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  1. small first aid cabinet is missing side hitbox.
  2. It appears that A19 has oversized hitboxes for some objects. Plate hitboxes are thicker than plate image. Same for pipes, their hitbox is wider than pipe diameter. Similar for door trim molding. Its hitbox extends beyond image. There's many more, too many to list. They didn't use to be this way. Please fix.
  3. Thank you so much! Dumbing down 7d2d and making everything cartoonish really crushes the immersion.
  4. armed bandits can be found in the wasteland. so, yes.
  5. you need to loot a blender, coffee machine, and microwave in order to craft the kitchen equipment table. Once built, it acts as a workstation and allows you to use those appliances. Though it may also be possible to place and use the appliances individually as well. Finding those appliances is non trivial. They seem to appear in wooden crates or cardboard boxes.
  6. I found a sewing kit at a trader after I maxed out secret stash haven't come across any construction sites or working stiffs stores yet, just pass-n-gas. Where'd you find your sockets?
  7. I'm still searching for a chisel and socket wrench. day 103. a whole lot of "nope, not in this box" going on.
  8. upgrading to steel requires a wrench, or nailgun. hammer no longer is sufficient for the task.
  9. yes, evidence appears a pile of trash/paper on the ground in the listed POIs
  10. upgrading the minibike to have diamond wheels will improve the speed
  11. The most recent patch has some issues with lost quest state. It is being looked into. Don't download the patch (or run the launcher with update enabled) unless you back up your save game (and ideally the mod directory). I believe Jax is investigating these issues and should provide a fix shortly. Just a heads up... In the meantime, if you haven't applied the patch, you can always run your existing modded games directly from mod directory via running 7DaysToDie.exe (the one without the _eac suffix). Save often!
  12. Disassembled cars leave behind a a tuft of grey grass. That's an in game placeholder for the car to respawn. If you don't want cars to respawn, just destroy the grey grass they leave behind and they won't. The grey grass has a lot of health, so the quickest way is to drop a hay bale or wood frame on it. Squash. It's no more. and no more car respawn.
  13. @Gamida, you're saying harvesting of trees has been so complete, you have to replant trees? wow! Sorta hard to get seeds for planting when they're used for making trail mix. yum!
  14. @Siveria, I suspect you're not actually hitting them in the head. Could it be you're hitting them in the arm or raised hands? Are you holding down the left mouse button to rain down a continuous stream of hits? I found if I timed my hit to actually hit the exposed head (especially after a stagger) they drop a lot faster. Also the initial club is a really poor weapon. Try putting 3 points into advanced blunt weapons and getting at least the iron reinforced club. It does better damage. As per Bolivar, isn't he the one with the outstreteched arms? If so, you're again most likely hitting
  15. why? you want to be johnny gamidaseed? curious...
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