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  1. My 2cts. I use it to unload guns and get bullets back. So I know it does this. If you didn't know, respawn. If you did know but forgot or w/e. Yer dead!
  2. Find a 3 and an r and you can make a Sp34r too.
  3. I was wondering if this still worked but it seems it does, that's great. Also, if you get someone that has the game crash at loading character screen, ask if they might have the line in their startup after they updated to a new version that now has the saves in the default folder again.
  4. KeiraR


    Haven't read the whole thread but I just wanted to say that so far I am VERY HAPPY with how A18 runs. Previous alphas were a lot more laggy and low fps. This Alpha actually runs very well on my i7 3400, GTX 960 and 8Gb RAM. This with about the same settings as before I can have more zombies on horde night without it stalling or anything. My graphics settings aren't even that low so I have no idea why it wouldn't run smoothly for anyone else. Unless you HAVE to have everything maxed, play on a huge map with custom POI's etc, etc. This coming from Mrs Complain, so.., yeah.., Maybe it's just you... Credit where credit is due, I notice a HUGE improvement.
  5. Spam crafting. Restarting the game to get another horde/leaving screamers alone, hoping they spawn more screamers for XP. What's the difference? Besides becoming skilled with engines by killing zombies.
  6. So they use RWG to create their roadmap then?
  7. Because in A16.4 there was a difference between SP and MP and the long reach only happened in MP. Since now ALL games are MP... Tadaaa!! Long reach for everyone! Don't tell me I ams the only one in this thread that knows this...
  8. No idea if this is known, I did a search but nothing pops up. I decided to go into the world edit thingie and when I got out and back to the map I play on I now have two 4x4 trucks and 2 mini bikes with exactly the same stuff in them. The normal game is now also starting in god mode with cheating set off...?
  9. Probably because of the %. Just have you get thirsty at n, no matter how high your level is. But I guess that doesn't work if you can go below n. So yeah, pretty annoying mechanic.
  10. This makes me think of people who really like coca cola and stuff fried in vegetable oil these days.
  11. Yes I know, I think I found one in the first forge I looked in. You can also spend SP to get it. This kind of supports it being easy now then doesn't it? =) Edit: I think it's a bit overkill with all the mods, recipes, parts. I stopped playing for a while and it's sort of overwhelming. Less is more isn't a saying for nothing.
  12. So people will always (try to) find a way to defeat the AI and the devs are always going to fix it? Best to have some dumb zombies that b line it and wreck everything in their path to get to you imho.
  13. I haven't read the whole thing but I just want to say this. That feeling when you either found a forge house on day one or the book... Or was brave and crazy enough to go into the hub city looking for tools/books/guns. The minibike book in a trashcan... hallelujah When I go into a house now I think, yeah, those cabinets sure have been opened and closed a lot since they were new when I came into this building in A11. ;P But hey, just follow the lights, who needs cabinets with surprises when you know where the good stuff is, right? For me it has never been the same after the forge book got scrapped because people complained they couldn't find one fast enough. Then look harder or find a forge house but nope, no more book. But then people got the forge too soon and it was too easy. We'll put it behind a skillpoint wall. But now I need to lvl to unlock it. So now we are here. Use the forge fluke... This just my opinion and I think what the OP meant.
  14. Just fyi, don't need a fix for me but maybe others have older versions that your install doesn't overwrite the char models of? Maybe make separate a16, a17, a18, etc folders for the settings and chars, but that might be too simple... I have come at a point in my 55 year old life that I can't be arsed to solve problems with games that don't run any more. There are many that run fine, there are many many many cool games these days you know. Good luck in the future, shame, it looked good this time. Oh well..., I got my moneys worth I guess. Bye!
  15. Maybe they can make it so you get it read to you. so you don't even have to read anything any more. How hard is this really? Seriously, serious question, how frigging hard is it to read above chat? I'm not even German and I understand there's enough concrete but they need a lot of steel now. In my country you can't hold a phone when you are on a bike, there are now apps to remind you to NOT hold your phone while on your bike. This is in the same realm of ridiculousness... I give it 50 years and we will be communicating in pictures so the stupid people can keep up. Catering for stupid and lazy seems to be the latest trend in, well everything really.
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