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  1. I throw rocks fairly often too, mostly to distract zombies or lead them to hostile animals, or into minefields--that's a hoot! I've also used it a few times to gather up a wandering horde that had halted so that I could lob a molotov and get most of them. I recall in past alphas using thrown rocks to lead around hostile animals, but lately all my encounters seem to be of the "suddenly TEETH! CLAWS! OHGOD!" variety. I've noticed that while a zombie is pursuing a rock they're totally fixated and will ignore everything else, you can walk along behind them making all the noise you like, even hit them and they'll keep on following the rock to where it stopped before paying you any mind.
  2. Or maybe as a 'stun' effect from being vomitted on by a cop or vulture. They puke, you puke.
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