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  1. is there any tried and true "easy" method to get the X,Y,Z coords for the size of a prefab (That's not listed/ custom), as well as the Y offset to make it flush with the ground? The methods i've tried to use, i'm not sure if i'm using them right.
  2. McKeighan

    True Survival

    How do we increase the maximum stamina / HP then? Mine has fallen from 100 to 97, not sure how it's come down. I've been focusing on only eating foods that increase wellness, although i think my toon is currently stuffed so will have to wait a while before powereating again. Resting on a bedroll works as intended, but won't go above that "new" hardcap of 97 on my character.
  3. McKeighan

    True Survival

    Here's an odd one - Can't craft a stone sledgehammer, although it shows that it's not blocked. I go looking in the xml, and the items exists in both the main a18.4, and also the truesurvival version of the XML. In your version, it's got a tag of learnable, but in the root version, anyone can make them at level 1 (i.e., no tag). If the goal is to have it a learnable only item, then i think you're going to have to kill it from the vanilla xml. I can only imagine that's why most of the other mods out there just merge the xml files. I also noticed that I took some perminent damage to my stamina. It was 100, now it's a max of 97. (Yes, i've even rested on a bedroll and healed up to full). I can only assume this is some issue with it replacing the value of the variable for max health while trying to adjust for the different effects from damage / wounds / injuries. Might want to build in a function that works like " IF negativebuffcount = 0 then set maxhp = 100 + any positive trait - any negative trait" .... I.E. recalculate it again after all the negative buffs wear off. Maybe have it only calculate as well if you're fully rested.
  4. McKeighan

    True Survival

    Story quest, step 4? Walkie Communication - this quest wants the player to retrieve the jz_QISateliteRadio object. The text of the quest suggests you find it at a radio station in a forest - how would/does this work on a random gen map? is it ANY satellite dish can drop the object?
  5. McKeighan

    True Survival

    Don't know if this has been covered yet - but JZ_professionpage seems to be craftable, but isn't used in any other recipes.
  6. McKeighan

    True Survival

    Nother simple question/bug that i can't figure out. jz_preptable. I have all the components needed to make it, i found a working work bench, and i have the handsaw (looks like a power saw) as a tool in the tool area of the workbench. But - it still won't allow me to make the prep table. (it's grey'd out). I'm wondering if there is a skill impacting the requirements - other mods have this issue that i've seen - where the list amount needed is actually less then the true amount needed because of some skill or other thing behind the scenes. Anyway - wanted to give the heads up.
  7. McKeighan

    True Survival

    So - the first non-vanilla thing i tried to assemble was the Research Desk - it completed, but i can't find it anywhere in my inventory or on my hot bar to place it into the world. Anybody else have this issue creating a bench?
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