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  1. The game has had these for a long time. They are called rabbits and chickens. They are ridiculously easy to club, and the only thing that keeps it from being OP is they can sometimes be hard to spot. If you spot one, club yourself some meat. I think the premise of the first question is flawed. I play this for its survival aspects and start over on death. So how many deaths in the first week is meaningless. Instead, I try to find that balance on the difficulty settings that is hard but not always impossible to stay alive the first week. if it is too easy to do
  2. I don't have that problem. Maybe I don't mine as much as you guys in early game--mostly just the through the night stuff. But I almost never have stamina or wait-to-refill moments with a stone axe. I do tend to always keep my food and water bars maxed.
  3. I'm seeing the same problem. I've been consistently getting 60 FPS on medium-high settings since A18 and through the last few weeks of A19. This most recent build is giving me frame drops to 10-15 and stuttering at intervals of 10-45 seconds. I'd be happy to put my settings and specs up if fataal or any of ?TFP want to see them otherwise probably just enough to add my voice to the pile of those who started seeing this happen.
  4. I'm a big fan of the new "stone age" phase. I know it is going to get some tweaks and additions yet, but I've always enjoyed early game the best and this allows more game play while still keeping with the primitive vibe for the first week. I'm also the guy who spins a new map on death, so I guess I like the challenge.
  5. I feel like the food/stamina conversation is pretty much summarized by your statement in a post above that players simply need to forgo or be more purposeful with the stamina draining items until they have leveled up enough to use them. Just because your MP friend gifted you a blue iron pickaxe when you joined the game doesn't mean it is the best choice for your player level. Same with trying to run to a quest wearing heavy armor--you found the heavy armor, doesn't automatically mean it is the right choice for you right away without the perks. I like that there is more
  6. My auto-correct was trolling you with the promise of non-previously-announced new game features.
  7. I typically clear T5s with a sledge and use the sledge almost exclusively on horde night as well. By mid-game I'm always swimming in ammo mostly because I rarely use it.
  8. BFME2 was the best. I wish the match service still worked for it.
  9. I just found this thread and still need to read through all of it and the other LCB thread more carefully. There are some interesting ideas out there and many things that would make stuff more interesting for PVP, but if I had to select one thing that would in my experience make PVP better right now, it would be to fix the broken offline claim modifier. The boys at Ground Zero run a nice server and the rules keep most griefing in check. Most of the examples of blatant greifing from this thread (jailing the starting points, reducing a base to rumble, undermining a base, etc) would never
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