jax !


    I have a Patreon as well if you like, I just do not advertise it much.


    Thank you for the kind words :) I am very happy you are enjoying the mods

    5 hours ago, illusions said:

    Great Mods, Awesome Work @JaxTeller718 thanks, my server appreciates  it !!


    I seen you take request .. one we are looking for is the mod slots on items tools/weapons

    previous Alpha was an extra slot per level .. level 2 - 2 mod slots, level 4 - 4 slots

    In A19 we had a mod for this to happen again.. now we are on the hunt for one in 20

    if your so inclined for the project


    Thanks again

    I can do this for you 

  18. Fixed the nulls


    Updated to v5.0.4 for A20b238


    Patch Notes


    Updated Spherecore
    Updated Take and Replace
    Added Active Ingredients by Redbeard
    Fixed and Readded Quality Degradation on Repair
    Added new headshot modlet.
    Removed ability to buy perks
    Added Perk Books. Reading one you find gives you one level in that perk.
    Removed all recipe unlocks from perks
    Added Menu Images 
    Added Scomar Hud and UI 
    Added Relix Menu Options Modlets 
    Removed Mutated Zombie 
    Fixed Improper Vanilla Cop Model 
    Increased Sight Range on Zombies 
    Doubled Zombie Spawns 
    Increased Zombie Respawn Days to Twice a Day 
    Added Wood Nails to Frame Shapes 
    Removed Frame Shapes from table saw 
    Fixed Nulls on Cigar 
    Fixed improper recipe craft tag on Leather 
    Increased Grass, Bird Nest and Rock spawns in biomes
    Removed all Mods Crafting 
    Added 3 new backpack sizes 
    Trader POIs now Vulnerable to Attack 
    Removed Traders from Trader POIS 
    Added Working Microwave with 50 percent chance of giveback 
    Added bird nest destroys on loot as well as trash bags 
    Added New Opening Quest Step 
    Added Loot Container Code that Disallows Placing Items in POI Boxes 
    Added Infinite recipe ingredients code 
    Removed ability to pick up vehicles during Blood Moon 
    Remade All Unity Assets in 2020 with Linear Lighting 


    Direct Download Link Click Here


    Also Available on Launcher



  19. 8 hours ago, Zagan said:

    Well, the working stove and oven work great, the water cooler doesn't though. I click on it with my water jar in hand but nothing happens.

    The sink works, but you can't pick the sink or the water cooler up.

    Maybe if you made it scrap to the item like in Home Depot mod.


    Thanks so much for making these!


    9 hours ago, Sparkles said:



    I just tried Car and Truck Respawns but after dismantling an Army Truck there was no grass left behind. it did work on cars. I have not however tested on buses yet

    I will look into both of these in the morning

  20. 7 hours ago, gpcstargate said:

    Thank You JaxTeller

    As with most overhaul Mods ... I will wait for A-20 to go Stable before diving into the mod.

    For now ... I will stay with the bits and pieces type mods.


    Take Care and Have a Merry Christmas 🎄 ... the Old Gamer .. 😌 

    Ill even suggest you wait too as the latest update broke it lol plus it will be way more stable by the time they go stable too :) thank you for checking it out though and hope when you get a chance to try it out you enjoy it.

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  21. 13 hours ago, LastTugBoat243 said:

    Me and a group of friends have been playing Vanilla Project together and Horde night came around but pretty much all the zombies were walking only a few ferals were running I'm not sure if this is intentional. Because It makes Horde night really easy to survive even if the blood moon zombie spawn rate is at 64. I've already checked to see if I had them set to walk. This issue also occurs with zombies after 22:00.


    I was melting "Destroyed Stone" in the Forge to make cement but the melt time (1:30 per Destroyed Stone) seems a little slow. Its hard to melt all of it without my boxes filling up with destroyed stone I wasn't sure if the melt time could be reworked? I don't know if you set it to 1:30 because it was too easy or for balancing reasons. I just have two forges running around the clock and they can't keep up with the amount of destroyed stone I get from mining resources like iron, coal or nitrate.

    I havent changed anything in regards to blood moon before the last wave so thats vanilla.


    I will add in some different groups of zombies for the last wave in accordance with gamestages so you will get more ferals.


    I have not looked at weights etc for materials. Thank you for pointing it out, as I keep forgetting to do so.

    13 hours ago, HeatBlaze said:


    Would it be possible to get this as a standalone modlet?

    Absolutely. Check my A20 Modlets Thread

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