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  1. Awesome story! I'm glad you guys made it through! I was snowed in with no power for a couple of weeks. You're right, it's no pic-nic, but with some common sense and initiative, completely survivable.
  2. Thanks for your time with this, Guppy! All these great Quality of Life features will really streamline the fun! Now we don't need to clean up the corpses on day 8, and any damage done during a horde night will be reimbursed if we take out the insurance policy with the Duke. You're doing the Lords work, Guppycur!
  3. Jaffa kree! (Oops, sorry Roland! No more 'foreign' languages!)
  4. Whoa, hold on there! What you gonna do with them chickens?
  5. I'm starting to look at you as a resource for feathers with all that chirping!
  6. Just trying to get a response. It worked.
  7. At least it wasn't Twentyoneish. You'd have to take your pants off!
  8. If you saw what I saw peeking into the window, you'd run too! (Edit) We should have roadrunners in this game! They fit in the region and you could catch them, cut their heads off and drink the blood for a boost in running speed!
  9. Can you translate this for the Knowledge Impaired? I'm excited about it and have no idea why?
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