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  1. Yeah, it's amazing. If I only had a floppy drive I could install Links 386 and Tie fighter again...
  2. From a quick glance in the xmls there now seem to be loot load outs by gamestage. Once you get to a certain gamestage it's ONLY high loadout that will get loaded into loot containers and you can't even find a lvl one gun if you tried. It also means that new players that die a lot could be lvl 100 and still just find stone tools/blunderbuss. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  3. I'm waiting for someone to make a base next to a trader because the wall next to it is invulnerable... If you can get all the zombies to come from that side you won horde night.
  4. I did expect them to at least keep zombies back. I tried it a few times, spawned in a lvl5 one and put it in front of a door. The zombies walk right through it as if it isn't even there. It punches, what? Like every 5 secs? So another thing you need to spend points on for it to be useful. Great.
  5. I am not really playing but messing around a bit and after I updated the game and took a buried treasure quest there's no circle any more. Instead it led me straight to the spot, I stood straight above it with an icon below me saying 3.2M. Is this intended or? The only thing I changed was I have 10 int and better barter maxed (wanted to test trader bonuses), no changes to treasure hunter, no candies or anything else.
  6. Because I don't want to work FOR anyone any more. People have made enough money off me. 😃
  7. I'm in the game now and I noticed something really nice but I have no idea if this was in A18 yet or not, I don't think so. The orientation of the block you are placing rotates with the way you are facing. Right click to rotate? (Edit: Left obviously but this shows you how often I rotated a block when I wanted to place one ) Not going to use that a lot any more. AWESOME!
  8. I was on a roof, forgot to close a hatch and a feral came up. I got infected, bleeding and fatigue from one zombie. It was amazing!
  9. In the description of your video put this: "All music in this video copyright The Fun Pimps 2020". I got some copyright claims on music from the free music archive. After putting in the link to the music it stopped.
  10. Same here, it looks okay so far but I have only played a little bit in one town. I'm wondering what's up with the spastic trees though.
  11. And I felt sorry for myself with 27 minutes. 😮
  12. You are not. When I bought this it was scary, dark, full of zombies. Even though the game was in the beginning stages it looked more like a zombie world than the cartoon world it is now. Floating icons all over the place, nice bright colours, plastic zombies and a bag full of crap. Lots and lots and lots of crap. Good thing they made the encumbrance system and chests smaller. I don't get it but then again I know nothing about games, been only playing them since pong on an arcade cabinet and only been programming for 30 years. Seriously guys, just remove the "fun" bit as it's clear
  13. Sometimes I really don't like you. I'm trying to be nice as not to get banned here as well.
  14. My 2cts. I use it to unload guns and get bullets back. So I know it does this. If you didn't know, respawn. If you did know but forgot or w/e. Yer dead!
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