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  1. I don't have that problem. Maybe I don't mine as much as you guys in early game--mostly just the through the night stuff. But I almost never have stamina or wait-to-refill moments with a stone axe. I do tend to always keep my food and water bars maxed.
  2. I'm seeing the same problem. I've been consistently getting 60 FPS on medium-high settings since A18 and through the last few weeks of A19. This most recent build is giving me frame drops to 10-15 and stuttering at intervals of 10-45 seconds. I'd be happy to put my settings and specs up if fataal or any of ?TFP want to see them otherwise probably just enough to add my voice to the pile of those who started seeing this happen.
  3. I'm a big fan of the new "stone age" phase. I know it is going to get some tweaks and additions yet, but I've always enjoyed early game the best and this allows more game play while still keeping with the primitive vibe for the first week. I'm also the guy who spins a new map on death, so I guess I like the challenge.
  4. I feel like the food/stamina conversation is pretty much summarized by your statement in a post above that players simply need to forgo or be more purposeful with the stamina draining items until they have leveled up enough to use them. Just because your MP friend gifted you a blue iron pickaxe when you joined the game doesn't mean it is the best choice for your player level. Same with trying to run to a quest wearing heavy armor--you found the heavy armor, doesn't automatically mean it is the right choice for you right away without the perks. I like that there is more to decision making than automatically being great with an item just because you found it. Perhaps MP dynamics could use attention, but SP feels pretty spot on to me.
  5. My auto-correct was trolling you with the promise of non-previously-announced new game features.
  6. I typically clear T5s with a sledge and use the sledge almost exclusively on horde night as well. By mid-game I'm always swimming in ammo mostly because I rarely use it.
  7. BFME2 was the best. I wish the match service still worked for it.
  8. Steam name: Frankencow Hours played: 4,222 Started on Alpha: A13 Discord name: Frankencow #6495 Native language: English
  9. I'm late to the whole balance thread, 'cause I've been too busy playing instead. I won't try to rehash the myriad of topics. Instead, some quick thoughts: --I like the aspects that require hard choices, so keep them coming. Me, I'd be the guy who advocates a level cap so that the perks we choose mean something. But real choices with stark pros/cons across weapons, armor, food, weather, all of it, makes the game more fun. Keep those coming, please. --Please resist the prompting to make the game (especially horde nights) easier. The tools and techniques are all there--just have to experiment a bit. I mean, yeah, party game stage scaling needs looked at, etc. but a little creativity in base design goes a long way. Also, my anecdotal observation is that some players still haven't truly learned all of the features in A18 and how they interact together. (Obviously there is no way that observation applies to ANYONE on this forum.) but on the server I play on there are so many people still acting like it is A17, and as a result they miss out on a ton of difference-makers. Sometimes (maybe not all times) "it is too hard" is code for "I still haven't explored all of the new mechanics in A18." I just did a level 60+ horde night (game stage 300 something, I think) with no cheese ramps and nothing but a sledge, coffee, and an electric fence in my horde base. Demolishers galore. Never fired a single round. Lots of fall-back positions. That design wouldn't work for an agility build, but I'm confident some creative builds are out there that would. Keep forcing us to problem solve. --Haven't seen too much discussion on the new mood/environmental music system, but I dig it. Looking forward to seeing what else you do with it. On to A19! (And if you could somehow make the offline modifier for land claim blocks work properly I'd basically be all set. I'm sure it is easy right?) ;-)
  10. Same concept with the sledgehammer when I'm all perked into it. If I miss the Z in a POI I end up smashing a hole in the floor. Then the Z falls through it and I have to go back downstairs to deal with him. Hilarious and awesome.
  11. A18 has been a ton of fun. I know you are still balancing things, but I've enjoyed the slower progression through levels, looting, etc. Surviving into end-game stats and gear feels like much more of an accomplishment now--especially playing dead-is-dead.
  12. Has anyone else had troubles with the Animal Tracker perk? I get the pop-up letting me know an animal is in the area, but nothing shows on my map or compass. But if it has worked fine for others I'll assume it is just my install and not a bug to chase.
  13. I previously reported not getting any food for buried treasure quests. Lol, figured out my problem. I was set to 25% loot. Not sure how that happened, but, wow, whole new thing looting at default settings!
  14. @TFP. My feedback after the day 7 horde. A18 is great fun! Don't seem to have the FPS issues that others do (lucky me). Average 70-90 inside, 30-50 outside (playing in the snow biome). Full textures. I think the balance of everything feels really great. Took me until day 6 to finally find a cooking pot and every "natural" workbench out there was destroyed so I couldn't make one. Food is difficult but not impossible early game, and my first run in with food poisoning was well timed to make for a dramatic need to deal with it. If it was up to me I wouldn't make the food supply/poison any easier-feels exactly the way a survival game should! (I've always enjoyed the early game struggle though, so the challenge of being on that edge between survival and not in my dead-is-dead games is my favorite part. Currently playing on the difficulty one notch above the default). Had a wonderful moment of getting an 8x scope to put on my crappy hunting rifle which made me feel brave enough to hunt mountain lions for food. I came out on top (barely) both times; but those are the risk/survival decisions to make in-game that make it fun. I have three observations, that I won't call bugs because I can't tell if they are by-design or not. 1. I keep hearing about the buried treasure quests being a source of food. I've done 8 or so tiers 1 & 2 and never gotten any food--either in the chest or as a reward. Is it only for the higher tiers? 2. Every mod for "sale" in my secret stash is free. Not complaining, but wondered if that is intended? Both this and the one above are at Trader Jen. 3. I don't seem to be able to scrap wood frames in my inventory. Discovered this on horde night when I ran out of wood and couldn't repair my bow. I ended up placing the wood frames and then chopping them to get the spare wood I needed for the repair. Thanks for a great update. I know you're fixing and balancing and such still, but it is playing great for me. Looting, perks, books, everything has been great fun so far.
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