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  1. 19 minutes ago, Roland said:

    I've looked around and can't find any of the caption generator sites that offer the Hitler video any longer. Seems YouTube took down all the posted Hitler videos as well after it was requested by the film-makers of the Hitler movie that was always used for those spoofs. I guess if someone has a clip of it and some caption generation software they could do it but the old easy way is gone now and it can't be uploaded to YouTube so you'd have to host it somewhere else.

    Progress! Eh! :ohwell:

  2. I finally watched last Dev Stream and I must say the new Random World Generation is great!

    Congrats to TFP for the great job and, as I understand it, for the great team work between the programmers and the POI designers and artists.


    I can't wait to try the new RWG myself, it'll feel like a brand-new adventure each time I restart.

    I dare say that 7D2D RWG stands on-par and in some instances is even better than the one they use in No Man's Sky! :first:

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  3. 24 minutes ago, Ramethzer0 said:

    I for one, am glad we can pick up vehicles.  They glitch and are sometimes rough to deal with when you hit invisible bouncy walls and get catapaulted several feet up into the air, or fall into the ground.  I remember once my minibike glitched literally under a highway.

    That's because your PC can't keep up with the chunks loading, has nothing to do with normal gameplay.

    When the game will be optimized better, this won't happen anymore (I hope).

  4. 1 hour ago, Viktoriusiii said:

    Maybe I'm just too much of a novice.
    But wouldn't you just need the x/y coordinates and the heightmap? Then give it an average speed and boom.
    Now all you need to do is make sure that the assigned chest is reachable and boom. Done.

    I guess that would be a question @faatal could answer.

  5. 3 hours ago, Scyris said:

    I dunno, how does stealth work when you have one out? or does it work at all?

    I remember the dev who programmed the drone said it WILL affect stealth detection.

    But as Roland said, it won't affect combat or zombies at all.

    11 hours ago, Roland said:

    Even being able to send it back to your base to deliver items to a special container it is linked to.

    I doubt it'll ever be possible (unless they limit the range) since you could send it to points on the map where the chunks have been unloaded because you're too far away. :ohwell:

    2 hours ago, Slaasher said:

    IMO one thing we dont need is something that is OP and will take the danger factor out of the game.

    The drone should be a mid/end-game thing, so it'd be fair to have it give a little more protection and bonuses.

    IMO, it's all a question of balancing (as always).

    3 hours ago, Maharin said:

    Sending the drone out in a straight line at walk/jog/run/sprint speed as a zombie distraction would be nice.

    You already have rocks that are much more efficient and already work. ;) 

    3 hours ago, Maharin said:

    Or maybe getting it to play CDs you find as loot for background music?  :p

    Yeah, someone already mentioned something along the lines, but IMO there are two main problems: 1) You need A LOT of additional ORIGINAL music scores added to the game or... 2) You need to provide a way to have custom music added to the game (e.g.: MP3/AVI playlist in a folder).

  6. 34 minutes ago, MajorMunchy said:

    1) Healing mod is redundant IMO. "automatically heals you" well, not really. first you gota go up to it, hold E, move over to Heal me, then go. By the time i did that i could of died from zombies.

    I agree. That makes sense... I didn't even think about it until you brought it up, honestly.


    35 minutes ago, MajorMunchy said:

    3) Voice: simple, we dont need cortana lol 😛 give us MADMOLE LOL

    I don't think Joel identifies with a Teddy bear... :behindsofa:

    They could actually add mods you can find with different voices (male / female / robot / trader Rekt lol). That would be great, IMO!

  7. 16 minutes ago, Blake_ said:

    Well I would set it up to change 2 times a day, not 12. My shrink is still waiting for an appointment. Not sure if it's due to the weather though.

    You forget 7D2D world is post-apocalyptic.

    Weather could be different and more extreme or varied, on average, than the standard (this could be some lore explanation for that).

  8. 1 minute ago, Blake_ said:

    @faatal weren't the weather cycles a bit too short? How much do they last? It was difficult to tell as you guys were changing the time constantly to show us stuff, but the one cycle we did see was not big.  


    Weather has a big impact on the gameplay feeling and player psyche, so if a rainy day suddenly turns into  a blackout fog and after 5 minutes into a sunny day I might have to hire a shrink after a couple of days playing.

    I think that should also depend on your day-length setting.

    60 mins days means that 1 hour has passed every 2.5 real minutes.

  9. I really liked the weather effects and the new wind effect on vegetation.

    However, I also noticed that the effect was limited to as small area and I could see the trees in the background standing still. I hope that can get better.

  10. 27 minutes ago, Kam R. said:

    If I understood this right, every shape can be every material now, including "cloth". So technically awning blocks are still available, no idea if players can build with cloth though since it's never mentioned in the upgrade path...

    I don't think that's in A20... we should only be able to build with Wood, Cobblestone, Concrete and Steel.

    We're still using the standard, albeit shorter, upgrade path after all, don't we?

  11. 1 hour ago, Matt115 said:

    I HATE DOORS! I don't understand how they work. In 7dtd it is quiet easy, but in reality they are so complicated- you want to open door with padlock? push knee on them and prey to put  key in correct way. or sometime doors was somehow  opened but i coudn't open them why? idk but my friend opened it without problem! what the hell is wrong with doors?? 

    Yes, newsstands are much better! :madgrin:

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  12. 2 hours ago, Delside said:

    This is the main mistake, this mod is not created for beginners, here it is purely hardcore 😉

    Well, I'm not exactly a "beginner", I've been playing 7D2D since A7, so...

    My point is, adding grind is not adding difficulty, it's just adding more tedious and annoying tasks that provide no additional fun to the game.


    A little bit of grind and complexity is welcome, but at this level it's simply too much IMO.

    Anyway, just wanted to give my personal feedback to the mod devs. To each one his own.

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