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  1. Maybe lower some video settings? I'd start with removing shadows. Hope this helps you.
  2. Difficult to do. I think you can add individual POI's thru XML fairly easy. I'm sure some one more knowledgeable than me can walk you thru it, I'm a bit of a noob at modding. But, I believe the Starvation team has included quite a few non vanilla POI's to it's list.
  3. Yippy Skippy! Thanks guys, looking forward to jumping in!
  4. KingslayerGM said this belongs here, so thought I'd drop it off...
  5. You're tireless! Thanks for all you do!
  6. You're awesome, Mag! I will say this again when you release!
  7. Awesome, Mag! You're the best!
  8. Goldenrod. Unnecessary things are unnecessary. Can't wait to see the new stuff! Thanks Mag!
  9. That's looking great! Can't wait to get lost in it! (Chasing my wife who I co-op with, with a fire ax. Heeeeere's Dagy! lol)
  10. Camo netting? I was toying with building the Adams Family Mansion or the Bates Motel and House, but thought I'd throw the idea out, in case some one much more talented than me was thinking of doing either.
  11. Forgive me for being completely off topic, but since all my fav modders hang out here, and I love this pack, I have a some what personal question to ask. Is there any way to change a current single player game to (LAN) multiplayer? I have a really good seed and base going in SP, want to include my wife in it. Also unfortunate- started this in vanilla to help find bugs, now going to add Compo, but don't care about the sudden terrain craziness. You guys are doing the Lords work here, and I thank you for it!
  12. I was able to download this file: pikero_slum_1.8a.zip. However, Windows doesn't recognize it as a valid file so I don't think it will be of any use to you. I can get it to you anyway if you want to try and figure it out?
  13. Thanks for all the responses! It will be a good reason for us to start a new world- I'm more a fan of early game than her...
  14. !!!!!!!! Hey- I have a question: do you think the new 9 pack will play nice with a world created and explored in the 8 pack, or do we need to start another world?
  15. I know it! Although I start new games pretty often. By the time I get to lvl 50 or so, I pine for the early game. This pack keeps me in a game a lot longer, wanting to see what's just over that horizon...
  16. Awesome work, I am tingling with anticipation! Will BigC90210's Elevated trains and sewers make it into the pack? Thanks for all your hard work, it really changes the game for the better.
  17. Your today, or my today? I hope it's your today, because my today is actually tomorrow, which would be later... Just messing with you, looking forward to seeing the posts!
  18. I can confirm caves spawn in your pack. I've come across 2 of them.
  19. My words on your site: Absolutely incredible! I want! Didn’t see anything I don’t like. Had no performance issues. My own personal preference is less fog, but that’s just me. Having Zombies trying to eat my face is depressing enough, lol! I could play this map without any zombies and just explore, kind of a last man on earth thing, and it would take days and days to hit up the buildings just in the main hub. And the train wreckage is incredible. I still need to go back to visit the sewers and the prison, but time wasn’t on my side today. Thanks for all the hard work put into this, 13 can’t come soon enough!
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