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  1. I just realized it wont work with the rongo mod because his also does some small biome changes and his mod comes with a full data file that you have to put in... dam
  2. Actually the sniper can be silenced as well, and its fine if you dont plan on adding it. Not a biggy, just not sure if it will work along side Rongos mod... his mod pretty much just adds the silencers and some extra recipes.... and some small stuff like tomatoes and such. Nothing major, so I think I will be trying it out later to see if they work together because even in the Walking Dead they have silencers so I think if the mods worked together well I would never stop playing this game... who needs sleep right? I have water and monsters bring on the fun! This mod actually does sound really interesting, and to your reference of the crossbow... I dont like to use it cause I would literally have to sneak everwhere because it has no real site on it that is even remotely accurate unless your in sneak mode.... but I think I will still give it a go. Thanks for answering so fast and when I do try it i will be sure to let you know how it goes.
  3. Will this mod work with Rongo mod pack, because im not gonna lie... I Want silenced weapons... lol so if your gonna add those in soon then I will be for sure trying it out once you update it... but I have to have silenced weapons. The Rongo Mod has relatively easy silencers but its also kind of hard most because it takes the cable wire they just added in the game. Its nice to have though. Please let me know about this, I will be checking back every once in a while to see the answer. THANKS!
  4. Does this mod work for single player use as well, or maybe for a "local" multiplayer where its just me and a couple of friends? Would be awesome if it did, it looks cool and I have found a lot of mods today that I want to try out for my single player game because I am not huge fan of multiplayer because I play the game when I get into the mood too. I dont want to spend a lot of time building a base on a MP server just to come back a month later and it be gone, so this is something I would enjoy on my SP game.
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