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  1. Hi everyone, My server is experiencing something a bit odd with Valmod, as follows... 1) A player who ran with the Builder class to start with, could successfully create a Workbench. Now, after playing the game for a period of time, the ability to create the Workbench is no longer there for him. If I hold all the materials, I can create it OK. If I pass exactly the same materials to him, he cannot. 2) Between us, we've skilled up in various trees to the point where he has the Nailgun recipie and I now have the Auger and Chainsaw. However, he cannot search for and find the Nailgun reci
  2. There's a link to a Beta version but I can't get the key to work on the suitcase, so it seems its out of date sadly - - - Updated - - - Thanks for the info.
  3. Hi guys, I don't suppose anyone has some ultra quick advice on A14.6 and Valmod? I've just reinstalled off the Beta files and I can't use the key on the suitcase. It says its missing items or needs to be repaired. Was perfectly fine in A14.5. Any ideas? I have a game setup to start up now and I can't get the mod working Edit: The message that says the key is missing parts or may need to be repairs happens irrespective of using it on the suitcase or anything else. It's like the item itself is incomplete.
  4. Ahhh, there you go then. Perfect. Slowly but surely the little oddities with this game are starting to make some sense. Thank you for taking the time to help.
  5. Recipes.xml mismatch Hi guys, I installed the Valmod onto my 14.5 server and without realising it I actually copied over the Expansion and Overhaul files, only since learning I needed Overhaul. So to be sure, I did Overhaul again onto the server and the client. However, I noticed some oddities with Recipies.xml. Specifically, I found it was far too easy to make Haybales from Plant Fibers, so I wanted to up the required amount for 10 per, to 500 per. However, in the XML on the server I discovered that haybales actually are supposed to need yuccafibers, I can only assume from Valmod, bu
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